Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, March 13 – Shopping and Breakfast

I had made plans to go shopping with some of the other Dreamer girls. When we got up it was cold and rainy, after talking to Dortha, it was cancelled due to the weather.

Shortly afterward Sherri called to say some still wanted to go, “do you want to go with us”? “Sure”, but I declined driving, so Sherri drove, Brenda, Becky, Gina, and me. We had a fun day going to Home Goods, Target, Kirklands and Mimi's Cafe for lunch.

In my old lifestyle I would have purchased many things for my house, in this lifestyle, I purchased one thing only, no place to put things.

We got back from shopping, just in time for me to make the hash brown casserole for our “eggs in a bag” omelets for dinner.

We were told we were suppose to dress in our pajamas, but I think they were playing a joke on us, because we were the only ones in PJ’s.

We had so much food and John Brown took a group picture.


DSC00479 Gina was making waffles, while Mark was cooking the eggs in a bag and Dortha was supervising it all, helping wherever needed.

Deb was enjoying her frozen peanut butter pie, which were very very yummy!!! – “No word of a lie” I loved that pie. :~)

Thanks Brenda!!

DSC00490After the dinner broke up, we did hugs and handshakes to those that were leaving the next morning.

Several of us went over to John and Brenda to continue having fun.

DSC00498DSC00497 DSC00496 DSC00500 After returning to our home on wheels, we watched some recorded shows from Thursday night and off to bed.

Hugs to everyone and safe travels to those leaving us in the morning.


JB said...

Looks like Joe is holding a beer for someone else, he wasn't drinking it was he?

Anonymous said...

No word of a lie I have had the best time with all of you. Until next time. Take good Care of each other. Brenda