Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 16 – Travel Day


We left Kerrville this morning at 8:10am and it was 37 degrees.

We traveled 276 miles and arrived at our first Corps of Engineers Park- High View Park @ Bardwell Lake about 2:20pm.

DSC00526 View out the back window

DSC00528 I would say that this site #14 would have the “it” factor, at least to us.

We purchased diesel today at the lowest rate ever of $1.879. The trip was uneventful except we got caught in stop and go traffic from an accident just south of Waco for about 35 minutes.

Our site was left very dirty with lots of soda cans and trash laying around. After Jesse cleaned it up things looked much better.

Once we were set up I started cleaning the inside of the rig, I vacuumed, dusted and wiped up the floors.

Jesse had just finished cleaning the outside of our picture window when another camper came over to ask for Jesse help at getting his satellite set up.

They took off in the man’s truck and then it occurred to me, he didn’t take his phone. I had no idea where he was going. 

I began to be worried that he could be abducted. What would I do? I didn’t even really look at the man or his truck. I worried myself into a headache.

As you might of guessed, he came home after about 45 minutes all safe, and successfully helped the man get his satellite working. But the next time someone asks for his help I will pay more attention, you can bet on that! No word of a lie!

We grilled some hot dogs and I made some baked beans and had leftover vegetable salad.

We computered after dinner then watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Until tomorrow – sweet dreams!


Anonymous said...

I wound not have worried that much Ginger they would have brought him back after they got to know him. (just kidding Jesse) Brenda still missing you lol

Randy and Pam Warner said...

Where are you headed in Maryland? We are in Fairfax, VA.

Randy and Pam

Joe and Sherri said...

Not a bad looking site...sure am glad Jesse got it cleaned up before he was abducted by the satilite aliens...LOL...Have fun and be safe...wish we could follow you but...J O B s are in the way.

Joe and Sherri