Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday-Sunday, March 28-29 Spending time with family


Sorry, I am late in posting. I could give you an excuse, but the truth is I was just too tired. I just wanted to sit in front of the TV.

On Saturday we were up with our usual routine. Then Jesse, Mr. B and I were on our way to Ellicott City – In Howard County, MD. (Terry on our first full day) (We took Mr. B because he couldn’t be left for more then about 5 hours) the other two boys stayed home to take care of things.

We were surprising Mitch, Margaret, David, Katie and Marcia by crashing the party.

Before we left MD were had a Double Domino Saturday once a month. We would meet at a restaurant have lunch then go back to who’s ever turn it was to host the day and play.

The original six were Sondra (Jesse sister)

Sondra 2 Marcia our friend

Marcia Mitch and Margret (Jesse’s brother & our sister-in-law)

DSC00794We always had a fun time and Jesse and I miss them lots. They kept up the monthly games and are now substituted by

David (Mitch’s son and Katie David’s Fiancé)

David & KatieToday we made 8 for Domino’s. We had a wonderful time. We were at Katie’s parents home (they were out of town)and there was plenty of room there.

We ordered in food instead of going out. It was a long day fun day spent with our family.  Except for Sondra, this was the first time they have met Mr. B and he was a hit.

DSC00790On Sunday we were out the door by 11:30am. We were going to visit with Jesse’s Dad. He is 93 and has been in a nursing home for the past 5 years after having a stroke. He cannot walk and has dementia.

He has really been going down hill over the past few months. He didn’t know who Jesse was, but remembered me after a bit.

After our visit we went over to Sondra’s and had lunch and visited for a while.

We were home around 6:30, walked and feed the boys. I sat in front of the TV again watching Amazing Race.

I spoke to my sister on the phone. I also spoke to my nephew Rob (aka BJ; aka Goose). Goose is a nickname I gave him when he was much younger. (derivative of Silly Goose).

Anyway Goose and his fiancé’ Sara are the main reason for our visit this time. They are getting married on May 9th and I can hardly wait to attend and share in their happy day.

Goose and Sara  Until tomorrow hugs to all and safe travels.

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