Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, July 30 – What’s Happening?

We are still here just in case you thought we might have fallen off the face of the earth.

We are both on the mend from a summer cold. Seems like it spread like wildfire to all the work campers. All colds are a pain but for some reason summer colds seem the worst. But the worst is over and we are feeling better, except for the coughing.

We had another work camping couple leave. They were not too happy working here.…go figure. That makes 2 couples and 2 individuals along with a bunch of locals that have quit this year. Last year we only had 1 couple quit. Conditions have not been what was expected.

I have even thought of leaving but not because of the work, because of the poor electricity. The voltage here is horrendous when there is a large demand. We have a Progressive Industries electrical management system which shuts off the power to the rig if the voltage spikes above 132 volts or falls below 103 volts. At times the voltage is so bad it shuts down for hours and of course that happens when it is very hot and humid. Sometimes it is just sporadic for shorter periods, but we have had the power off as long as 6 hours.

When you take the power situation along with the other problems we have had and add the promises management made last year when they said we would have to stay at Lake George SV instead of LGE that were not met or took many months after we arrived before they were full filled and temper that with managements lack of concern and well…….I won’t say more. There is a reason we have wheels on our home and we are not sure we will see New York in our working future.

Last week, we along with Linda and Bob and Joann and Jim went to the Ridge Terrace Inn to celebrate Joann’s birthday.




Very nice restaurant though a bit pricey. Everyone had a great meal and a great time. Rachel Ray was just here last week when she came to town. That was about all we did on our days off. Ginger’s cold had just started so we hung out at the trailer.

On Tuesday we helped Noreen celebrate her birthday with a cook-out gathering. Here are some pictures from that.






This week I had to work on Thursday so I only had one day off and I that spent getting some maintenance done on the truck. Ginger spent her time off cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking. She did manage to find a little time for some girly things like a manicure and pedicure. I cannot understand how anyone would subject themselves to something as painful as a pedicure. Had one once…never again.

I have been looking for a work camping gig for the winter. We only want to work for a site only, not a lot of hours and only from Jan-April and in the southwest. Sounds like we are a little picky but after this summer we do not want to work too hard for a while. We did get a job offer for a Cal-Am resort in Mesa AZ. Only 25 hours per week for site and utilities at a very large resort. This place looks every bit as nice as Llano Grande only larger. I probably would be the only one to work and the job would be in food service.

There are quite a few different food service jobs available from bar tending to setting up for special events to food prep to driving the delivery truck. I have pretty much done all of the jobs at one time or another and only working 25 hours a week for 3 months, well I could do that standing on my head.

Not that we are anxious but with only 40 days to go we are really looking forward to doing some traveling, visiting, and relaxing.

Until next time…be safe. Jesse

Sunday, July 18 – Quick update


I really don’t have much to say, that is why I have not been writing. Work keeps us busy and then we are just too tired to do much else.

Last week Wednesday on our 1st day off we went to the grocery store and cleaned the house, I also did laundry. Then we went to the after July 4th cookout at Tonya and Randy at LGE.

It was a nice gathering and much good food. Pictures to share

IMG_3088 IMG_3089 IMG_3099

IMG_3104 IMG_3092 IMG_3107

IMG_3108IMG_3096 IMG_3093

Our host and hostess

Randy Tonya 

On Thursday we took the boys to be groomed in Glens Falls and then went to PetSmart to get them food. Then we went to Saratoga Casino. We donated to their slots for a short while. We ate lunch in their cafe while watching a few harness racers practice around the track.

The boys looked so good being groomed just the way we like them. They are so much cooler and they know they look good.

After returning home we grilled some turkey mignons, baked potatoes and vegetables for dinner. We relaxed in front of the TV for the rest of the night.

Friday we started our work week again.

I am having a grueling week because I close Saturday, Sunday, and Monday this week, but hey, someone has to do it.

Until next time……

Everyone stay safe, HUGS!!

Sunday, July 11 – Same old stuff, different day


It has been a long summer and we still have 2 months left.  The stress and nepotisms has been widely apparent this summer. I don’t have a lot of positive things to say so this will be brief. Jesse and I have been just trying to do my job and stay out of the drama.

We had a cook-out last Tuesday after work to celebrate a few birthdays. Linda and Mel both had B/D’s.

Here are a few pictures

Tina, Noreen and Tonya


This is Linda and Linda- The one on the left is the birthday girl


Roz and Mel (the birthday boy)


Randy and Don






Vinny (Don and Tina’s grandson)


IMG_3079 IMG_3083 IMG_3086

A good time was had by all.

We didn’t do much on our days off because it was so hot and we kept losing power, and we didn’t want to leave the boys without A/C.

On Wednesday Jesse rode into Warrensburg to rent some movies and we had a movie day at home. On Thursday we asked our friends to check on the boys and we went to town and got a bite to eat.

Then Friday it was back to work. This week is Winter Wonderland and Santa visited us. I had my picture taken with Santa, but not on my camera. I hope to get a copy to share with you soon.

Hope everyone has a fun and safe week!