Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, March 11 – Thunder, Lightening, and Rain-Oh my


Just before 4:00am the wind started to blow hard. Then the rain started, then thunder and lightening. I got up to close the windows and went back to bed, only sleep would not come.

I laid there listening to it rain wondering how Jesse could sleep. I was finally able to doze a little and then it was time to take the boys out, make coffee and start our morning routine. The temperature was 57 degrees.

Jesse went back out to walk, but came back after just a short while because it was starting to rain hard again.

While he was gone I started the laundry. It rained most of the day the temperature was down to mid to low 40’s all day.

We have not seen this much rain since Maryland over 3 years ago. I like rainy days,but it’s hard on the boys.

I made a big pot of taco soup to warm us and we just hung out in the rig all day computering and watching TV.

Jesse took the boys out to do their business. I would have a warm towel ready for each of them when they retuned including Jesse. I would dry the boys and wipe a downy softener sheet on their wet fur, wet dog is not a good smell.

We talked to family back home. We are all getting excited to see each other.

Just a wet cold day in the Hill Country – I hope Bracketville got some of this rain, they need it!

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Joe and Sherri said...

Hey Sherri and had soooo much fun! We both hate that this has to end but it does. I hope that we all can come up with a plan for next year that will work for all of us.

Joe and Sherri