Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 9 – Fun, Fun and Food


Today started with Jesse and I walking. I may not walk with Jesse anymore. I enjoyed walking with Marilyn so much down in the Valley. We enjoyed a lively conversations laughed and cried. Sorry honey but walking with Jesse was boring, he doesn’t talk much.

After walking I made my contribution to Mac and Lynette’s happy hour gathering tonight.  My first thought was to make salmon cakes, ops, no can salmon, no problem I’ll make tuna cakes.

Afterwards I got showered and dressed for the day. As some of our friends walked by we just visited with them. Then Bob and Molly walked by and invited us to meet them and Chuck and Kathy in the social room for a game of hand and foot.

I enjoyed the game, but not as much as the guys did, they won.

It was getting late so we all parted so we could get our food ready for happy hour. There was so much food again. Ribs, shrimp, crab dip, meatballs, 7 layer dip, pork roast, jalapeño poppers, sloppy joes and many more goodies. We sure to eat well. For dessert strawberry pie! Jesse was in heaven.

DSC00411 When we got back to the rig we had no electric. I walked over to Joe and Sherry’s to see if they had power, no they didn’t either. When we got there they were visiting with Don and Cheryl. Then Gina showed up, so the gangs all here. ha ha

Before too long the power was back on. I went back home to warm the tuna cakes and get drinks ready to walk down the Mac & Lynette’s.

Here are some pictures from our day

DSC00406 DSC00410 DSC00409DSC00414 DSC00412 It was wonderful talking with everyone. Just enjoying the conversations and fun.

Several of us ladies went on a tour of each others rigs. There sure are some beautiful homes that our friends are living in.

This was the picture I took as I was walking back to the inn for the night.


Good night all!