Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, March 12 Another Day in the Hill Country

It was 37 degrees when we got up. Notice I didn’t say woke up as I didn’t sleep very much last night.

We went to bed at 11pm but at 1:30am I was still awake, my mind was racing. I finally went to sleep, but was restless most of the night.

Everything was wet when Jesse took the boys for their morning walk. It even rained a little while they were out. I had towels ready when they returned.

We decided to get out and go to Fredericksburg today to look around. We stopped at Cracker Barrel on our way as we had not been to one since Amarillo in December. We really did not feel like looking around all the shops. In our old life we would have looked for stuff to put in the house. In this life we no longer collect stuff. So we just rode around and came home.

I had checked my email just before we left and received a message from Joe that we should ride with them tonight ??? I am thinking WHAT? We had made no plans for tonight.

We stopped by his place to find out what he meant. Come to find out the Dreamers had decided on chat to go to dinner at a local pizza buffet, Mr. Gatti’s. Problem was we were not on chat last nite. Joe clued us in to all the datails and we were to meet at 5:00 and ride with him, Sherry, Brenda, and John. Not the sanest combination.

We made it too the restaurant along with all the usual suspects and along came a couple of surprise Dreamers, Retired Rod and his wife Loyce. Jesse has been reading their blog and was happy to meet them.

After dinner it was back to the Resort game room for games, discussions, and learning Facebook. Everyone was having a great time and we broke up around 10pm and headed back to our homes on wheels.

What is not to love about this lifestyle.

Ginger left to go shopping with the Girls in the middle of writing this so I finished it for her. I cannot remember how to post pictures in this so she will have to later. J


Rod Ivers said...

We enjoyed meeting you folks too. We were kind of the new kids on the block, and didn't get a chance to talk too much. I was surprised to learn that you had lived in KC at one point.

JB said...

Hey, what do you mean not the sanest combination. I really think it was you front seat folks that were out of control. I never met a saner bunch than those of us in the back........LOL

Jenny Johnson said...

My Question is......Hos sis you ever get JB in the back seat??