Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, May 28 – Rainy Days

Not much has been going on. We have been working pretty hard for the holiday weekend.

We had about 2100 guest here and they kept us very busy.

Ginger and I have the same days off, but we do not work the same hours all the time. Monday I worked until 10pm while Ginger got off at 5pm and Tuesday Ginger worked till 10pm and I got off at 5pm.

Most other days we were pretty close but we were sure looking forward to our off days.

I am one of ten work campers in maintenance plus the maintenance chief who works year round. All of the work campers in my dept. are returnees with the exception of myself and Charlie.

All of the other guys have backgrounds in the trades, where I am just a self taught handy man. I mostly do site clean up and gopher duties helping one of the other guys. Site clean up is pretty good duty since your are out and about by yourself and no one bothers you.

Monday we had 380 check outs and everyone was on site clean up. I also pump propane. I have not filled an on board tank on a motor home yet, but I have been shown how to.

I have helped level rental trailers, done some plumbing and electrical work, and some painting. All the guys I work with are pretty cool and I enjoy doing what I do.

Mostly I like riding around in my convertible (the golf cart). I know we have only been here 2 weeks but if I had to make a decision today I would come back again next year.

We are both off Wed. and Thurs. and it rained pretty much both days so no exciting adventures this week.

Wednesday morning all the work campers had orientation with comments from the GM and all the department heads. They served us coffee and pastries.

DSC01255 DSC01260

That evening we had a pot luck dinner at the Timberland Grill aka the resort snack bar. It was a cold and dreary evening but they had some catalytic heaters running so the temps were tolerable. The food of course was very good and the resort supplied some ribs, chicken, green beans, deserts, coffee and ice tea.

DSC01291 DSC01289

Dinner was followed by karaoke. Always fun to watch others sing. No way I was getting up there, thought I could get Ginger to sing but she would not.

Jim singing New York, New York while the Lake George Rockets danced in the back ground.


Well that’s all for this post. Hope everyone has a good day.


Sunday, May 24 Around the Campground


We went for a ride after work last night and here are some pictures

The pools

DSC01250 DSC01251Fun areas for children

DSC01246 Playground

DSC01252 Pedal carts

DSC01245The trolley with fellow RV Dreamer in the rear fun cart.

DSC01239  DSC01254 Bingo tent

DSC01247 Park decorations

DSC01242 I believe the people in the park were having a wonderful fun filled weekend.

May 24 - Alyssa’s Day!


Today is our beautiful niece's 10th birthday.



Happy Birthday


Have a fun day

Saturday, May 23rd - Remembering


Today would have been my Daddy’s 84th birthday. I am sorry to say that he left this earth when he was just 61 1/2 years old.  We were very close and I miss him very very much.

I remember camping with him and my family as a young girl. I didn’t like roughing it and still don’t, but somehow my Dad made it fun. Remembering.


On with the living.

The past two days have been very busy, and I have been on my feet most of the days. Jesse was also busy doing a variety of items.

I think he will write the journal one day this week, so I will let him tell you some of the things he does during his work day.

We had taco’s for dinner and then just relaxed and watched a little TV.

2nd day of the week completed only 3 more to go.

Thursday, May 21 – Days off


We started our days off by relaxing with coffee and computering. Then we started our chores. We moved the freezer back to the rear of the our RV. It was very crowded in  in the dinning area.

Then we cleaned our little home on wheels. We set up the outside so it looks nice and is comfortable to sit out. Jesse put our rope lights around the awning and it really looks nice at night.

Then we got dressed and went to town. We went to Uno Pizzeria for some late lunch/early dinner. Afterwards we went Walmart to do our shopping.

After returning home I put the groceries away and we went for a walk with the boys.

Then we took the golf cart for a ride around the park.

We had ice cream for dessert and watched TV. I was disappointed that Adam didn’t win American Idol, I thought he deserved it the most. I felt he was the most talented of the two.

Our Thursday morning started the same, then I bathed the boys and groomed all three. Jesse helped me with the grooming and we think they look pretty good. They don’t like the process, but you can tell afterwards they know they look cute!!

They just prance around with their heads held high.

It took us about 4 hours to complete the whole process and we were tired.

We both got things cleaned up and took our showers.

I prepared some potato salad for dinner. We were grilling chicken to go with it and I made a vegetable.

I also made chicken taco meat for dinner this week along with Spanish rice. This way I will just have to heat up everything for our meal.

We watched TV and computered for the rest of the evening.

We hope to have more fun next week on our days off.

Tomorrow will be a very busy day with the start of the holiday weekend. We have several hundred check–ins tomorrow and we both work 10am to 7pm.

Hugs to all

Tuesday, May 19 – Our Friday


Today I was scheduled for 9am, but was asked to come in at 7:30 to work in accounting.

I opened and sorted the mail, mailed brochures, and counted money and bundled it. After about 2 hours I was needed back downstairs in guest services.

I did many reservations today and even booked a few groups of 2 and 3 sites side by side.

We are totally booked for this weekend, except for some dry camp sites.

I took some pictures today to share with you – Check in

DSC01217Another view

DSC01219 Reservations

DSC01223The lodge

DSC01232Jesse did site clean-up for a few hours this morning then painted the outside of a cabin where the wood had been replaced.

Then he help along with about 20 other people erect this tent over in the fun and game area.

DSC01228Here he is in front of the boat launch area on his golf cart

DSC01230    DSC01231DSC01229

They have a very nice store

DSC01220 DSC01221 The guest that I have had conversation with after staying here, are very pleased with our resort, that is good to know.

I plan to rest up over the next two days off, because it will be a busy weekend.

Monday, May 18 – Work, Work, Work

Here I thought we retired??..But here we are working again.

Jesse has been doing some plumbing work, installing new A/C units in rental models and site clean up for campers that have left.

He has his own golf cart that he uses and brings home each day. He seems to like it, but it is working.

Saturday we had more guests checking in and more time on the phone taking reservations. Sunday we had guests checking out. We also had to take care of the store, I had to dip ice cream and ring up items they wanted to purchase.

The general manager John and the comptroller Marilee asked me if I wanted to work in accounting helping Marilee. I said yes and will start training on Tuesday.

I figure I may as well do what I am best at. I will also work in guest services when not in accounting. We are on the schedule for Wed and Thurs as our days off.

I have been cooking meals each night, so we should save some money not eating out so much. We had taco soup for two meals and I made a shrimp, broccoli and pasta dish for another.

Most of our shows are finishing up the season, so we will have free time most evenings.

We have also been looking at our options for work camping this winter. No decisions as yet.

We are sending hugs to all our friend and family!

Friday, May 15 – Opening day


Yesterday was our day off and it rained most of the day.

Jesse got done what he wanted to do. He cut our grass and refilled our propane tank.

I got some laundry done, but not the rearranging or cleaning I wanted to do.

We did go into town to Walmart to shop for groceries. I wanted to just go home and get things done.

Jesse wanted to go back into town and see the new Star Trek movie. He won!

By the time we got home it was 8:30 and I was too tired to do anymore.

Today I was suppose to work 9-1 and Jesse worked 10-7. It was a beautiful weather day.

I started out on the phones and even took several reservation on my own.

Being opening day there were lots of people arriving to check in and things got very busy.

Amber my boss asked me to stay until five o'clock and I agreed. I called Jesse to be sure that he was going home for lunch - so he could let the boys out.

I never even got a lunch break. I was able to get off at 4:15 and I was tired.

I had planned to make taco soup for dinner, but it was too late now, so I settled on pizza for tonight and started the soup for tomorrow.

I relaxed and just kept my feet up as much as possible.

Here is a picture of the Trolley that rode by our place last night, people were waving and singing along to the music playing. Everyone was having a good time.

DSC01213 Have a good one!

Thursday, May 14 – New Job, and Friends


On Tuesday I started my regular duties in Guest Services. We were given a tour of the resort and a manual.

There is quite a lot to learn about making a reservation for our guests. What questions to ask them and how we are to answer their questions.

The computer was not difficult at all to me. But I believe I have my work cut out for me. Hope I am up to the challenge.

Jesse continued to work with Charlie and finished the floor job.

We grilled some chicken for dinner and then relaxed in our chairs in front of the TV for the rest of the evening.

On Wednesday I did more training and Jesse worked with another guy doing something, (I forgot what).

We had planned on having dinner then going down to meet Darrell and Judy Patterson. This is their 3rd year as work campers here at LGE.

We have communicated with them and read of their adventures for some time now, but this will be our first face to face meeting.

After dinner and dishes were done, we were just too tired to go out, so we decided to wait until tomorrow when we were off.

We were very happy that they were just as eager to meet us, because they came by our place. It was really nice to talk with them and get to know them better.

The conversation was constant and very interesting. It hard to image that 4 people who have never met before could have so much to talk about.  Other RV’ers know what I am talking about.

We look forward to getting to spend the summer with these two great people.

After they left we just sat until bed time.

Hope all this makes sense I am typing just before I go off to work.

Have a great day!

May 13 – Madison’s Day


Happy, Happy



She is very sweet and smart. We love you and miss you!!

May 13 – Madison’s Day


Happy, Happy



She is very sweet and smart. We love you and miss you!!

Monday, May 11 – 1st day of work

Today started at 10am when we met with Tonya the HR manager here at Lake George Escape (LGE).

She collected all our employment paperwork, answered all our questions and sent us on our way.

Jesse went to the maintenance office and I was working in the store today.

I folded shirts and jackets and helped display them for sale. I did this all day. The ladies I worked with were really nice and they requested I work with them permanently.

I said I wanted to give guest services a try before I made any decisions.

Jesse worked with another man named Charlie replacing the sub floor in a rental trailer unit. Then they reinstalled a new floor.

We both worked until 5pm and were very tired when we got home. We grilled some hot dogs, baked beans and french fries for dinner.

Here are some pictures of our journey here from yesterday.

The Susquehanna River

DSC01201 The Delaware Bay Bridge


Look how lush and green


Here are some pictures of our site # 550

DSC01210 Directly in front of us. These sites are usually not rented, which will be very nice.

DSC01211 Our our back picture window, the Schroon River is behind us. I will get more pictures soon.


Hugs to everyone!

Sunday, May 10 – Travel to work


Today was a travel day to New York. We left at 7:15am and drove 372 miles and arrived at 2:30 to our home for the summer Lake George Escape.

The drive was uneventful just how we like them.

We were in our site at 3:00 and setup in time to be at the employee lounge by 6:00 for popcorn and a movie (The long long Trailer).

We met the work campers that were already here and was able to visit with a few.

This is our mailing address for the summer.


C/O Lake George Escape

175 East Schroon River  Road

Diamond Point, NY 12824

Hugs to everyone



Saturday, May 9 – THE WEDDING

First let me say that I am not going to stress out about writing a journal every day. I will try to write each day, but no promises!!!

Friday we woke to rain showers in the morning. Then it cleared up and the sun came out.

I had gotten all of our clothes out that we were wearing for the wedding tomorrow. I had to dig in the closet for the only dress shoes I brought with me.

After finding my “black pumps” I started to put everything I had pulled out back away. Then I took inventory to be sure we had everything we needed. I only had one shoe, so I drug everything out again, still only one shoe. I even had Jesse look, but to no avail only one shoe.

We were meeting my nephew and Sara for lunch at Pizza Johns, so we needed to leave.. I was so honored that they wanted to spend time with us old folks the day before they were getting married.


We had a good visit talking about their plans for tomorrow. We wished them luck for tomorrow. The weather people say there is a 40 percent chance of thunderstorms for tomorrow.

After we said our goodbyes we went to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things we needed, I looked for shoes, but found nothing.

Back at the Kram-a-lot we started to prepare the rig for travel. I started to stow away all thing things that “decorate” our home on wheels.

I decided to pull everything out of the closet one more time to find the other shoe…AH success – the heel was stuck in the clothes hamper. I was thrilled it was found. But imagine my dismay when after I examined the shoes closer to discovered I had brought dark brown shoes not black!

I guess I will have to wear sandals to the wedding which are fine, but I have a harder time walking in them with my foot.

We were not hungry for a meal tonight so we just had ice cream and snacks.

Saturday finally arrived.

We got up had a cup of coffee, then I got dressed for the wedding.

It started at 11:00am and was outside. The location was really beautiful. It didn’t rain but was hot (low 80’s) and humid.

The setting


DSC01100 DSC01101

DSC01119 The wedding party


Bob, Richard my nephew, and my sister Joyce

DSC01114 Debbie (SIL) Gene (My older brother) and Kelsey

DSC01110 Kelsey and me

DSC01113 Chrissy (my niece, the grooms sister) little brother Bob and great niece Payton

DSC01117 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baker Jr.

DSC01140 It was a wonderful day and a great time.

Thursday May 7th – Catching up

I will start with Wednesday-

We did our regular morning routine.

I have been very involved with facebook and Yoville the virtual world. I have been trying to learn all the tricks of living in this virtual world. Because of this I have been glued to the computer.

Anyway that is partly why I am behind and the other part is the weather. Rain Rain Rain. It has rained 32 of the 42 days here.

I finally got showered and dressed and we ran the the grocery store. Sondra was coming for dinner, so I wanted to get some fish for dinner.

I picked out some tuna filet and a salmon filet. I also purchase the fixins for a salad and some fresh broccoli.

I blacken the tuna because that’s the way Jesse and Sondra like it. I made a marinade for the salmon from apricot preserves.

The salmon was yummy and they said the tuna was also good. I roasted some sweet potatoes and red skin potatoes with 1015 onions. The one thing I am happy about is there are leftovers for another meal.

After dinner we just sat and visited. It started to pour down rain just before Sondra left, so I called her to be sure she made it home safely, and all was well.

Today, Thursday, again we just hung out in the morning. Around 3:00 we left to pick up Sondra and went to visit with Pop. This will be our last visit with him before we leave. We both were moved and saddened to think this may be out last ever visit with him.

Well, life goes on –

We met all the Millers, Marcia, Susan and Madison for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant for a goodbye dinner. The food was good the the company the best.

They wanted to go to Rita Italian Ice for dessert, but we needed to get home to the boys.

So we said see ya later to our family and hit the road. The boys were glad to see us and to go for a walk.

We watched Grey’s Anatomy and then watched Survivor that we recorded earlier.

Then off to bed.

Hugs to everyone

Tuesday, May 5 – Just hung out


It was not raining went we woke this morning!!

I made breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns and toast.

Jesse fixed the washer/dryer door. The screw holes were stripped, so he drilled a new hole in the hinge and screwed it tight. It is working just fine.

I have been doing laundry and we have been just hanging out computering and watching TV.

It started to rain again just as Jesse grilled himself some hamburgers for dinner. I had leftover chicken and I made a salad.

It was still raining when we went to bed. I sure hope the rain is over by Saturday for the wedding, which is outside!

Today’s pictures are from the other day, while we were awaiting our guests we saw 3 generation on their scooters. The older gentleman said he was 83. Looks like fun!

DSC01047 Stay Safe!

Monday, May 4 – Rain-Rain-Rain


Well it rained all night last night and all day today. Not just sprinkles either, it rained hard all day!

We left in the rain to visit with Pop for lunch. When we got there Mitchell was just arriving and Sondra was already there. Pop was doing pretty good today and ate a good bit of his lunch.

After we left the four of us went to Panera Breads for our own late lunch.

Still raining we said goodbye to Mitch and Sondra and drove home.

We just hung out at home for the rest of the day.

My computer received a virus, so Jesse was working on that again.

We had leftover for dinner and watched our normal shows for Monday.

Here’s wishing you a good weather day!

Sunday, May 3 – Buddy’s Day


We woke to more rain!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is Buddy’s 6th birthday.


We went to spend the day with M&M in PA. This is what we saw when we entered the house

DSC01058Margaret had decorated for a birthday celebration for Buddy, even had birthday cake and

DSC01059 ice creamDSC01061

The boys all had a wonderful time.

DSC01074 The human people also had a good time. We went out to Texas Roadhouse to eat. We all enjoyed our meal and the company and conversation was GREAT.

We are going to miss our times with M&M very much. But we will return to spend more time with them.

Back at their house we played Mexican Train Dominos and Mitchell won. Afterwards we had dessert and then Margaret and I went on YoVille to try and figure out some things.

I am getting into this game now, earlier today I put hardwood floors down in my apartment. Come visit me.

Back home we watched our regular Sunday night TV until bed.

Hugs to everyone.