Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, September 29 - VA and visit from Madison and Sondra


I am not sure how I got a day behind but this will catch us up.

Tuesday Jesse got dressed and drove to Owings Mills, about forty minutes from here and took the subway downtown to the VA Administration.

He re-applied for insurance and received a reply that he was accepted. But when he called them as instructed they said he was still declined and that he needed to come in to talk with them.

The results: still no coverage.

I stayed with the dogs and straighten up. He was home by noon, so I took the truck over to a strip center down the road to have a manicure.

After returning home I made us and grilled chicken salad for dinner with French bread.

On Wednesday Sondra and Madison, our 8 year old great niece came over for a visit.

We drove over to Chili's for lunch and then walked around Walmart.


Once back to M&M's house we sat and visited.



Monday, September 27 - Breakfast for Lunch



We just hung out at the house all morning. I did a couple loads of laundry, while Jesse computered. Then we decided to go to Perkins for breakfast. By the time we were ready it was noon.

The problem it was raining very hard outside and the dogs needed to go out. So we waited about a hour for it to slow down before we left.

After eating  a very good meal we went to Walmart to pick up a few items.

After retuning back to the house we did nothing much. Watched TV, computered, and just played with the boys.

I also got a call from my sister that Stephanie had her baby.

Ryan Jonathan Baker was born at 12:43pm...8 lbs 7oz and 22 inches long!
Momma, Daddy and baby Ryan doing well.

Sunday, September 26 - Baby Shower


We got up packed (which by the way I really don't like to do, I love having my things with me no matter where we go) and headed to PA. We arrived at Mitch & Margaret's (M&M) home by 10:15am. We got all our things inside and the boys seemed happy to see each other again.

I had very little time to relax, because I needed to get dressed to go to the baby shower. My sister's son Richard and his new wife Stephanie are about to have a baby. Actually a lot of new things in their life. They just got married a few weeks ago, bought a house on Friday and having a baby any day.


We are staying in Hanover so I need to drive to White Marsh, MD. Jesse was staying here with all the boys. Happily my drive was without incident.

Stephanie got lots of really nice things for the baby.

IMG_3396 IMG_3394 IMG_3397

It was really nice to see other family members, although not really able to visit.

           Rob and Debbie                     Shannon, Kelsey and Debbie      Kathy making the bow hat

IMG_3389  IMG_3395

The cake was made by Shannon

This was a diaper cake, very clever

And Stephanie wearing the hat


I returned to Hanover. Jesse ordered a pizza for dinner and we watched TV until bed time.

Saturday, September 25 - A Day in PA with the Haman's


We left the house after just relaxing the morning away at 11:30. We headed to Hanover PA to spend the day with Mitch and Margaret.

When we got there we visited for a short time then went to Texas Road House to eat.


We had a very good meal and good conversation.

I needed a few items at Walmart so we stopped to pick them up before returning to their home.

We talked about the folder Margaret left us. We are babysitting their home and two dogs for 4 days, while they vacation in Myrtle Beach.

She made a folder for us on things to do in the area, places to eat along with coupons and all the utility companies they use if we have a problem. It was like the books you get when going to a hotel.

Margaret's grandson stopped by while we were there, it was good to see him. He had dessert with us, Margaret baked a cake and served with ice cream..Yum.

We enjoyed our day with them and look forward to spending more time with them while we are home.

We got home around 8pm and just sat in our recliners for the rest of the evening.

Friday, September 24 - Fighting Stink Bugs


We planned a relaxing day at home today. So when we got up we took our time reading blogs and computering while have coffee.

I started doing laundry and changed the bedding.

Just at noon Sondra called saying she just got out of Synagogue, she didn't need to babysit, so she could come and visit us, I told her I would make a light lunch.

She arrived a little after 1pm. I made some tuna salad and served with leftover egg salad, chips and watermelon.

She browsed through her pictures from her trip to Russia. She brought me a Matrioshka wooden doll.

As we were sitting there we noticed a few of the Stink Bugs had gotten in our trailer. They have been all over the outside since we arrived, but this is the 1st day we noticed then inside. There was a space on one of the side-outs where we thought they were getting in so Jesse worked on sealing that. I hope it does the trick because these bugs are disgusting.

Sondra left around 3:30 in hopes to beat the traffic, she called when she got home, it didn't work.

Jesse and I just hung out for the rest of the day.

Thursday, September 23 - Shopping and Dinner with Family

We had some shopping to do today, so we decided to get an early start. We were leaving the rig by 10am. We headed for Mt. Airy. Jesse thought there was a Bob Evans there, but we couldn't find it.

Hazel, our GPS, said there was a Cracker Barrel about 13 miles toward Fredrick. Since we both really love Cracker Barrel that was our new destination.

We had a very nice breakfast there, then moved on to Walmart. Most of the Walmart's in MD are NOT Super Walmart's, so there was no grocery department. They have an area were they have a few grocery items that I was able to purchase.

I got my prescriptions refilled, but Jesse was not able to purchase the converter box we need for the bedroom TV with is not digital.

From there we had to go to Target, so he could purchase the converter box. We were lucky they had just one left.

When we were returning to the rig we received a call from our niece inviting us to have dinner with them in their Sukkah.

We had planned to go out to dinner for our 31st Anniversary which is today, but decided that we were here to visit family and we didn't want to turn down a free meal.

So after putting our purchases away, feeding and walking the boys we went over to Sondra's to visit with her before going on the the Miller's for dinner.

This was the traffic traveling to Sondra's...We don't miss this.


Here are some pictures from our very enjoyable evening.

IMG_3369 Sukkah IMG_3371

IMG_3374 IMG_3375 IMG_3385

We came home and just watched TV until bed time.

Thursday, September 23 - Happy Fall Y'all



fall leaves Fall fall2

happy fall

Wednesday, September 22 - Short Travel Day


Today we pulled out of Madison Bay after a visit to the dump station at 11am.   We traveled over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to I-97 to 695 to I-70. We ran into a little traffic but not bad, traveling 117 miles arriving at 1:30 to Ramblin Pines Campground.

We were sent to a monthly site, but they pro-rated the fees for the 26 days we will be here. It was very tight getting into our site because of the trees, but Jesse made it without problem (he is an excellent driver).

We were having a problem getting the rig level from front to back. Jesse unhooked and moved three times but still could not get the front low enough to make us level.

I called the office to see if the had another site for us to move to. They sent out a worker and he gave us 4 other site options. We decided to try the one right across the street from us.

He also backed into the new site without any problem and hooray we were level without adjustment. We thanked the worker and started our set up. As I put the slides out I noticed the electric had not yet come on, so I went outside to let Jesse know.

He looked at our power management system and found the voltage was only coming in at  99 volts. So I got back on the phone with the office and they sent out another worker. He determined that the breaker was bad, he changed it and we were very pleased to see the voltage came up to 117.

We continued to set up. Jesse tried many times to get our satellite working to no avail. We will just have to spend the 26 days with the channels we can get with our antenna.   

By the time we were set up it was 5pm and we were starved. We hadn't eaten anything, so I got busy making shrimp salad with the leftovers and I boiled some eggs for egg salad. We had watermelon for dessert.

We walked the boys up to the dog park, then returned to the rig to sit and relax while we watch TV.

Tuesday, September 21 - Gone Fishing


I took a couple of pictures of Gene's trailer. Really nice set-up.


I mentioned yesterday that I made reservations for our stay in Baltimore area. We will be staying at Ramblin Pines near Fredrick in Woodbine. We will be there starting tomorrow through October 17. I am excited about staying somewhere else this time.

I spoke to Sondra, my SIL, today and she is very excited about our visit. She will either come to visit us or we will go see her after we arrive tomorrow.

Today was the day that the guys went fishing. They left about 10am.








Picking out which fishing rod to use


IMG_3352 IMG_3354 IMG_3357

And they are off


While there were gone I washed a load of rugs and mopped floors and dusted. I defrosted some seafood I had in the freezer...shrimp, scallops, salmon, and tilapia for dinner. Talked on the phone and just computered.

They returned about 2pm and had one blue fish with them. Gene filet it and I will cook it with our dinner


Jesse took the camera with him and here are some of the pictures he took.

DSC01762 DSC01768 DSC01775

DSC01778 DSC01777 DSC01781

DSC01782 DSC01786

They decided to go back out at 4:00pm and were back about 6:30. They didn't catch anything more, but they enjoyed there time out on the water.

I cooked our dinner. After eating we said goodbye to Gene, as he was driving back home tonight.

Jesse and I just relaxed in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

Monday, September 20 - Too windy to fish


When I got out of bed Jesse and Gene was sitting in our living room.

It was way to windy to go out on the boat, so we were just going to hang out today. We sat there for a while watching the history channel and talking.

Gene's BIL Pete had come down last night and had going crabbing near by, off a bridge, so Gene and Jesse decided to take a ride down to see how things were going.

Debbie was ready to drive back home, so I said good-bye to her.

After the guys left I made lunch for us..

Then I took my shower and got cleaned up. Just as I was finished they returned and we had lunch...

Chicken salad sandwich, UTZ chips and watermelon.

Afterwards Gene went to his place for a nap and Jesse napped in his chair.

I made some calls and made reservation for when we leave here on Wednesday. I also ordered our mail.

None of us wanted to make dinner so we decided to go down the road to a restaurant for dinner. When we returned Pete and Gene steamed the crabs Pete had caught. I was too full to eat crabs, so I left the guys and came home to be with the boys and watch TV.

Sunday, September 19 - Family time


On Friday we left the campground at 9:45am. We traveled PA 72 which became PA 272, then crossing into MD 273, then US 301 S and turning into US 50 E towards Madison, MD.

We arrived at 2:15 after traveling 160 miles. My brother Gene and his dog Leisel was already here. He directed us to the office and we signed up for a week for $140. The nightly rate was $40 dollars and even though we will only stay 5 nights it was the less expensive way to go.

IMG_3296 IMG_3297

We got set up then went down to Gene's trailer and screened-in deck space. He had a very nice set-up here with a travel trailer and deck porch.

We relaxed and just sat around visiting with the rest of the family that came. Kelsey (my niece) arrived with her boy friend Kyle.


Then Brain, my nephew and his wife Shannon and their 3 girls arrived. We had a very nice evening just sitting around getting caught up and playing with the girls.

IMG_3301 IMG_3306 IMG_3307

Debbie my SIL arrived late in the evening after Jesse and I went back to our rig.

On Saturday the girls were at our rig early to watch TV and play with my boys. I made them some french toast for breakfast.IMG_3310

After I had a shower Jesse and I went into town to the grocery store and to Walmart to pick up a few supplies.

After returning we started the birthday party for Briana. She was 5 years old on the 10th and we were all celebrating and having a party, complete with decoration and a cake her Mom (Shannon) made. Gene grilled burgers and hotdogs and we all made salads.

IMG_3326 IMG_3321











She had a fun time and got lots of presents. Here she is dressed as a princess from one of her presents.


Later in the day Gene steamed some crabs and we sat and ate crabs.

Layered in the pot

IMG_3332 Seasoned in the pot

IMG_3333 Cooked

IMG_3331  Eating

IMG_3339 IMG_3338

It was a very fun day.

Sunday, again the girls and everyone else was at our rig 1st thing in the morning. I made pancakes for everyone. After getting cleaned up we went back down to Gene's place and spent more time visiting.

Kelsey and Kyle left after lunch and Brian and family left just before dinner.

I had put some ribs in the crock pot for dinner for Gene, Debbie, Jesse and I. I also made some baked beans and we ate the leftover salads. It was really nice and relaxing and quiet with the family gone. Jesse and I enjoyed our time with Gene and Debbie.

Tomorrow Jesse and Gene plan to go out on the boat fishing.