Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, March 2 – Lunch with Sondra

Today after all the travel days it was really nice to get up, relax and have coffee while computering.

Although we didn’t relax for too long, we had chores to do.

Jesse helped me change the linens on our bed. Then he took the rugs outside to shake and the boys for a long walk. While he was gone I scrubbed the floors and base boards.

When we travel and the slides come in while they are wet it drips in the living space. So everything really need a good cleaning.

I dusted everything and put out some of the trinkets that help make the space feel homey.

After Jesse returned from walking the boys he washed the outside of the windows, while did the inside. Here are some pictures taken out the big picture window. I keep teasing Jesse that we should buy one of the Condo’s seen here to spend time in while home.


We looked at these when we still lived here and they are beautiful AND $400,000-$500.000, much more then our house cost.

I had asked to have one of these sites when we arrived, but for several reasons it would not work. First - they were designed for motor homes so you can pull-in, Second - the hook-ups are too far forward in the site for us to reach, Third - they have the water turned off.


In this picture you can see the tide going out and a heron standing in the river. Also ducks just floating by.

IMG_1974 IMG_1967

After all the chores we done we got showers and ready for our company. Sondra was coming over!! It was really good to see her. The boys were glad to see her too.


We visited for a few minutes, then we left to go eat. Our 1st stop was the bank. The daily site fee here $43. If you pay cash they give you 5% discount. So we needed cash because every little bit of saving helps.

Then we went to Panera Bread for sandwiches. I got broccoli cheddar soup, my favorite, to go with my sandwich.

We stopped and got Sondra gas on the way back to the rig. I served some dessert before she left to travel back to her area of town. She left around 4:00 so that she could miss the rush hour traffic.

After she left I fed the boys then decided to go shopping to see it I could find a dress for Saturday night. (I left Jesse home) I found one I liked and they are holding it for me until tomorrow. I also wanted to go to the mall and look at Macys.

Once back home We got out Jesse's suit to see if it fit. YEA!!! it does so he just needs a shirt for the weekend. We got into comfy clothes and just relaxed for the rest of the night.


Joe and Sherri said...

There is no hope for any of my suits fitting me. Did you guys hit any of that nasty weather.

Bob said...

Glad you arrived okay. I finally found a small cabinet for the kitchen at World Market. Will get a photo soon. Lynda and Bob