Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, March 3 – Meeting an old friend

We made it through the night without the snow they were calling for. Just cold rain and wind. It was 34 with a light drizzle when Jesse took the boys out a 7am. This is not our favorite time of year to be in Maryland but looks to be a bit better for the next week.

When we were here in July for Jesse’s fathers funeral, the Baltimore Sun newspaper had an online comment section for the obituaries. Well we received a condolence from a Robert Turner. He thought this was the same family of his boyhood friend Jesse and if so to contact him. Jesse did.

They lived on the same street in Northwest Baltimore as young boys and went to elementary school together. They were the best of friends many decades ago. They had not seen each other since about 1967 which was when Jesse moved out of the area. Jesse called him and they reminisced on the phone but we were returning to New York the next day and would not be able to meet until our next visit.

Jesse and Bob kept in contact through emails since last summer and made arrangements to meet today at the branch of the Harford Bank in Aberdeen MD where he works as an internal auditor.

We arrived at the appointed time and a teller called his office to tell him we were there. We exchange greetings and then went to Panera Breads for lunch and more reminiscing. We spent about an hour and a half over lunch while Bob and Jesse went over old times.

Bob has a fantastic memory and brought back many memories that Jesse had forgotten. Bob had to get back to work and we needed to make a Walmart run before taking the boys to the vets for check ups and shots so we took Bob back to work and said our good byes.

We will get together again before we leave. As you can see, Bob did a bit more growing up than Jesse did. This is the house Jesse lived in from 59-67.

IMG_1978Wayne Ave House

We took care of our business at Walmart and returned home to put our loot away and take the boys to our favorite vet, Dr. Tom Lomax at Festival Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Tom went out of his way to make some formulas so the boys could have all there shots without needing any boosters. He knows we are on road a lot and he tries to accommodate us. The shots really knocked them out and even made them a bit sore. We had to give them a 81mg aspirin but they are in good health and good to go for 1 year on 2 vaccines and 3 years on the others.

Ginger made a quick dinner of tuna sandwiches and Ramen noodles. The rest of the evening was spent computering and watching TV.

And that’s the way it is.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Gee...Vet visits...I remember those days. We had two giant dogs and I ended up taking them to the vet for shots. I was the one that was sore the next day!