Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, November 28 – Catching up again

Friday, 26th

We were invited to Elizabeth’s for dinner. I was to make stuffing, yams, Waldorf salad, a fruit pie and drinks. On our way to Beth’s we picked up Ryan from his fathers, we also stopped by Adam’s to pick up Gage. 2 men and a truck were moving Adam and Kim into their new home and they were running behind so they told us to start without them.

Adam had injected the turkey and DJ fried it….Results


Beth had made the other traditional food items and dinner was very good. Kim’s Mom and Dad joined us, and it was nice to spend some time with them.

After dinner we played some Texas hold-em and I won! We left around 7pm so we could get home to the boys.

Saturday, 27th

I went to a ladies party that was being hosted by Leslie, one of Beth’s friends. There were selling jewelry and Scentsy Candle Warmer. I spent a few hours there visiting while Jesse was home installing the new electrical voltage management system.

After I got home we drove out to Adam’s to see how they were doing.

From there we met 12 other people down town to watch the parade of lights. It is an annual event and Kacie’s cheerleading group from school was participating. She is just soooo cute.


Colt was having a good time.


Afterward all 14 of us went to a pizza place to share some food..Lots of Fun!!


Sunday, 28th

We really did nothing today just hung out at home. I made a trip to Walmart for a few grocery items while Jesse was watching football.

We had left over turkey dinner and relaxed the day away.

Thursday, November 25 – Happy Thanksgiving



happy thanksgiving

give thanks[3]


I cooked dinner for Jesse and I. Our 1st Thanksgiving in our new home.


I made a turkey and all the fixings...

stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, cranberry, green bean casserole, corn, Waldorf salad and rolls.


We both ate too much, but we worked together to get everything put away and dishes washed.

Then we just collapsed in the living room for the evening. We will have pumpkin pie for dessert later in the evening.

The after effect of dinner


Wednesday, November 24 – Dentist, well almost

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes at the dentist.

We took the boys to the groomers at 8:30 am, then stopped by One Ton where I used to work. They are going to weld the hitch for the bike rack and we wanted to wish them all Happy Thanksgiving.

Then Jesse dropped me off to have a manicure/pedicure.

Just as I was drying Christy called to say the boys were ready. Jesse came and picked us all up and took us home.

I made Jesse and I some lunch and I took my valium that I was suppose to take 1 hour before my appointment.

We relaxed until time to leave for the dentist office. Once I got there it was only a few minutes before they took me in. I was to take another pill and did so. Shortly after the dentist came in and gave me the bad news. The lab didn’t make my partial correctly, so it would take another 3 weeks to have it make right.

Well needless to say we are not waiting here that long…too cold…!! I will come back in April when we get back here. Hopefully I can wait that long.

We came home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

Monday, November 22 – Running Errands


We started our day after having coffee and computering, by going to the auto store to find light bulbs for the lights over the kitchen island. They didn’t have them, strike 1.

Next we went to a shop in down town Pueblo to get a part we need to install the bike hitch. They were not open, strike 2.

Then we stopped at Big R to see if they had the part, strike 3.

From there we went to the post office to send Direct TV their receiver back.

By the way I really love our Dish Satellite. I like the guide and the DVR is just wonderful!!!!

Our last stop was Walmart where I shopped for all the fixins for our Thanksgiving dinner. I just hope I am able to cook after having my dental work done on Wednesday.

We stopped at the Subway that is in the Walmart to take home sandwiches.

At home I put the groceries away and we just hung out for the rest of the evening.

Sunday, November 21 – Shelves, Family and Shopping

Saturday, November 20

We spent the morning drinking coffee and computering like most other days.

Then it was time to get to work. The kitchen in the new rig has a pantry with 3 narrow, deep, and tall compartments.


We knew we would have to do some customizing to the pantry so Jesse ordered 2 sliding drawers custom made to fit the pantry. We will need 2 more but he wanted to make sure I was satisfied before spending more money. The object was to take the 2 lower compartments, add a shelf to each, and then a sliding drawer in each of the 4 newly created shelves leaving the top section as it was originally for very tall and seldom used items.

Earlier in the week Jesse purchased the wood, stain, and hardware to create and mount the shelves. Having already stained the wood and having the shelve cut to size it was just a matter of installing and fastening all the pieces and mounting the drawers. After 3 hours or so the job was complete, mostly anyway.

He still has to order the drawers for the middle section but the shelf for that is installed.

We were ready for some R & R after all that work. We were invited to Beth and DJ’s for dinner and games along with Adam and Kim. With everyone’s busy schedules it has been hard for all of us to get together so it was a much anticipated evening.

I made a 7 layer bean dip and Beth had veggies and dip for appetizers. Adam and Kim furnished the beer and brownies and Beth made Spanish rice and a chicken Dorito casserole for the entre. All was delicious.

Then it was on to 31. An easy card game usually played for money but we just played for fun using poker chips. All the adults and the 2 teenagers played while the 2 little ones kept themselves occupied with TV and toys.


Speaking of teenager look at Ryan compared to Jesse..Ryan is really getting to be a big boy. Taller then Jesse and weights 6 pounds more.


Everyone had a good time and the festivities broke up about 9:30. About 45 minutes later we were comfy in our home and watching TV…well after walking the boys in 22 degree temps.

Sunday, November 21

Today we got dressed and went to Crackle Barrel for breakfast about 10:30am. Then we went to the local furniture store. We are looking for a love seat that reclines or two recliners that are comfortable to replace the sofa. We really were not happy with their selection. There is a Lazy Boy store in Springs, so we will go and look there.

Afterward we stopped at Safeway to get a $4.99 turkey and a few items I needed to make chicken chili for dinner.

After returning home Jesse watched football and Nascar while I watched some recorded shows in the bedroom while resting on the bed. I really have not felt well today, have had a headache all day.

We are getting ready to have dinner shortly while watching The Amazing Race.

Friday, November 19 – Day in Colorado Springs

Getting things stowed away is still new in our new home on wheels, so it seems it takes longer. We were still out of the campground by 7:30 and on our way to Camping World in Colorado Springs.

We traveled north on I-25 for the 40 miles drive. When we arrived Diesel, the service guy, entered in the computer all the items we needed done.

1. Leak under the kitchen sink.

2. Landing gear blows fuses when raising or lowering.

3. TV in bedroom is possessed, it turns on and off at will and mostly you have to unplug to turn off.

4. Screws missing on the drivers side skirting.

After we left them our home we went to Village Inn to have breakfast.

Then we went to Manitou Springs to walk around. It was cool and overcast which really was good for the boys to be left in the truck.




We walked in and out of several stores but our only purchase was a kitchen sink strainer. I found a stained glass piece that I really liked a lot but didn’t buy. Maybe I should go back and get it?

Then we drove around Garden of the Gods.



By this time we knew the boys needed a walk so we took them to the dog park to run around. Buddy loves to run and he got his fill.

Afterward we just drove around the area looking at beautiful houses and some wild life.


This guy just posed for me, notice his females in the back.


By this time we needed a snack, so we found a Dairy Queen for a Blizzard. While we were eating they called about the Kram-a-lot and said we could come get her.

They had to put a different sealant under the sink that needed 24 hours to set, so we couldn’t use the sink.

They ordered us a new TV.

They had to order us a new motor and gear box for the landing gear.

So we have to take her back in once these items are sent to them. This will probably mean we are not leaving here on Monday the 29th. We hope its not too much later because it’s cold here. We have gone through 3 tanks of propane already.

We traveled back to Pueblo and got set back up. I just made us a sandwich for dinner and we watched TV for the evening.

Thursday - November 18 - High School Again


Yesterday we just hung out at home relaxing.

Today we were out the door about 8:20am.

We stopped for fuel then went to Adams new house where I dropped Jesse off. He was going to help Adam put a  rock wall on both sides of his fire place.

I went to Kacie's high school to witness her getting an award for perfect attendance.


Then she was able to leave school for the day. They are off of school until after Thanksgiving. I don't remember getting so much time off of school for Thanksgiving when I was going to school.

We stopped by to pick up Jesse. They did a great job on the wall.

Then we went to Subway for some lunch and brought it home. After lunch we went through all my craft items and I gave most of them to Kacie. I haven't done any since we have been fulltiming, so I figured why have it. I kept some items but most went to Kacie.

We just hung out until her Mom picked her up when she got off work. Then Jesse and I prepared the rig for travel.

We have to take it to Camping World tomorrow to have some warranty work. 

Take care.

Tuesday, November 16 - Cold and Slow

Sunday was pretty lazy. It was our last day with Colt and we just played games, colored and watched movies.

It has been cold here, in the teens at night and about 50 during the day.

We picked up the other two, Ryan and Kacie, and drove them all home. It was 7:30 before Beth got home. They had a good hunt and were very pleased with their success.

Monday was even lazier for me, I didn't feel good all day so I just sat around all day and went to bed early.

Yesterday was better.

We computered in the morning and I heard from Gene and Kelsey. Then we got showered and dressed and went to Ruby Tuesday's for lunch.

Then we went to the movies, we saw Unstoppable with Denzel Washington. It was edge of your seat action, but very predictable.

We stopped at Petsmart to get Bayer a muzzel. He keeps eating other animals droppings and we need him to stop. So even though he really doesn't like it he has to wear the muzzel when he goes for a walk.

We stopped at Safeway to pick up a cake and ice cream and went home for the rest of the evening.

I got a call from Tonya and it was so good to talk to her. It was an okay Birthday, better then last year.

Saturday, November 13 - Party and Dinner Out


We were up around 7am, we slept in a little this morning.

Well should I say Gramps and I were up the rest of the boys were in the bed.


The boys had been walked and fed and then they got in the bed with Colt.

We all started to get dressed because we had a birthday party to attended. Roy, Colt's classmate was having his party at the YMCA.

It is new to Pueblo and a very nice facility. 1st we went to one of their party rooms for pizza, cake and ice cream. Roy also opened his presents.

IMG_3729 IMG_3732 IMG_3736

Then for the second hour they were able to play in the tree house

IMG_3738 IMG_3739 IMG_3745

They also have this great swimming pool with a treasure ship..They didn't do this today but it sure looked fun!


Colt had a really fun time..Afterward we just returned home for awhile.

Then we went to Black Eyed Pea for dinner.

After returning home again we watched movies. We watched Shrek 3, Nanny McPhee, and then Scorpion King.

Friday, November 12 - TGIF


Not for Jesse and I mind you but for Colt.

Living this lifestyle most days are like weekends were in our working life. Colt on the other hand has school M-F so he looks forward to two days off.

We picked him up at 2:00 today and stopped at Walmart to pick up my prescriptions then went home.

Colt and I watched Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, while Jesse computered.

After a while I heated the potato soup for dinner.

We watched TV and just had a fine Friday evening at home.

Thursday, November 11 - Veteran's Day



veterans day

to all who is and has served our country and

to the loved ones they leave behind

Yesterday Jesse went to Home Depot to purchase the things he needed to build the storage tube to store the sewer hoses when not in use.

After he returned he went to work installing it.

I did laundry, put a pot of potato soup in the crock pot and showered while watching a few shows I had DVR'ed.

At 2:30 and drove to pick Colt up from school while Jesse continued to work on his project.

We went directly to the dollar store. He needed to fill a shoe box with new items to give to a child that is less fortunate then himself for Christmas.

He picked out 2 cars, a ball, harmonica, comb and brush, tooth brush and paste, crayons, coloring book, bag of candy, and one of those wash cloths that get big when wet.

Then we went to Walmart where we shopped for a toy for one of his friends that is having a birthday party on Saturday.

He picked out a truck and then asked for one for himself,he has been such a good boy I let him get one.

We came home and showed Gramps what we bought and filled to shoe box. We also wrote a note to the child and sent $7.00 for shipping. He will take all this to school tomorrow.

While I finished up preparing dinner he played with his truck. We had the soup for dinner, but Colt had hot dog and macaroni and cheese.

We watched TV before going to bed.

Today we were out of the house by noon. I went by my doctor's office to pick up the results from the blood work I had done and my prescriptions.

Then we went to Walmart for a few items before returning home.

Once we returned home we just relax until time to collect Colt.

When we returned home we watch Finding Nemo.

Jesse has had to disconnect the water each night because the temps have been below freezing. The furnace has been running much more then usual because we have to keep it warmer at night because of Colt.

He needed to go and get one of the propane tanks filled at the cost of $18.70.

I made chicken enchilada for dinner..

Jesse is watching the Ravens play right now and they are losing at 1/2 time ....



Tuesday, November 9 - Shopping


This morning we dropped Colt at school then drove to Colorado Springs.

Our first stop was Panera Bread, where we each had a bagel with cream cheese.

Then we moved on to Target Super Store. They had some dishes I wanted to purchase. They had all the pieces I wanted except the bowls. We will look at the local store for them.

We went to the office store then to Home Goods. I find it really hard to believe that I walked out of Home Goods without any purchases.

In my old life that was one of my favorite place to shop. We just don't have room for more stuff.

On the way back to Pueblo we stopped at Camping World to see if they had the light bulbs we needed for our reading lights. We also looked for a replacement bulb for the microwave light over the stove, but they didn't have one.

We went home to let the boys out and computered for an hour before we left for our appointment with our  broker.

As soon as we were done we went to pick up Colt from school. We stopped at Lowes so Jesse could get a bulb for the stove light. Colt and I waited in the truck for him.

It has started to get very winding and a cold front is moving in.

We had turkey burgers and home made baked sweet and white potato fries for dinner.

I will leave you with this very cute picture of my boys and Colt ..


Monday, November 8 - Purging


This morning was a school day for Colt. We got him up, washed face, brushed teeth, dressed and made breakfast of cold cereal.

I pack his lunch and backpack and he and Gramps were out the door by 7:40am.

Jesse was back by 8:15 and we had our coffee and did some paperwork. We had to send off some information to All-American-Direct the long distance network for dish TV.

We also had to apply for new registration for the Alpine to register in Texas, which meant we had to pay the sales tax on the RV.

Once that was finished that we organized the basement. It was nice outside about 75 degrees, so it was a good day to get this done. We got rid of a lot of things that made some extra room in the basement.

By this time it was time to take to get ready and pick up Colt. Jesse got a shower, ran to the post office to send off the registration and then picked up Colt.

While he was gone I showered and got dressed.

Once Colt and Jesse returned we gave him a snack then he watched TV.

Dinner was leftover pork from yesterday and I also made a salad, noodles and green beans.

I really don't like this getting dark early...looking forward to Spring when the time changes back.

Until tomorrow stay safe and hugs.

Sunday, November 7 - Football, Baseball and Jungle Gyms


This morning the kids were still asleep when Jesse and I got up, but they woke up as soon as Jesse got back from walking the boys.

They watched TV while laying in the bed while we had coffee and computered.

Soon it was time to get breakfast they wanted cold cereal today. I had purchased the variety 8 pack of small boxes so they had choices. The guys all had cereal Jesse, Gage and Colt, I had a yogurt.

That didn't fill us up so we all had plain bread toast and raisin toast.

We all got dressed for the day and I started a load of laundry. I played the game-right, left, center with Gage and Colt while Jesse watched football.

Then I made lunch of left over chicken and macaroni and cheese.

After lunch we took them to the park. They played on the equipment and I got pictures of Colt looking at me.




Gramps played football and baseball with them.

IMG_3720 IMG_3715 IMG_3717 IMG_3718

After we finished at the park we took Gage home. Then the three of us stopped at Walmart for a few items for Colt's lunch.

I had put pork sirloins in the crock pot this morning with onion and barbeque sauce. I made mashed potatoes and broccoli to go with it.

While I cleaned up from dinner, Jesse gave Colt a shower. Then Colt watched TV in the bedroom while Jesse and I watched TV in the living room.

Saturday, November 6 - Boys All Day


This morning we got up and Gage and Colt where watching TV while laying on the air bed in our sofa, which is were they slept.

After a cup of coffee I made French toast for breakfast. We made up the sofa bed, which by the way was very easy to set-up and take down.

The kids watched more TV before we all started to get showers.


Then we were off to the zoo. The Pueblo zoo is small but just the right size to keep two active boys busy. For some reason Colt had a problem looking at me while I was taking pictures.

IMG_3696 IMG_3701 IMG_3707 IMG_3708

After we walked around at the zoo for 2 1/2 hours we were all hungry and went to Chili's for an early dinner.

When we returned home we watched Kong Fu Panda while the kids were also playing cars. Jesse took a short nap then he computered.

After the movie was over we took a ride to Dairy Queen for dessert.

When we returned we played Left, Right, Center game and Colt won both games. Afterwards we put the kids in their PJ's and put them in our bed to watch cartoons, they fell asleep.

We watched the movie Casino and it was on until 12 midnight. Good thing we set the clocks back because that only made it 11pm.

We set the boys bed up and transferred them there. Then we went to bed ourselves. Day 2 of 10 down.

Friday, November 5 - Busy Day


Last night as planned Colt arrived with all his baggage around 9pm. Beth gave me my instructions and they were gone.

We had to set the alarm this morning, because Colt needed to be at school by 7:50am. We got him up and dressed teeth brushed and breakfast eaten and we were off.

After dropping him off we went to the doctors office to get orders for my blood work. The lab is in the same building so I went right there.

I was in and out in minutes. Then Jesse and I went to breakfast...were else but Crackle Barrel.

Then we went to make an appointment for the boys with the groomer before we leave Pueblo.

Our next stop was to visit the guys I used to work with. We sat talking with them for quite some time getting caught up on all the happenings.

We went home to walk the boys, then on to Walmart for a few things.....We had just enough time to unload our purchases before heading off to pick up Colt from school.

As you can see, all this running around just wore Grampy out.


After his nap Jesse, Colt and the boys went for a walk and found the playground (per Jesse it was not to swift). Colt was happy have something to play on. Then he wanted to play with the football, so while I made dinner they were outside.

Colt wanted macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, so that's what I made.

After dinner we let Colt watch some cartoons in the living room, then when Medium came on we moved him to the bedroom TV.

Our other grandson Gage is also coming over to spend the weekend with us, so Colt thinks every sound he hears, he thinks it's Gage.

I am going for the night and will write again tomorrow.

Thursday, November 4 - Three Day Recap



I didn't leave the RV today.

Jesse was up at gone by 7:45am. He made an appointment to have the truck serviced. He had it lubed, the fluids changed; oil, transmission, front and rear differential, and all filters changed.

He was back by 9am. The Dodge place has car service so they brought him home.

He was outside for the rest of the morning, but I have no idea what he was doing.  

I straightened up inside and prepared lunch.

Beth came over on her lunch break and had lunch with us. I made a grilled chicken salad for us. It was nice to have some special time with her without kids interrupting.

After she left I cleaned up the kitchen and did another load of laundry.

Dodge called to say the truck was ready and they picked him up shortly afterwards. While he was gone I started to prepare dinner. Sheppard's pie with ground turkey. It was Yummy.


We sat around most of the morning, then we went to Lowe's.

Jesse has been trying to decide whether to purchase the items needed to wrap the water so he doesn't have to disconnect each night. The cost was about $50-60. Rather then spend the money he decided to just continued to disconnect each night.

Then we were off to the dentist office. I need some dental work done. I was in the office for 2 hours and Jesse was very patient waiting for me.

Afterwards we returned home, had leftovers for dinner, and watched TV until bedtime.


This morning we were on line trying to decide which campground to stay at while we are in Las Vegas.  We still have not decided. If anyone has any ideas let us know.

I did some organization to our bedroom closet trying to find the best way to store our shoes. I made us lunch and then got cleaned up to go out.

We went to Target to see what they had for pillows. Still looking for pillows for the living room sofa. While there we purchased two different shoe storage racks to try.

Then we had to stop by Morgan Stanley (our investment company) for Jesse to sign some papers.

Back home I defrosted some taco soup for dinner.

Colt will be arriving later. He will be with us for 10 days while his parents are hunting.

Have a good evening everyone...Hugs

Monday, November 1 - Dish and Summer 2011

Today started as normal. We had our coffee while watching the Today Show and computering.

We had an expected visitor about 10am. The Dish installer. Jesse has decided to change to Dish because we get free DVR's. If we were to stay with Direct TV it would have cost us about $400.

The guy was very nice and seemed very knowledgeable. We now have one box connected to the living room TV and the DVR controls both TVs. The one in the bedroom is wireless. The whole system seems to me to be much better then Direct.

We have High Definition on both TV's, and I love the DVR's. I think I am going to LOVE this new system. I see no wires and everything looks neat.

The guy was here about 2 hours, and as soon as he left we got cleaned up to headed to Mountaindale.

The campground is about 40 minutes from Pueblo West going West on US 50, then north on Rt 115 to Mountaindale.


We met with the owner David for about an hour, taking about duties, hours, dress code, start date, and end date. Then we toured the campground to picked out which site we wanted. We decided on site 76.

We are really excited about the new job for summer 2011. We will be working with Jackie and Tony Albasini and Ed and Marilyn Dray will also be staying there for the summer AND we will be close to our children and Grandchildren !!!!

We are going to have a GREAT summer.

By the time we returned home it was 5:30, so Jesse went around the corner to pick us up a pizza.

We watched TV for the rest of the evening.