Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, March 20–Graceland? NO, tires


Our siteDSC00576We were up earlier today, because the sun rises at an earlier time the further east we go.

When we were in Kerrville the sun didn’t rise until 7:20am, today it rose at 6:40am.

DSC00566We left the Kram-a-lot around 10am. We  planned to go to Graceland today.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday when we stopped to register at the campground, Jesse noticed that one of the trailer tires had a flat.

Now we needed to purchase new tires for the 5er, but Jesse was going to have that done once we were home.

That was not to be. He remembered that there was a tire place right outside the campground area so he wanted to stop.

They didn’t have the right size in stock and sent us to another place. They also didn’t have the correct size and sent us to yet another place. They had the tires in stock, but they could only install them TODAY. Not tomorrow, not Monday.

So Jesse made an appointment for them to come on site at 2PM to install 4 new tires. Now there was not enough time to go to Graceland and be back by 2:00pm.

Of course I gave him a hard time because I was dressed and ready for the day. I got over my disappointment quickly and made my apologies for my outburst.

We went to Cracker-barrel to get something to eat. We rode by Graceland just to see it from the road. The neighborhood is not what I expected. We also stopped at a local grocery. Jesse wanted hamburgers for dinner and we needed buns.

We were back at the Inn before the guy came.

I worked on tax stuff while it took the tire guy about 1 hour to bust the old tires from the rims and mount the new tires all by hand. Jesse thought they would bring a truck to mount them automatically.

Old tires

DSC00572 New tires

DSC00577   Here is another barge going against the river flow

DSC00579 After dinner we just computered and watched TV until bed. We are going to try for Graceland again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I found Graceland totally opposite of what I thought it would be Ginger. I was also very surprised to see the graves in the back yard. lol Have a great time.


JB said...

Hey, if you are there and you like rigs try this place.
They have pretty good ribs, son't let the appearance get to you. Graceland is well worth the visit though.

Doncat and Cheryl said...

Jesse, I have to get tires for my little rig also. Hope it didn't set you back too much....

Randy and Terry said...

Cracker Barrel is always a good way to ease disappointment! ;) I'll be interested to hear what you think of Graceland. We were there a couple of years ago - stayed at the Elvis Presley Blvd RV Park. Very interesting area.

Tires must be the thing this week - we had to buy two new ones for our truck. Ugh.

Joe and Sherri said...

Elvis is not dead...I have seen him several times in all parts of the country. I wonder if he still lived at home if he would live there? I would think that he would find a better location to live in. Oh well the next time I see him I will ask.

Joe and Sherri