Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, January 25 - BINGO (Mercedes, TX)


The Raven’s game on Sunday was very disappointing. Enough said - maybe next year!


I got up, got showered and off to the grocery store.

Jesse was outside talking to Ed and Bob when I returned. He stopped talking and helped me in with the bags and I put everything away.

Then we went off to visit Target and Marilyn joined us. Jesse had some shorts to return and I wanted to look for pillows. Jesse was successful but I found nothing.

We had happy hour at the Dray’s along with Bob, Janet, Heinz and Irene.


In the morning Jesse went for a ride with Heinz to visit a near by cemetery. Heinz likes to go through and see the head stones.

Jesse also surprised me with a Kindle Fire. Now I have to learn how to use it. He is so sweet!!

The big event for today was going to Bingo and the Rec hall. It was the six of us, Ed, Marilyn, Bob and Janet and the two of us.

Each card cost 50 cents and we each played with 4 cards. Look at the concentration!!





I had a fun time especially because Jesse and I won the 50/50 raffle which our 1/2  came to $37. Jesse won a Bingo by himself for $8 and he won another one with Ed and 6 other people so they each won $1. Ed split a game with someone and received $4. Sorry to say Marilyn, Bob or Janet didn’t win, but I think all enjoyed.

I had made a apple spice cake and invited everyone back to our place for a piece. Ed and Marilyn declined, so it was just the 4 of us. Jesse and I enjoyed the company and getting to know these two fine people better was a bonus.

Hugs to all

Sunday, January 22 – Week Gone By (Mercedes, TX)


Monday 1/16

We enjoyed our coffee and time on the computer this morning. Buddy needed a hair cut, so I called a place close to the Resort. They could take him today, so Jesse got cleaned up to take him.

While he was out he got the truck inspected and washed. While Jesse was gone I made some Smores from the recipe that Pat gave me. Jesse came home and we just hung out until the call that Buddy was ready.

I was sitting outside when they returned and was I shocked. They shaved Buddy, SHAVED!!

Buddy as a puppy

Babby Buddy

Groomed correctly




We were invited to Bob and Janet’s for dinner tonight, along with Ed and Marilyn and Hank and Pam. He had smoked some pork in his smoker and they made pulled pork. They served beans and chips with it. It was all yummy!!

Fore dessert I brought the smores, but the big hit was Bob’s homemade butter pecan ice cream and Janet’s cake. The evening was entertaining listening to Hanks stories.

Tuesday 1/17

Today we decided that we would take our sheets and rugs to the laundry here at the Resort. We had purchased new sheets while shopping last week. So we got all the laundry done while we were there.

We had happy hour at Ed and Marilyn’s along with Bob and Janet.

Wednesday 1/18

Today was our 1st trip to Mexico this year.  We met Joyce and Roger in the parking lot and the 8 of us made our way through the border gates. The pictures help tell the story of our day.


Our 1st stop was in front of the Nuevo Progreso sign.


The next stop was the bakery to have coffee and pastries and listen to the mariachi’s.


We window shopped in some of the stores as we walked the streets.


Marilyn wanted to get a pedicure so I sat with her while Joyce and Janet went off in search of a thread store.

Not sure what the guys did, but they stopped by the salon to let us know they were going to Red Snapper and we should meet them there when we were done.



We had lunch and conversation all was good.

Thursday 1/19

Jesse and I decided to go shopping for the tables we have been looking for. We found one that we liked at Kirkland’s.. We are not sure if we are going to use it as an end table or a storage unit on the other side of the island.

We had happy hour at our place tonight. We are really looking forward to tomorrow because we are getting our new floor installed.

Friday 1/20

They arrived about 9:15am. We had gotten everything moved off the floor.








Jesse stayed home with the boys during the day while Marilyn and I went shopping. Ed was so kind and went out to get Jesse lunch, thanks so much!

Heinz and Irene arrived and we had happy hour at Ed and Marilyn’s. It was so nice to see these friends again and we look forward to having fun with them.

We really like the floor very much.

Saturday 1/21

Jesse and I went back to Marshalls because while I was there yesterday I saw another table I liked. He wanted to see it before we purchased it. When we got there the table was gone, it was already sold but we did purchase the chair I liked.


Everyone came by to see what the floor looks like and it was nice having people visit even it was for a short time. We had happy hour at Heinz and Irene’s.

Jesse and I went out for Blizzards to bring home and watch one of the movies from Mexico.

Sunday 1/22


Jesse is looking forward to watching the game today. I am doing laundry and writing this journal.

Maybe I will not have to post another week long journal, we will see!

Sunday, January 15 - Go Ravens!!! (Mercedes, TX)


Starting with Friday …

Ed called me in the morning asking for some help getting his pictures from South Africa on Facebook. I got a quick shower then walked over to their rig to see what I could do to help.

I thought I knew just how to do it, but the tab on his Facebook page to upload photos was blacked out. If he clicked on it, it worked but not quite the same, but we figured it out.

When I came back home Jesse decided to take a walk. It was windy outside so I decided not to go with him.

While he was gone friends (Jim and Jacque) knocked on the door. We had met them at Amazon. They were friends with another couple (Bob and Kathy) that were staying just a few streets over from us. Jim and Jacque drove in from Aransas Pass for a few days to visit along with another couple Larry and Sandy.

We made plans to meet them for dinner at Golden Corral. We enjoyed the buffet and the company. After eating the ladies went to do a little shopping and the guys were going back to Bob and Kathy’s 5th wheel to have a drink and talk RV’s.

I decided to skip the shopping not wanting to leave Mr. B for too long. He seems to have snapped back some. He is eating and drinking on his own again, but still very wobbly when walking.


Jesse worked on putting the under belly back up on the RV, we have not had anymore leaks.

I did laundry and straightened up our home.

About lunch time I got the call I was expecting from Jacque to meet the girls at the Outlet stores for some girl time. They had all been to the flea market.

We all walked around mostly window shopping. Fossil was having a 50% off their purses and Jacque and Sandy purchased one.

We all made purchases at Bath & Body Works.

When we were finished shopping we went back to the resort to get the guys and headed west on 83 to have dinner at Wallbangers. Bob and Kathy rode with us which gave us a chance to get to know each other better. I think we enjoyed our burgers, fries and drinks.

When we got back to the resort we met down at the library to play cards. We played a card game they called the Canadian game. It was very similar to hand and foot. Jim won, but I think everyone enjoyed the fun and we laughed a lot.


Jim and Jacque


Sandy and Larry


Bob and Kathy


We got home walked the boys and watched TV for a little before going off to bed.



The BIG thing today is to watch the RAVENS!!



Thursday, January 12 - Leak or no leak (Mercedes, TX)


You may remember that we had a leak during the summer. Jesse dropped the belly of the RV to try and locate it. He had to replace the insulation, but never really found the problem.

Well the leak is back. So he spent all morning try to locate it again. He was in contact with a local RV repair guy in the park who tried to give him pointers on what to look for.

The result; he thinks he found a small leak in the convenience center that was dripping. We were lucky this time that it didn’t get the insulation wet. So far there had been no more dropping.

We have not gotten a good “Dish” signal since we have been here, so Jesse decided to try something to improve the signal. Well he made it worse and couldn’t get zoned in on it at all.

It’s okay because they have a good cable TV here at the resort, but we can’t record anything.

Mr. B had been doing pretty good, but today he started to become very weak again today. He wouldn’t eat or drink and he couldn’t walk without falling.

We let him just sleep hoping he would feel better. I forced him to take water by giving him water with an eye dropper. Towards evening he took a little food (less then a teaspoon full) and a little water on his own. He also urinated outside once.

Prayers accepted and appreciated for our little guy!


Wednesday, January 11 - Catching up (Mercedes, TX)


Okay I know it’s been a week. So I will start with:

Thursday, Jan. 5th

Happy Birthday Jesse!

We just hung out at home during the morning, then we met Roger and Joyce, Ed and Marilyn, and Bob and Janet at Cheddars for lunch.


We all were very cozy in a booth, but had a good lunch and laughed so much that the foursome across from us wanted to join in “saying we were having too much fun”.

Afterward Jesse and Ed went one way and Marilyn and I went another. The boys went to Best Buy before returning to the Resort, while Marilyn and I went to Hobby Lobby, TJ Max and Walmart, then home.

Friday, Jan. 6th

We went to the grocery store and we sat outside the Dray’s for happy hour.

Saturday, Jan. 7th and Sunday, Jan. 8th

We really didn’t do anything note worthy. Just hung out at home, did laundry, visited with our friends. (Really interesting stuff, isn’t it.) We had happy hour at Bob and Janet’s on Saturday.


Monday, Jan 9th

Ed’s friends Dave and Judy came to visit from Missouri. We all went to lunch at the Blue Onion. We enjoyed our meal and the company. We all met again at Ed’s for happy hour and laughed some more.


Tuesday, Jan 10th

We enjoyed our morning with coffee and computers. I have been playing “words with friends” on Facebook and have been hooked on it. Jesse made us some breakfast of eggs and toast.

After I was done I left to have a  beauty day. I got a mani/pedi and then got my hair cut which is now short again.

Jesse was at home waiting for the guys to come and wash and wax our rig which needed it badly.

It looked so good when I got home I thought the Kram-a-lot looked better then I did.

We arranged to go to Olive Garden for dinner. Bob and Janet rode with us while Ed took Dave and Judy. We had a very good meal and enjoyed ourselves.




Jesse and I went shopping. We drove to Harlingen and our 1st stop was Chick-fil-a for an early lunch. Then we went to Kohl's, Target, and Big Lots. We managed to spend some money in each place.

Then we went to a local RV place so we could purchase an anode rod for the water heater. We asked them if they knew of someone that could install flooring in our RV.

They did and we rode the short distance to the business. We talked with a sales person and arranged to have someone come and give us and estimate.

After returning to the Resort we had happy hour at our place.

We just relaxed at home for the rest of the evening.

Wednesday, January 4 - Getting Set-up (Mercedes, TX)


Monday we planned a cookout at Dan and Pat’s space. I made pasta salad, and took chicken breast to put on the grill. Kit and Jerry brought condiment's and burgers. Pat made beans and rice, burgers and a delicious smore dessert casserole.



Eck and Dee came over to have a drink with us, but didn’t stay for dinner.


We had a very nice time while we visited with our friends on the Fort and are looking forward to our next visit.


Tuesday we left at 7am, drove 336 miles and arrived at Llano Grande Lake Resort at 2pm. We got checked in then made our way to our site. I hardly got out of the car and Marilyn was walking over to greet us.

It was so good to see her and we visited for a short while. Then Ed appeared, he was in the shower when we arrived, and we got hugs from him. They went home so we could get set-up and told us to come over as soon as we were ready.

We walked over to the Drays with a drink in hand. We sat and relaxed and got caught up. We were joined by Bob and Janet, Henry and Pam, and Ted and Sue.

They cooked hot dogs on the grill, with all the fixins, along with beans I brought the leftover pasta salad from yesterday to share.

We all enjoyed getting to know each other and laughed while Ed’s told us about the practical joke from the other day.

At home Jesse and I just relaxed in front of the TV.


Today we computered while having coffee.

Then we got showers and finished our set up. Jesse did his outside stuff while I put out the things that make our rig look and fell like a home.

Marilyn came by to visit just as we were having a bite to eat. She stayed and talked with us while we ate. After she returned home I watched a little TV then the boys and I went outside to sit in the sun with Jesse while he was servicing our bikes to get them aired up and ready to ride.

Ed and Marilyn came over to sit with us for a while with a drink.

After they went home I made Jesse and I some dinner and we watched a movie after.

We are so glad to be here with our friends and look forward to the next 2 months.

Sunday-January 1, 2012 - Happy New Years (Brackettville, TX)


happy new year

Saturday started out at the club house to have breakfast with Dan, Pat, Kit and Jerry. They serve all you can eat eggs anyway you want, pancakes, sausage, juice and coffee for $3.50 each.

Kit and Jerry had some things to do today so they offered us their golf cart for the day. Jesse and I walked over to their site on Unit 38. It’s a huge double space as you can see from the picture.


After picking up the cart we rode over to Dan and Pat’s space on Unit 37. They are building an apartment.


The 4 of us were going to ride around the Fort and see the sites. It was a lot of fun and we were so happy to have the Sullivan's as our tour guides.




There were no refreshments served on the guided tour, but they invited us to Happy Hour for finger foods and drinks. It was held at Eck and Dee’s and the food was delicious.

Eck – Jesse – Dan


Loren - Jeannie


Me – Pat


About 5pm we went home to feed and walk the boys, then headed back over to Dan and Pat’s to play Sequence. We had great fun especially the ladies, as we won 5 to 3.



Today started out with Jesse and I just hanging out at home. I made breakfast and around 1pm we rode over to Kit and Jerry’s to visit and get all the details about gate guarding. We are going to look into it more because it does sound like something we may try.

We all made plans to go to dinner at Burger and Shake with Kit, Jerry, Dan, Pat and 4 other couples. It was a lot of fun and the food was pretty good.

We are home now just relaxing. We have more planned for tomorrow our last day here.

Until then stay safe!   HUGS!!!