Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, April 30 – Just another day


We woke to a cloudy day and wasted the morning away just hanging out at the Kram-a-lot.

I can’t help but reflect on my old life here in Baltimore, this would have been a very busy day for me. It is the fiscal year end for the company I worked for MAMI. I would get to work early and stay late to finish up the year end reports. 

We both had a bite for breakfast then we went to my podiatrist appointment.

My appointment was at 12:45, since the acupuncture seemed to have no effect, he gave me electro therapy again and told me to continue with the stretching and massage. This will be my last appointment with him, he said it would take awhile for the tendon to heal.

Afterwards we were hungry, so we went to a local place called Pizza Johns. It has been in business since 1966. It started as a small carryout pizza and sub shop. They made the best cheese steak subs we have ever eaten and use to go quite often.

Today it is a much larger place and you can eat in and they also serve beer and wine. Jesse got a cheese steak and I got a chicken filet. They we good, but not how Jesse remembers.

On our way home we stopped at the chicken farm to purchase some chicken to put in the freezer. When we lived here we bought all our chicken at Richardson Farms. They raise and butcher them right there and are fresh.

We also stopped at the seafood place and purchased shrimp, they have a special on Thursdays and I wanted some for the freezer.

After returning home and getting everything ready for the freezer, we sat outside for awhile. Jesse took a nap and I talked on the phone and had a cocktail.

Once we came in we watched a recorded show. We didn’t have dinner even though I planned it, but we just were not that hungry.

We both had ice cream for dessert while watching our regular show.

The pictures today are of my cactus that is blooming again

DSC01015 DSC01012We are going to try for our trip again tomorrow if the weather is not too rainy. Until then stay safe!


Speedy said...

Nothing is the way you remember it. One day you wont remember anyway so what the heck.

Anonymous said... is your foot feeling?

I had a similar issue and once I started wearing Ecco shoes, the problem went away. It was so bad, every time I got up I remember limping for a bit.