Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, March 3 – The Alamo-Dutch Oven Pizzas

This morning we were ready at 10am to take the tour of The Alamo movie set.

Construction started in 1957 and took 2 years to complete and was built for John Wayne’s epic movie “The Alamo”. The Duke produced, directed and stared in the movie and it was the largest budget spent ($12 million) on making a film in the US up to that time.

DSC00207 DSC00242 We walked around the whole town which is kind of eerie being empty, but you can just image how it would have been back in those days.

We went to the saloon to have lunch but no one really enjoyed their burgers, but we all finished anyway.

We then went to the Nueces River, which is a dry river bed full of nice river rocks. We collected some that I plan to paint.

One of Kits friends, Betty, here at the Fort is very talented and one of her talents is painting rocks.

After we returned we started to prepare dinner. Kit was having her neighbors join us for pizza and salad. Jerry cooked the pizza in Dutch ovens and they were delicious.

DSC00257 DSC00261 DSC00266Yum, Yum !! Everything was very good and the company was great!

We ended the day going on a ride in the golf carts to see the buzzards roost.

DSC00283 It was a very good day and lots of fun spending time with Kit and Jerry.

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Joe and Sherri said...

I understand you are staying at a Ranch??? Is this like boondocking? Maybe I missed something in one of your journal entries...You know I stay confussed...DUH!!

Joe and Sherri