Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, March 6 - 1st Day At Gathering


Today started with us getting dressed to meet the “Gathering” for “boiled omelets”.

We have never had these before, but have heard of them. You put the number of eggs you want in a zip lock freezer bag and smash them, then add whatever you want in your omelet – cheese, ham, sausage, bacon, onion, peppers whatever.

You take out as much air as you can, then drop the bags into boiling water.

DSC00327 Jesse’s omelet

DSC00343The cooks Bob & Molly


There was an array of breads, jelly and hashbrown casserole, it was yummy.

Then Jesse and I went to Walmart to get a few groceries. It is only about 10 minutes away and a very nice Walmart.

Once back at the Inn I made my potluck dish for tomorrow. While at the Fort I was given a recipe for a marinated vegetable salad, that I enjoyed very much. Sure hope others do also.

Just on time we all gathered to welcome Speedy and his crew.

DSC00344 DSC00346Afterwards Jesse went to cocktails and I cooked our baked potato to take to our dinner. Everyone brought fixings for the potatoes to share.

DSC00352Enjoying the food and conversation.

DSC00354  After a while we went over to the Castle to see Ellie play guitar hero on the Wii. She is very good at it and enjoys it a lot.

DSC00365Back at the gathering Jesse and Speedy (Joe) get caught up.

DSC00364We closed the night in front of the TV at our rig looking forward to  more fun tomorrow.

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