Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, October 31st - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween !!!

I really like this day. It is full of fun and dress-up.

Keep smiling and have fun today!

Here are a few pictures from our previous celebrations.

Ginger Mime

Jesse Mime

Kelsey Gypsy

Couple of Kats

Marshmallow roasting

Apple bobbing

Clown Bayer

Cowboy Buddy

Royal Flush

The Group of Children - They make it the most FUN

Have a wonderful fun day!!!

Hope to see ya down the road

Wednesday, October 29 - Three day journal

Be sure to read the two other posts to be caught up to date.

Monday morning we were up and relaxing in front of computers. I had not read any blogs since Thursday of last week. I can’t remember what I made us for breakfast, maybe just cereal.

Then we got busy. We have hardwood floors throughout the living spaces-Living room, family room, kitchen, dining room and hall way. They needed to be dust mopped and wet mopped. We started this task.

Jesse has been feeling a little better and was able to help me get the floors done. Then it was on to the two spare rooms. We straighten up the totes and boxes in them, they have all the stuff we are keeping. I unpacked a little, but I just couldn’t go through anymore boxes yet. I cleaned the kitchen after that and we called it good.

During the cleaning time I also was making chicken corn soup for dinner and getting all the laundry caught up. I also made cornbread to go with the soup.

I had to go to the store for groceries, so I got cleaned up and about 3:00pm I was off, Jesse stayed home to watch the soup and get himself cleaned up.

After I got back and put everything away I relaxed for a while until dinner. I had also baked a cake for dessert. I found a recipe for a pear cake, using a can of pears and a box cake mix. It turned out pretty good.

Tuesday – Wednesday
It was back to work. The only note worthy happening was Bayer’s appointment with the vet.

While I had him in last week I mentioned his increasing bad breath. The vet said he had an abscessed tooth and needed a good cleaning. His appointment was Wednesday at 8:00. I took him to work with me, then over to the vets when it was time and dropped him off. They have to put them to sleep to do the dental work and I was a little concerned. They called me to let me to get permission to pull the tooth (The vet had warned me it may have to come out) and that he was doing fine under the anesthesia.

When they called to say he was ready to go home around 12:30, they informed me that they actually pulled 6 teeth. I was concerned how he would eat and they assured me he would have no problems. He is on can food for a few days and antibiotics, but he seems to be fine and having no discomfort at all.

Once we were home and had our dinner of leftover soup and cornbread we watched TV until time for sleeping and dreaming of see everyone down the road.

Sunday, October 26 - New Friends and Puppy

I forgot to mention yesterday that Adam got a new puppy. It was given to him from a girl that brought him to the Fire Station wanting to find him a home. Mesa (is name) is supposed to be about a seven week old chocolate lab.

Here he is being held by Jessie, I think, or it could be Jennifer, they are twins and I don’t know them apart. They are the daughter of Beth’s girl friend and are very nice young ladies.

Today we were up early, even though I was very tired, I couldn’t sleep again last night.

We went to Wal*Mart early to purchase a TV for the RV and to use for our time in the house. We found a 32” Sharp flat screen High Definition on special buy and with Jesse’s discount we paid $469.

We took it home and then left for Mountaindale. We were going to meet Gordon and Juanita for the first time.

We have been reading their journal for some time now and read they would be here for a week. We arranged to meet them and go to lunch in Colorado Springs. We all got along like we had known each other for years. That is the really nice part about the RV lifestyle, no one is a stranger. When you meet someone for the 1st time, you know them through someone else or you have read their blog or they yours and there is an instant bond.

We went to the Romano’s Macaroni Grill and had a really good time talking about our lives, children and familys. We had a couple glasses of wine (except Jesse he was our driver and still on meds, so he is not suppose to drink). We lingered after the meal continuing to visit, then drove back to Mountaindale.

We needed to get back to the house, as we had people coming by to pick up their purchases from yesterday, so we said our goodbye with hugs and a promise to see them down the road.

Once we were home the people were waiting for us, they loaded up their truck and car and were off.

I fed our boys, while Jesse set up the new TV. We relaxed in front of the TV until time for bed. We are very pleased with our new TV purchase, it gets a very good picture.

We are both taking off tomorrow, we really need to clean the house and get thing back into to some order. Our floors are a mess from all the traffic from Saturday.

See ya down the road

Saturday, October 25 - Auction Day

First here are the pictures from the pumpkin carving last weekend.

They turned out pretty good I think.

It has been a very busy week for us. On Friday I had so much to get done. At 8:30am the boys had an appointment with the vet to get their yearly parvo/distemper and bordello vaccines. Buddy gets an allergic reaction to the parvo shot, so he gets a shot of Benadryl first. Then I have to watch him all day to be sure he stays calm.

After I got home I got a call from work. They needed me to come in and write up a proposal for them. I was expecting Mike around 10am, so I called him to let him know I had to go into work for about an hour. I took Buddy with me, so I could keep my eye on him.

On my way back to the house I called Mike to let him know I was returning to the house and he could come over.

We got everything ready for the auction on Saturday. We got all the boxes of stuff lined up on the tables and ready. We worked until 6 pm. Mike left and Jesse and I ate the subway sandwich he brought home for us, then back to work. We worked until 9:30pm and I could not do anymore. I got a shower and went to bed. I didn't sleep very well, too much on my mind.

He brought a 20 foot trailer to set boxes on so people could look through them. We set it up and put it in the detached garage over night.

Gatlin Auction did a great job. Mike and Becky are great people and we are very glad to have them as friends. They have everything computerized and it makes it so easy that way. Everything was sold except the explorer as we had a reserve on it and it didn’t make it.

We were disappointed at the number of people that came for the auction. It is just amazing to me what people value. Some things of value went for very little money and other things with so so dollar value went for higher dollars.

The auction started at 10am and ended about 3:30pm. Most people got all their things out of the house right away. Some of the people had to go get trucks and trailers to load their purchases on. It was getting dark when the last person left with their stuff.

We were very tired and hungry, so we along with Beth and DJ and the children headed off to the Do Drop Inn for a bit to eat. It felt good just to sit and relax.

Here are some more pictures.

Halloween decorations

Christmas Decorations

61" big screen TV

Betty Boop Collection

I will write again soon to get everything caught up, until then

Hope to see ya down the road.