Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, March 22 – Graceland? YES


Today was the day. We left about 11:30am and went straight to Graceland. We paid our $10 to park and then our $28 each to do the platinum tour: (I had a $10 coupon)

  • an audio-guided tour of Graceland Mansion and grounds
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis' two custom airplanes
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis' Automobile Museum
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis in Hollywood Exhibit
  • a self-guided tour of Elvis Lives: The King and Pop Culture Exhibit
  • a self-guided tour of Private Presley Exhibit
  • a self-guided tour of '68 Special Exhibit

Average Tour Time: 2 ½ to 3 hours

Front YardDSC00641 Back YardDSC00670

Once we paid we had about 1 hour before the mansion tour, so we did the self-guided tours first.

I was not really surprise by anything I saw, because I have read many books and articles about his life and I have seen lots of pictures over the years of the mansion.

I was most surprised by the area that Graceland is located. I guess in the late 50’s it was mostly a rural area, but not now.

I was impressed by the trophies and the display of the records.

We were allowed to take pictures of the inside but was not allowed to use flash.

DSC00701  DSC00685 On board the Lisa Marie

DSC00633 The meditation garden was out by the swimming pool. He, his mother, father and grandmother are all laid to rest there.

DSC00709Afterwards we went to Walmart to pick up a few items, then home.

We travel again tomorrow to Nashville.

Until then, hugs to all


Joe and Sherri said...

Wow...nice tour. I can now say that I have been there thanks to you and Jesse. Your probably correct about that area in the Fifties...I am sure it was further out and away from things.

Joe and Sherri

Anonymous said...

oh thank god you finally made it. Pretty neat place. I have a story to tell you about Graceland when we were there so I hope to see you in the near future. Brenda