Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday August 18th - Colt's Birthday

Today is our youngest Grandson’s Birthday, he is 3 years old. We attended his birthday party yesterday at their house and he had a great time.

Happy Birthday - Colt Weber

He was having a good time opening his presents and only wanted the loader truck UNTIL

He turned around and saw his "Blue ATV". He was having a lot of fun riding it and we were having as much fun watching him.

I think everyone had a good time.

Until tomorrow
See ya down the road


Jim and Dee said...

We both have a 3 yr old grandson, they're so fun to watch.

Joe and Sherri said...

Mine is 2 years and he is the light of my life. I have two more in Kansas that I do not get to see that often but I hope to go up there in about 3 weeks.

Joe and Sherri