Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, February 28 – Packing day


Only Jesse and Carl walked today because Heinz was up on top of his rig washing it when Jesse got there.

Jesse was very anxious to get started with the packing up process, but it started to get very winding and cold.

When he walked this morning it was 70 degrees, by 9:00 it was 57 degrees and raining. As usual the rain was for a short time, but enough to make things wet.

Just around 9:30 Sue and Ted came to the door to say good-bye and brought us a very beautiful cutting board and wine rack that Ted made. Ted is extremely talented makes all types of things with wood. Thank you so much!!!! :~)

Because everything was wet we waited a while before packing things in the basement.

Jesse wiped the standing water off the truck bed cover, then took our trash and trash can to turn them in. That would also help dry out the cover.

When he returned we packed the basement, we had things really well organized and packed.

Then we unrolled the bed cover and Jesse started to pack the truck. He needed to make room for the bikes which we purchased while here in RGV. He had to take them apart to make them fit and not interfere with the hitch.

The temps outside were still very chilly and windy.

We were to meet at Heinz and Irene’s for cocktails at 4:00 then on to Lin’s Chinese Buffet, but it was too cold to sit outside for cocktails so Carl was to pick us up at 4:45.

Jesse and I decided to walk down and met them. As we started down their street they pulled out and went the other way. So he we are running though peoples sites to get two streets over and flag them down. I am sure if anyone way watching they wondered who these crazy people were?

We caravanned to the restaurant Us, then Gordon and Juanita then Heinz and Irene. We all had a very nice meal and lots of conversation and laughs. 

Back at the Inn Jesse and I watched the movie “Milk”. It was a little slow but I enjoyed it. Afterwards we were off to bed, need a good nights sleep for our travel day tomorrow.

See ya down the road

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