Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, March 30 – Chores & Softball


This morning we did our usual routine. Then we got busy with a few chores.

I put some chicken barbeque in the crock pot for dinner. 

I started laundry, then I helped Jesse hang our wine rack. I moved some furniture around and straighten up the living room.

Jesse fixed our washer door so that it is easier to use the washer/dryer.

We got dressed so we could attend Kelsey’s school softball game. It was at her school and started at 3:45. They won 4 to 3 – Yea!!

Kelsey on deck #9

DSC00811Batter up

DSC00819  Running to 1st base

DSC00820 Preparing to run to second base

DSC00815 My great niece (Justice)and nephew (Caden) were also there

DSC00813 DSC00812It was 55 degrees, on the shady side of the field and windy while at the game, so we were very cold.

Afterwards Jesse and I stopped at a local supermarket for a few groceries. I was able to buy Texas 1015 sweet onions. I was very excited.

We came home I made french fries and baked beans to go with the barbeque. Dinner was very good if I may say so myself.

We watched TV for the rest of the evening before going off with the sandman.

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