Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, August 24 - Not Much Happening

Yesterday was a very easy laid back day for me. Jesse worked 7-4 and I had the day to myself. Well, me and the boys.

I had a rough time falling asleep last night, as it was sometime after 1:30am before I fell asleep, so I stayed in bed awhile longer this morning. We, me and the boys, got up around 7:30am.

I spent most of the day in front of the computer. I got our monthly expenses logged and reconciled our accounts. I also read blogs, emails and played games.

I did a few chores like changing the bedding and did all the laundry. I watched a little TV and one movie on Lifetime TV.

I made Jesse swiss steak with gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn for dinner. One of his favorite things to eat is potatoes and corn mixed together with gravy on top, Yuk!, but he likes it. I had a ham steak with the same sides separated on my plate.

After dinner we messed around on our computers then watched Big Brother. I popped in the chat room for a few minutes to say hello to everyone, but didn’t stay long.

Jesse has rented the 1st year of the TV series "Hero's" and we have been watching it. The reason for mentioning this is: WHY are men not able to admit they are napping during TV watching? I just received an email from a friend that saw her husband napping during a movie and he said he was resting his eyes. Do they think it not manly to be caught napping? I don't understand. MEN OUT THERE....WHY?

Anyway, soon all our RV friends will be leaving the area and we will be left alone. We want to get out there with them very much, but have to wait until this darn house sells.

Hope to see ya SOON down the road…….


Froggi Donna said...

Too funny...Mike used to say the same thing, just resting his eyes. LOL!

I LOVE HEROES!! Wish it was cheaper to buy the two seasons because I would. LOL!!

Joe and Sherri said...

Your house will sell before you know it and you will not be ready for it to...I know
Sherri and I will never leave you
We will be with you always.... Somewhere in Time

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger! Thanks for the comment on BirdingRVers! Raider is such a "ham" with the camera now. You just say, "Smile a the camera" and he's looking around for it! He had a great time on the beach, I think he misses his California beaches-no rocks!
It is a big decision to "sell it all" but we are so glad we sold the house and are living our RV dream. Soon you will be too!
We past a lodge that had a similar name to Kram-alot-Inn and thought they were commenting on Homer! :-)
Good luck! Kathy