Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, March 14 – Our leader is gone


Rodney and Becky, Mac and Lynette, Don and Cheryl were leaving us this morning.

Joe and Sherri aka “Our leader – Our President” were going to stay until Sunday, but the park didn’t have room for them to stay another night, so they also left this morning.

Speedy We named Dortha “Our social director”.DSC00507 I know we will see all these good friends again, down the road.

After saying goodbye, I made us something to eat. There was waffle batter left over from last night which I made for Jesse and I didn’t eat all my egg so I had that leftover along with some of the hash browns.

After the dishes were cleaned up, I got a shower and we went to Walmart for a few supplies.

Back at the resort things seems quiet, Jesse and I just relaxed in front of our computers.

We had leftover taco soup for dinner. At 7:00 we were all invited to Rollie and Gina’s for dessert. She had made chocolate pie. She had a bunch of people there and everyone enjoyed the conversation, laughs and pie.

Thanks Gina for a great time.

DSC00505DSC00502 I couldn’t help myself I had to get pictures of her fluffy girls


DSC00514 Angel

DSC00512Until tomorrow hugs to all!


Joe and Sherri said...

Whats up with that eh? Can't tell what that is all a boat...Practicing my Canadian. When you and Jesse get up to New York State you will have to cross over into Canada and work on your Canadian
We already miss you two and wish we could have stayed longer...oh well. We will be reading your journal and keeping an eye on you so keep us up to date on your adventures.

Joe and Sherri

JB said...

Thanks for the memories and without a work of a lie that fellow who commented ahead of me is an imposter. Safe Travels eh!