Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, June 27 – 1/2 way


Today is the 1/2 way point of our summer work camping job. We have 72 days left. It sounds like a lot, but we will be very busy and the time should go fast.

We have been enjoying spending time with our fellow workers, they are a really fun group of people.

Our adventure we spoke about last week, Jesse wanted to go for a ride. I talked him into taking the boys and we road around in the truck. Not stopping at any of the little stores we passed, just riding.


We did stop at this little place for lunch near Fort Ticonderoga. Neither of us were very impressed.

Picture of the Liberty Monument

Liberty monument



We also stopped at a park that we had gone to about 9 years ago when Bayer was just a puppy. Don’t think he remembered. A covered bridge and water fall.

It was a very warm humid day and Mr. B kept stopping every time we got to a shaded area and laid down to rest.

IMG_3068 IMG_3069 IMG_3070


My guys


We stopped by LGE and got an ice cream cone before going home for the evening.

I bid everyone a good day!

Wednesday, June 23 – Checking in


Not much going on to write about.  We work Friday thru Tuesday and it seems it rains on Wednesday and Thursday every week.

For the past 3 weeks 4 or 5 couples have been meeting on Tuesday evenings at a local watering hole for “all you can eat” wing night.  Seems like most of us get something besides wings but the food is good and the drinks cold and the company is much fun.

Yesterday we got most of our weekly chores and Walmart visit out of the way.  Of course we ended up with a beautiful day because we planned on an adventure today and today it is raining.   We might do something anyway.

We are….well at least Jesse is counting down the days.  In case you wanted to know, 76 days left counting today.

When our commitment is over here we plan on exploring the northern border of NY and Vermont for a few days and even invade Canada and then head to Hershey PA for the big RV show.   We may be persuaded to get a new rig.   Then on to Madison Bay, MD on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay for some R & R with Ginger’s brother Gene. 

After a few days of fishing and beer drinking we will head to the Baltimore area for a few weeks of visiting and Jesse’s nephews wedding.

Then finally in mid October we head west.  First to Hannibal MO to visit Ed and Marilyn and then on to Colorado for a grand kid fix.

We will stay in Colorado till the cold chases us away and then on to Las Vegas in mid or late November to visit some family and friends.   Not sure what  our plans are after that.  We are looking for some work or volunteer positions for January-March in the southwest.

Here are some pictures of gathering we have attended with other work campers.

Jack, Diane and Anne


Camp America students from Poland


Mel, aka Pops and Santa





Jesse worked on grooming the bushes around the pool…GREAT JOB!!!


Yesterday I put out my decorations for July 4th


Last evening many of us gathered at Dave & Sandra’s. Dave grilled hot dogs and we all brought a dish. It was a very nice evening.




Hugs to all..

Pop we are thinking of you today.

Sunday, June 20 Father’s Day!



father's day

To all the Dad’s out there, my wish for you is to have a nice relaxing day full of what makes you happy!

Sunday, June 13 – New addition to the Kram-a-lot


As I am sure most of you know our refrigerator broke and toady we had a new one installed. I was at work so Jesse was here with the repair guy.

We have a brand new Norcold N841R Refrigerator

It cost $82 dollars more for the black fronts, but I think it looks really nice. It appears so much bigger then what we had, although it is only about 3/4 cubic foot bigger. The total cost was $2,040.49. OUCH!!


Nothing else new to report. The weather has been rain humid and cool. Work is work, although it was very quiet tonight. I sent some people home early.

Happy birthday to my nephew Rob Baker!

Hope you had a wonderful day!

happy birthday 2


Hugs to all!

Thursday June 10 – Update


Today is our second day off this week. We are waiting for the repair man to get here.  You see our refrigerator  stopped working on Tuesday. I was working, so Jesse put what he could in the freezer and then took his beer out of the little refrigerator we have for beverages and put as much as he could fit in it.

You heard me right took his beer out and my wine!

Yesterday we spent most of the day shuffling the boys to the groomer. She only takes one dog at a time. They all look good, but are not short enough. I actually took Buddy back to get more taken off. I really was not too pleased with the results and don’t think we will be going back.

After work on Tuesday we met about 10 other couples at a local bar in Warrensburg for wing night..We had a lot of fun and laughs.

IMG_3030IMG_3029IMG_3028 After dinner we all walked across the street to get an ice cream from Stewarts, they have very good ice cream.

Last week for our days off we spent an evening with Craig and Bonnie having dinner and going to a movie. We also drove around Saratoga Springs Park. It is really a pretty place and I am looking forward to exploring it more.

I am sure you have noticed that I have not been posting. I have been working very hard at work and so many things are going on here.Too much to go into here and I really would rather write about the fun things.

Here are some pictures from our gathering last week at the Woodland Grill at LGE. We had an Italian buffet dinner that was very good. We placed a trivia game about LGE that was also a lot of fun.

     Linda and Bob                                   Charlie and Bev                                            Norm

 Bob and Linda Conrad Charlie and Bev Norm

             Craig and Bonnie                           Chuck and Phyllis                           Ed and Linda

Craig and Bonnie Chuck and Phyllis Bob and Linda Lavin

              Dave and Sandra                          Kelli and David                          Martha and Ed

Dave and Sandra David and Kelli ED and Martha

      David and Noreen                           Gary and Darlene                           Thurman and Phyllis

David and Noreen Gary and Darlene  IMG_3004

         Jim and Jan                                   Joanne and Jim                           Marilee and John

Jim and Jan Jim and Joanne John and Marilee

             Roz and Mel                               Tonya and Randy                         Dottie and Rudy

Mel and Roz Randy and Tonya Rudy and Dotty



I will try to do better at posting more frequently.


June 3, 2010


Happy Birthday Kacie

we love you very much

happy birthday3

Kacie 2010