Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday August 20 - Another Mini Rally

We both had off work again today and we were still up early, had our coffee while talking, and reading.

We were going to meet some of our RV Dreams friends at a gourmet pizza place, Pizzeria Rustica, in Old Colorado City.

We decided to leave a little early as we wanted to stop by Einstein Bagel shop and pick up the bagels I had ordered. We have not had bagel Thursday for some time now, as Jesse no longer goes to Colorado Springs every day. I ordered 3 dozen, so we are good for awhile, because in case you were not aware bagels freeze beautifully.

When we were leaving the bagel shop Kathy called to say she read in the paper that the pizza place was not open for lunch any longer. I told her we would all still meet there and decide where else to go.

Just as we were finding a parking space in we saw Ed & Marilyn and Mike & Leslie walking across the street. We parked and caught up with them. We all greeted with hugs, we had not seen Mike and Leslie since we spent time with them in Eureka Springs after the rally in June.

They had already been by the pizza place and saw the note on the door, so they were walking to an Italian place someone had recommended to them.

Once we got there I went inside and asked the greeter if they would have a place to seat 10 noisy adults so we would not disturbed others. He said that would be no problem. So I told him we would be back in about 30 minutes.

Jesse and Ed went back to the pizza place to wait on Kathy and Chuck. I was able to get a hold of Bob and Lynda on the phone to give them the new meeting place.

We waited out on the sidewalk for everyone to arrive and then in the restaurant we went. They put us at a long table in the back so we could be ourselves. I was surprised that it stayed pretty quiet most of the time we were there.

Don’t misunderstand me there was lots of laughter and conversation, but we keep it pretty low-key. Now the bad thing about this day is I forgot the camera, so I have no pictures.

Everyone ordered there food and some of us ordered dessert. I guess the Tiramisu was the best. We lingered a while after all the food was either eaten or packaged for take home.

It was a great time being with these good people. Thank you Howard and Linda for bring them into our lives.

We bid everyone good bye for now until we “See ya down the road.”

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Joe and Sherri said...

All these Dreamers getting to meet and have fun I set at work blah! Next year I will be out there and I will be able to meet people Somewhere in Time.

Joe and Sherri