Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday May 7th – Catching up

I will start with Wednesday-

We did our regular morning routine.

I have been very involved with facebook and Yoville the virtual world. I have been trying to learn all the tricks of living in this virtual world. Because of this I have been glued to the computer.

Anyway that is partly why I am behind and the other part is the weather. Rain Rain Rain. It has rained 32 of the 42 days here.

I finally got showered and dressed and we ran the the grocery store. Sondra was coming for dinner, so I wanted to get some fish for dinner.

I picked out some tuna filet and a salmon filet. I also purchase the fixins for a salad and some fresh broccoli.

I blacken the tuna because that’s the way Jesse and Sondra like it. I made a marinade for the salmon from apricot preserves.

The salmon was yummy and they said the tuna was also good. I roasted some sweet potatoes and red skin potatoes with 1015 onions. The one thing I am happy about is there are leftovers for another meal.

After dinner we just sat and visited. It started to pour down rain just before Sondra left, so I called her to be sure she made it home safely, and all was well.

Today, Thursday, again we just hung out in the morning. Around 3:00 we left to pick up Sondra and went to visit with Pop. This will be our last visit with him before we leave. We both were moved and saddened to think this may be out last ever visit with him.

Well, life goes on –

We met all the Millers, Marcia, Susan and Madison for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant for a goodbye dinner. The food was good the the company the best.

They wanted to go to Rita Italian Ice for dessert, but we needed to get home to the boys.

So we said see ya later to our family and hit the road. The boys were glad to see us and to go for a walk.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy and then watched Survivor that we recorded earlier.

Then off to bed.

Hugs to everyone


Joe and Sherri said...

Some things in life are just down right tuff! Our thoughts go out to you both

Your Friends

Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger,

LOL...time does seem to have a way of getting away from you when you are in YoVille. I have tried looking for the RV Dreamers, but don't know enough about the site to know how. It is certainly addictive. :-)

Donna (aka Birdie), FL