Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, July 28 - New A/C and Busy, Busy at Work



I open the store at 8:00am and the next thing I knew Jackie was there and it was 1PM. I was busy, busy, busy and I loved it.

While I was at work Fred installed our new A/C in the bedroom… It’s cool in here!!! Love it!!!!

I made turkey meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes and cream corn for dinner. We had a rain storm that lasted about 40 minutes. After the storm we walked up to Ed and Marilyn’s to sit outside. Jackie and Tony along with Jean joined us and the conversation was steady.

Back at home we watched Big Brother and relax.


Today I filled out all the paper work to register our car, then went to the lounge to call Texas to be sure I had what I needed. I spoke to a vey nice lady who was most helpful.

Again at work today I as very busy and I couldn’t believe it was 6:00 before I knew it, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. When I returned home Jesse and I sat outside with a glass of wine while we grilled some brats for him. Before we were finished we were forced in because of rain.

It rained for about 1 hour. Because of the rain we have had recently, we were happy because now the fire ban has been lifted so we can have campfires! I know that is going to make Ed happy!!

Just a couple of days in the mountains!

Tuesday, July 26 - Shopping and Jose Muldoon’s


My day started with a knock on the door from the RV Medic, Fred, who lives on property. We have decided to purchase an A/C for our bedroom which now only has a fantastic fan. He brought us the costs and we gave him the okay to order the A/C unit.

Today was my day off and Marilyn and I were going shopping. We went to Michael's to look for Ott lamps. We saw some but not what we wanted, so we bought nothing. Then we went into Kohl’s, we walked all the house ware isles. Not finding anything we needed.

We then went to Panera Breads for lunch.  We both ordered the broccoli cheddar soup. I got 1/2 sandwich and Marilyn got a salad. It was delicious. It was so nice to have some one on one time with Marilyn again, very special to me.

We then went to TJ Max and Home Goods and again we bought nothing, but it was fun seeing all the stuff they have.

It was after 1pm by the time we got back to the park. We had some time to relax before meeting Jim and Ellie for dinner.

We picked up Fred and Jo and dove to downtown Colorado Springs to Jose Muldoon’s a Mexican restaurant. Ed and Marilyn drove their truck and was right in front of us.

We arrived and parked right across the street from the restaurant and in front of a park.

Park pictures.


This fountain was really neat and the children were having lots of fun.


We fed the meters and then on to the restaurant. Jim and Ellie were already there and their were hugs all around. We had a great time having drinks and food. Everyone said they enjoyed their food, Jesse and I really liked ours.


We noticed while we were in the restaurant that it was raining outside. We sat after our dinner was visiting for as long as we dared. We walked outside said our goodbyes and drove back to the campground.

It rained really hard on the way home. We drove around the back of the campground to show the Wishnies the real mountain that is part of our parks logo, but it was too cloudy to see.

What we did see was the most amazing rainbow !!! It went from one side of the road to the other and we could see both ends and it was a so vibrant. it was also a double rainbow. I couldn’t get a picture of the whole thing but this is 3 different pictures and they do not do it justice. The four of us were so impressed by this that we got out of the car in the rain to see it. BEAUTIFUL!!



Monday, July 25 - Spicy Lamb Curry (CS, CO)


Saturday I opened the office and worked until 2 when Jackie relieved me. I was glad to be finished my shift, because it was a crazy morning.

Jesse had gone to Synagogue in Colorado Springs where David attended services, they were in need of a tenth man and Jesse decided to go. He really didn’t understand most of the service because it was all in Hebrew and he doesn’t speak or understand the language.

He was just getting home when I did. I made us some lunch and look who came to visit at the humming bird feeder. It was funny watching this big bird drinking while the hummers were flying around waiting there turn.


After lunch we walked up to visit with Ed and Marilyn. Ed wanted some information on the new refrigerator we purchased for the basement, Igloo 3.2 cu. ft. from

We visited for a while before returning home to relax. At about 7:15 we walked down to the office for the ice cream social, then back home for the rest of the evening.


Sunday Jesse and I went out to breakfast then on to Big R’s ranch store. Jesse needed a pair of work boots, but found nothing he liked. Then we went to Joanne Fabrics where he purchased some 20 gauge clear vinyl and Velcro to put on the door. While there I went into TJ Max and Home Goods to look around and Jesse went to Office Max.

We met up and both went to Super Target. We found a round drop leaf table we liked and had been looking for. It came home with us.



It’s a darker wood then our chairs, but we like it anyway.

We had drinks with Jackie and Tony, before grilling turkey burgers for Jesse and turkey mignons for me. I also made a baked potato and asparagus.

After dinner we relaxed for the rest of the evening in front of the TV.


Today I did laundry, and cleaned the RV and made a chicken dish before going off to work. Jo and Fred Wishnie were arriving today and Jackie had invited us all to her place for dinner. She was making a spicy curry lamb dish. Since I do not like spicy foods I brought a chicken dish.

The only picture I took


Everyone was to meet for cocktails at 5:00 pm. I worked until 6:00 so everyone had a head start on me, but it had started to rain, which we really need !!!!! So I found the guys outside under the awing and the women inside keeping dry.

I liked the curry dish, not finding it too hot ...I was surprised!. The accompaniments she made to go with the dish was the best!!!! Rice, Greek yogurt with shredded cucumber, pineapple chunks, golden raisins, bananas, coconut, tomatoes and onions, and fruit chutney. Different but delicious.

It was nice to just sit and talk about things that interest women, while the men were outside solving the problems of the world.

We came home and watched TV until bed time.

Friday, July 22 - Flying W Ranch


Nothing blog worthy to report from Thursday, just another hot day in the mountains.

Friday I usually work the evening shift at the office, but Mary Nell was kind enough to switch with me so I worked the mid shift 11-5.

This allowed me to attend the planned group outing to the Flying W Ranch. It was an outdoor event, because the rain held off, but we did see a rainbow.

IMG_0183 Before dinner you can walk around the shopping area. Jesse made friends with a Jack ass.


It is a working ranch that feeds about 1,000 people nightly at $22.00 per plate ($20.00 for seniors). I wanted to take a picture of the food, but was too hungry and forgot until after.

IMG_0167  IMG_0168

They serve you on a buffet line brisket or chicken, beans, applesauce, baked potato, roll, spice cake and to drink coffee, tea or lemonade. As you can see they serve your food on metal camp plates and cups.

The dinning room


It was really a nice view with the trees and rocks.


The group



After dinner they have a group playing music and telling funny stories..The were quite good and entertaining.


Everything broke up around 9pm and we said goodbye to Steve and Cathy, as they were leaving early tomorrow morning to head home to Missouri.

It was a fun evening spent with friends!

Wednesday, July 20 - Work and Shopping


Today I worked 8-1. It was not real busy, but even when we are not too busy, we have a steady flow of guests and residents coming by to check their mail, buy drinks and ice, or just say hello.

After work I went into Canon City to have a prescription refilled and do a little shopping. The cars thermostat read 100 degrees! It has really been hot, so much for cool days in the mountains.

After putting the groceries away I started dinner. I made chicken fajita and a refried beans mixed with a can of southwestern corn.

We relaxed after dinner until bed time.

Tuesday was my day off. Jesse worked a couple hours in the morning.

I went into CS to have my nails done. After returning we drove by to pick up Ed and Marilyn and headed into Manitou Spring. We had lunch at Adam’s Mountain CafĂ©.


Ed and Marilyn




We had a wonderful time spending some quality time with Ed and Marilyn, and the food was pretty good too. After we finished our meal Marilyn and I walked around some of the shops. The Olive Tap, The Kitchen Store and a few others.

Ed and Jesse went for ice cream and not sure what else. We were at the car at the agreed time and then headed to Gold Camp Road to take a drive.

The scenic drive was enjoyed by all, but we could really see that we need rain!

We stopped at Helen Hunt Falls for a few pictures and stretch our legs.


I didn’t have my camera so these pictures were taken with my iPhone.



It was a fun day and so nice to spend time with our friends again. Looking forward to many more happy times for the rest of the summer.

Our next adventure is on Friday…so there is more to come.

Until then be safe and hugs to all!

Sunday, July 17 - Day Off and Fun Gathering


Jackie and I planned a dinner to welcome Ed and Marilyn. There were a total of 11 and we met at Jackie and Tony’s site at 5PM for cocktails.




We all sat around talking and laughing, just enjoying the outdoors and each other. It was very hot today 98 degrees, but there was a light breeze and it had cooled off some.


Gucci was having a good time also.


Finally Jesse and Tony with Ed supervising got the grills going and they grilled chicken. Both Jackie and I had been marinating chicken most of the day mine in wine and garlic mix and she made peri-peri chicken.


Grilled peaches



We each made side dishes, while Jean made the best strawberry pie I have ever tasted. She was very upset and wasn’t going to share because it didn’t set up the way she wanted, but we all talked her into sharing anyway. It was delicious.



While we were eating we had some visitors. They were a little scared with all the people, but their thirst won out. How often to you get this kind of scenery while you are having dinner with great friends.



Things broke up after dessert and everyone went back to their own sites.

We had recorded Big Brother so we watched that after getting things put away before going off to bed.

Saturday, July 16 - They Have Arrived & we are Having Fun with Friends Again



Ed and Marilyn arrived around 11:45 this morning and I was so thrilled. I was returning from walking the boys when I saw Ed pull around and park their rig. Then I saw Marilyn walking up towards their site. The boys and I ran to give her a great big hug, then we hugged again.

It was just a relief having them here. I took the boys home got some water and walked up to their site.  I know, I know I am suppose to give them time to get set up, but I was just so happy they were here that I couldn’t wait to see Ed and get my overdue hugs.

Ed got things set up and Marilyn and I visited. Then I got the tour of their new home..It is beautiful! I am very sure they are going to love this Mobile Suites as much as their old one in time, it’s very warm and comfy.

Jesse also came by with the boys. He was done for the day and we sat and visited for a short while, before I went home to prepare for work which was steady, just the way I like it.


Today I opened the office at 7:00 am. It was rather slow day. We only had 3 check-in and not a lot of phone calls, it was nice for a change of pace, I had lots of visitors dropping by which made the day go by fast.

After I got off I prepared some snacks for the cocktail gathering we were hosting. I made Sangria to drink, brie cheese puffed pastry with apricot jam and walnuts, mozzarella/tomatoes/basil and olive oil, and baked spicy chick peas. I had invited Ed and Marilyn, Steve and Cathy, Ken and Jean and Tony (unfortunately Jackie was working).

It was a very hot day and even with a light breeze it was very warm sitting outside in the shade today. While we were sitting there the area lost power. I guess it was out for about 90 minutes.

We were all planning on going into Penrose for dinner at Goose Berry Patch (Jesse new favorite place to eat) (or maybe to have dessert?). LOL

Steve and Cathy didn’t join us for cocktails, because they were picking Steve’s sister-in-law up at the airport, she was visiting for a few days, but the three of them joined us for dinner.

We enjoyed the company so much. It was so good to have friends around again to laugh with and just enjoy being together.

It was such a good day, and Ed and Marilyn we are so happy to have you here with us….LIFE IS GOOD!

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures!!!

Thursday, July 14 - Groomer, Shopping and more Shopping


Tuesday was suppose to be a day off, but Mary Nell was not feeling well so I worked for her. Just 5 hours 1-6 and it was steady, just the way I like it.

Wednesday was just another day I opened. Jesse and Jacob worked on building a rock wall all day..hard work for my guy.

Not much to write about on work days. We get home and sit outside for a while, I make dinner, Jesse does the dishes and we relax in front of the TV. Jesse mostly surfs while keeping an eye on the TV.

Today was our day off. We were dressed and ready to leave the house by 8:15 heading to Pueblo. The boys had an appointment with Kristie their groomer, at 9:00am.

After dropping them off we went to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast. Our next stop was for fuel.

It is so nice driving around town in our car. Not that I don’t like our truck, after all it pulls our home. It is just nice moving around in the car and much better on the finances.

Next stop was the dollar store where we picked up a few items.

Then on to Walmart to shop for food. Kristie called to say the boys were ready as soon as we got in there. I informed her it would be about 40 minutes and she said “I will tell them”. LOL

Once the groceries were purchased we picked up the boys and headed home. After everything was put away we sat down to relax. We took a walk down to the office to have an ice cream.

Then Jesse got an email saying that the canopy that we wanted was in stock at the Walmart in Canon City and it was on sale!

We headed back down the road and purchased the canopy. Unfortunately they didn’t have the screens in stock. After returning home again Jesse decided to set it up. We had it up and secured in quick time and sitting under with a drink.




I grilled chicken for dinner and made a Caesar salad and warmed some bread.

Tomorrow Ed and Marilyn will arrive, we are very excited to see them!!

Another good day in the mountains.

Sunday, July 10 - Another Day in the Mountains (CS, CO)


Friday was just a normal day. I worked my normal shift of 2-9pm, although I didn’t get out until about 9:45.

We had a group having a luau fundraiser for “Paws for a Cause” benefiting Colorado Springs Humane Society. We have been preparing for this group for a few weeks now.

Jesse, David, Jacob and Damon have been working across the street cleaning and clearing the bone yard, so they can utilize the area.

The group put up a band stand, booths and an area for tents. Several bands played on Friday night and Saturday. If fact we had some complaints because they played longer then the allowed time on Friday night.


I opened again on Saturday. It was steady, but not swamped.

While at work Jesse was carrying in some can soda’s from the basement to the inside and dropped a couple and they sprayed soda all over the RV. This cause him to wash the outside of our home, I was thrilled. We are not allowed to use a hose to wash cars or RV’s so he used a wet and dry cloth and said he only used about 3 gallons of water and used the “wash on dry off” method.

After returning home Jesse decided he wanted to go to The Gooseberry Patch for dinner. So I freshen up and off we went. While we were having dinner a rain storm came through.


After our meal we took a drive through the small town of Penrose, then went on to see Brush Hallow boat launch. Not much to see and the only wildlife we saw were Prairie Dogs.



There we people wading and several in small boats fishing.

After returning home we sat outside, because the rain cooled things off and the RV looks soooo good clean! Jesse also put up our plants on the tree.


We had so much fun watching the antics of the hummingbirds.


It started to rain again so we went in to watch it rain. When it was done it was time to go to the ice cream social and we both participated having dessert.

Back at the Kram-lot we watched the food channel until bed time.

Today I have to go to work at 1PM. I decided to make us some breakfast. So I made onions and fried potatoes, turkey bacon, eggs and toast.

Jesse cleaned up the kitchen when we were finished while I computered.

I need to get ready for work now, so I will continue on another day.

Have a great day!