Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, March 21 – Graceland? No Rain, Rain-Bus Tour


We got up this morning at 7am. Jesse took the boys out for their morning walk. As soon as they got back it started to rain. It rained steady until about noon.

From what we could tell yesterday when we drove by Graceland, there is a lot of standing outside waiting to enter the different places, therefore we didn’t want to go in the rain.

So we formed another plan. We decided to take a bus tour of Downtown Memphis. We went with Blues City Tours. For $24 per person. It was to start at 2:00 and was a 3 hour tour.

DSC00582Beale Street -  we were able to get off the bus and walk around for about 30 minutes.


Showed us a few Victorian houses from the bus

DSC00597 Sun Studios

DSC00593 DSC00595 St. Jude Children Hospital and pavilion where Danny Thomas is entombed.

DSC00607 DSC00610 Memphis Pyramid, built at a cost of $68 million for basketball, Memphis Grizzlies. It just sits because they built the FedEx Forum for the same purpose at a cost of $250 million. What a waste!

DSC00613 DSC00622 We rode by Lorraine Motel (The site of Dr. King's Assassination) the wreath marks the spot of the assassination.

DSC00621 Statues of Elvis and B.B. King downtown in the visitors center

DSC00616Our final stop was the Peabody Hotel to see the ducks retire for the evening. They actually walk the red carpet at 5:00 pm to the elevator to go up to their suite for the evening. They come back down the next morning at 11am.

As you can see there are hundreds of people crowded around the area, so we couldn’t see anything. I excused myself all the way up to the fountain to get a picture then joined the rest of my bus tour.

DSC00624 DSC00626

The bus tour was okay, I wouldn’t recommend it, but it was something to do. The 4 other people on the tour with us were very nice people from Houston, TX.

We were dropped back at the terminal and went to Applebee’s for some dinner. At home the boys were glad to see us. We walked and fed them and relaxed in front of the TV for the evening.

Graceland tomorrow, I hope!


Anonymous said...

Go tour Graceland even if it is rained when we visited there about 5 years ago. The majority of the tour is inside and the waiting area is covered!
The tour is great! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make it to Graceland Ginger???