Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, March 18 – Travel Day


We left Ennis, TX at 8:15am and traveled 237 miles to arrive at Hope, Arkansas at 1:15pm.

DSC00556 It was an uneventful trip, no mishaps or slow downs.   Yea!

This place is just an overnight stay. It a motel with about 30 RV sites in the back of the motel. Small spaces with concrete pads and a small grassy area between the sites for $20.00.

We were told to just pick a site. It had rained here earlier so the grounds were wet and muddy.

After Jesse unhooked the truck he realized that the electric didn’t work. So he had to hook the truck back up and backed the rig out and then pull through to the next site.

We got setup for our stay and decided we were hungry. We ordered the Chicken pasta dish from Pizza Hut for a late lunch/early dinner. We went and picked it up from the Hut which was about 5 minutes away.

We got fuel before returning to the rig. After eating I cleaned up the dishes, while Jesse walked the boys, then hooked the truck back up so he wouldn’t need to do it in the morning.

Tomorrow is another travel day. We will stop in Memphis, Tennessee.

Hugs to all!


The Happy Wanderers said...

Hey, We miss you guys,
Just a note here to wish you well and let you know that we are thinking of you. We look forward to seeing you in Hannibal. Be safe and enjoy your time on the road.
Ed & Marilyn

Ellie and Jim said...

We also miss you guys...Have a safe trip and we'll see you down the road somewhere...Hugs..Jim & Ellie