Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, March 24 – Country Music Hall of Fame


Jesse slept well last night as usual, I did until, the trash truck came to empty the dumpsters at 3:00am. Then all I could hear is the vehicles going past on I-65 which is behind us.

I can’t believe they pick up trash that early in a campground.

Anyway we were up at 6:30am and doing our normal routine.

I was pleased to see that Rollie and Gina have started a blog.  I read all they have written and can’t wait to hear about what's going on in their lives. Good job guys!!

It is a large part of our daily routine reading about where all our friends are, what they are doing and what fun they are having. We enjoy visiting with them while having our morning coffee.

Today we left at 11am - going to Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry.

Our 1st stop was the Waffle House for some breakfast. I was very surprised, the last time Jesse talked me into going to one it was not clean and everything was greasy, today’s was very good.

Country Music Hall of Fame

DSC00763The Museum’s architecture, with its unique design and materials, celebrates country music and southern culture.

The windows on the front resemble black piano keys.

The giant sweeping arch on the right side of the building portrays a 1950s Cadillac fin.

The cylindrical shape of the Hall of Fame Rotunda recalls the water towers and grain silos found in rural settings.

The four disc-shaped tiers on the Rotunda’s roof represent the evolution of recording technology: 78’s, vinyl LP’s, 45’s and the compact disc.

From overhead, the building resembles the shape of a bass clef musical note.

Inside the on 1st floor you find the rotunda where all the plaques are displayed for its inductees with facial likenesses and thumbnail biographies. Our picture is not so good below. All around the top the words “Will the circle be unbroken” which is the unofficial anthem of the Museum.

DSC00748 Walking through the other two floors with all the displays of information, costumes and records is overwhelming to say the least.

DSC00739 DSC00745 DSC00747A little trivia: Did you know that ROY ROGERS is the only person inducted two times into the Hall of Fame. The first was with the Original Sons of the Pioneers in 1980, the second was as a solo artist in 1988 the same years as Loretta Lynn.

After leaving we made our way to the Grand Ole Opry which is not what I thought it was. But I will get to that.

On the way we saw a Camping World, so we went there. We purchased some soda flavors and I got a wine glass rack to mount under the cabinet between the kitchen and living area.

This is the only picture I have of the Grand Ole Opry.

DSC00760This was located in a huge complex with a hotel and a small mall. Not at all what I thought, but I wanted to take a look inside, but Jesse didn’t want to get out of the truck and walk around, so we did not.

I was upset, because this was the reason we stayed two nights in Nashville to begin with. He confuses me so much sometime, but of course he won’t talk about it.

After we got home we walked the boys and I sat to write this entry. I also had a glass of wine so I could mello my mood.

For dinner I made chicken breast, stuffing, gravy and mixed vegetables.

We watched TV for the evening until bed time.

We are traveling again tomorrow, so see ya down the road.


Anonymous said...

The Grand Old Opry that you took a picture of is the "new" one. The original is in downtown Nashville and it's a really neat old building. I'm sorry you were disappointed today.

All Because Two People Fell In Love said...

thanks Ginger we too love reading all the blogs in the morning and evening. You and Jesse sounds like you are having a lot of fun. Keep enjoying yourselves and we'll see ya'll down the road somewhere.

Rollie & Gina

Jenny Johnson said...

What a bummer you missed the grand old opry...That is the new Opry House...the original Grand Ole Opry is downtown and was originally a also has a museum and gift shop...I love country music and listen live to the grand ole opry friday and Saturday night on the internet

Mac and Netters said...

We have been to both. The new Grand old Opry for a show and to the Old Ryman Auditorium to take the tour and just look around ..It is awesome there. You can almost picture all the old singers standing on the stage. Actually, Mac did stand in the circle on the stage and I got a photo of that. That whole downtown area is really neat to walk around. We went to the Wild Horse Saloon too. It was pretty neat also.

Anonymous said...

JB and I also actually went to the Ryman on for a show one night and it was being broadcast while we where there. A very nice evening. Safe travels.

Joe and Sherri said...

Well Ginger...I have never been to the Opry...Maybe we can meet there someday and we can all go to see it. I bet Jesse will go next time. Hey you have to leave some stuff to see later. Drive safe and don't be too hard on Jesse.

Joe and Sherri

Randy and Terry said...

We love Nashville and have stayed in the park where you are. I'm sorry you didn't go into the Opryland Hotel - it is gorgeous. You can spend a day just walking around it.

We enjoyed the Hall of Fame, too. And the Ryman is just beautiful.

Maybe you will go back and take a week to do all those things - you never know!

The Happy Wanderers said...

Hey you guys,
First, a cyber hug to both of you!
Ginger, sometimes us guys just get in a "funk" and don't participate as much as we should. Marilyn frequently has to drag me around, and then I end up having a good time.
We miss the two of you!
Safe journey!
E & M

Bob said...

Yes, Ed is right - ya just have to put your foot in their back and make them go. Bob does the same thing and sometimes he wins... We did go to the original and the new Opry too but I never got him to Elvis' house! Re Roy Rogers...He and Dale Evans made a movie near Sulphur, OK, my home town. Someone cut Trigger's tail off so they had to get a fake tail. When Roy and Dale married they went on a coon hunt! Just a little trivia. Hope you missed all the bad weather!