Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, March 1 – Travel to Fort Clark

This morning we left Llano Grande site 2100 at 7:35am. We rode over to the dog park to let the boys have their last run in this beautiful area.

When we left the park it was 45 degrees and 8am. It was windy on US-83 North and we figured we were in for a very windy day. But after traveling for about 150 miles the wind was much calmer.

Once we moved past Laredo and I35 we continued North on US 83 and stopped at the 1st picnic area, Jesse walked the boys while I made lunch. We sat in the truck while eating because it was too chilly to sit outside at 54 degrees.

In Carrizo Springs we stopped for fuel and paid $2.09 for diesel. We continued on our way and arrived in Fort Clark at 3:30pm, after traveling 335 miles and it was 66 degrees.

Kit and Jerry have a lovely place here on the Fort and allowed us to use the concrete space next to them. We are the 1st 5th wheel to visit and stay with them so they were not sure how well we would fit.

With the help of all three of us Jesse backed into the space first try. Good going! :~)

After we were set up we sat down to eat dinner that Kit had made for us. She made taco soup, yum, and Jerry grilled some hotdogs. We had brownies for dessert.

While we were eating the wild turkeys came to visit.

After dinner we piled into their car and we took a quick tour of the area. We were surprised to learn that there are approx. 4,000 acres on the fort and about 2,000 residents.

I will post pictures after Jesse hooks up the thingy that give up a better signal. After our short tour we said good night and went to our own homes for the evening.

Can’t wait to see what adventures tomorrow will bring.

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