Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 15 – Travel Day


We were hooked-up and left the RV park just a few minutes before 9:00am this morning. It was raining just enough to make it inconvenient and give me a bad hair day.

We traveled I-95 north to I-695 west to I-70 west then on to US-340 west. We passed through VA, then WV, then back into VA.

When we planned this trip we thought we might stop along the way and spend a little time Harpers Ferry, but the rain made that thought disappear.


We continued to travel on I-81 south. Then took US-11 and followed the signs to Yogi Bear Yellow Stone Campground at Natural Bridge Station. We arrived at 2:15 and traveled 269 miles

Here are some pictures of the grounds

This is the upper camping area which is up the hill from us


This is the lower partIMG_2186

Our site is U3, we are all alone here.


After we set up we took a drive over to the Natural Bridge area. I thought we may be able to see something without the admission of $23 dollars. (I looked online) We couldn’t see anything so we didn’t even stop at the gift shop.

We pasted this site, I thought it was interesting

IMG_2188IMG_2191  IMG_2189

We got fuel down the road and Jesse bought us each a fountain drink. Then we drove back to our site. I made baked chicken, potatoes and onions. I served green beans and cranberry sauce with it.

We sat around for the rest of the evening computering and watching TV.


The Happy Wanderers said...

Hi you two. I see the trees are still bear. The trees here are beginning to look green. Had a good time tonight with everyone, just missed you two being with us. Too bad it was raining, Harper's Ferry is a nice place. Beautiful country there. Well, good nigiht and travel safe. M & E

Sherry said...

Hi Ginger. I've followed your blog for probably a year, but have never left you a message. My husband and I are also full-timers. We became full-timers last March, so we've been doing this for a year. We're from Texas and spent the last several months finalizing the sale of my parents house, moving our son, etc. etc. You know how that goes.

Anyway...I just love your blog and the little things you do to accentuate your, my question is "How" or "Where" can I obtain info on adding little things to a blog? I've created the basic blog, but the inserts, US map of places you've been...just stuff like that.

Where did you locate info on how to create/insert on blogger? Is there a link? Sure would appreciate any feedback! If we're ever in the same area, would love to meet you guys.

Gypsy said...

I lived in Virginia for a number of years but didn't know they had a "Foamhenge"! Thanks for the pix. Too bad you missed Harpers Ferry - it's a wonderful little town to walk in, but not in bad weathr.