Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, March 5 – Travel to Kerrville

We got things packed up for a travel day. Then we took off for Burger and Shake for breakfast. They suggested omelets, so that's what we all had.

We were so busy eating and talking we lost track of time and made Jerry late for his tennis match.

We hurried back so Jerry could get his racket, we said our see ya later and he was off.

We had a few more items to get ready said see ya later to Kit and we were off the Kerrville.

We left at 11:05 and traveled 153 miles. It was a easy drive and arrived at 2:15.

Some of the scenery of the hill country of Texas.

DSC00314 DSC00320

Bob of Bob and Molly was the first person we saw of our group. He saw us sitting at check-in and recognized our rig. I got a hug and he told us that cocktails were at 4:30 and where to go.

Once we were set-up we went to say hello to everyone and enjoy cocktails. We sat for awhile and talked with everyone. I was able to catch up with Jim & Ellie as we have missed them.

Back at our rig we had a sandwich and relaxed until bed.

Sorry no pictures, I forgot the camera and neither of us wanted to go back and get it. I promise some tomorrow.

Until then hugs to all.

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carl said...

hey, just an update, we arrived back in dexter, mo last wednesday the appraiser came thursday. got an email from buyer and said all the bank is waiting on is the appraisel. we have an auctioneer comeing next monday to schedule an auction. well anyway it is still looking good. do not have the check yet.

carl and linda roberts