Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday February 25 - Gotta Love This Work (Las Vegas, NV)


As I mentioned yesterday the wind hasn’t stopped since we returned. It blew all night which meant we didn’t sleep well.

And..Today was a work day.

It was still blowing when we went off to the shotgun center at 8am. We checked in then went to the dinning area to wait for customers.

We both had our Kindles so we kept busy.

We checked out 2 golf carts about 10:30am then nothing.

Around 11am Doug told us we could go home and be on call. We said sure!

We came home to the rig smelling good as I had put a whole chicken in the crockpot along with onions and carrots before we left.   I made us some lunch and then we sat in our work clothes with our computers in case they called us.

At 4pm we hadn’t been called and we were off duty. I changed into comfy clothes and started to prepare dinner. I made some mashed potatoes, gravy, corn and cranberry sauce to go with the chicken. Yummy!

I picked the remaining chicken from the bones and put bones, skin, onion, celery, garlic, bay leaf, salt, pepper and water back in the crockpot on low all night. It will make some awesome chicken stock.

We watched the Oscars and Amazing Race. Before going to bed the wind had stopped so we look forward to a good nights sleep.

Here are some pictures from the median on Ann Street here in Vegas. They are all made of metal and really nice looking.





Saturday, February 24 - Back in Vegas (Las Vegas, NV)


We had a great time with friends despite the weather in California. I least it wasn’t windy, which hasn’t stopped since we returned to Vegas.

Here are a few pictures from our site at Jojoba. The pond was right across the street from us. It was really nice to hear the water from our open door and windows. It reminded me of our home in Maryland.


We left Jojoba Hills at 8am on Friday. Stopped for lunch at Subway in Baker and arrived at the Shooting complex at 3pm.

We got all set-up then just relaxed.

Today I computered for a while after getting up. Made us some breakfast and then got busy. I started laundry, got a shower, then went down the road to get my nails done.

I went to the bank then on to Walmart for a few supplies.

Then I returned home put the groceries away and relaxed for about one hour.

We fed the boys then went to the Aliante Casino. We went to the buffet which is 2 for 1 in February so our dinner cost $10.80.

We both played a little slots and donated some funds.

At home we watched the movie “Into the Wild”

We really enjoyed it again. He went to some of the same places we were in California.

Tomorrow we are off to work.


Have a great day!!!

Thursday, February 21 - Borrego Springs (Aguanga, CA)


Yesterday I did laundry and enjoyed the morning with my computer.

At 12:30 we went over to Bob and Janet’s for lunch. I made some corn bread to share and Janet made some delicious chicken chili as the main dish.

After we ate we visited for awhile and then we all engaged in a game of Phase 10. Even though Jesse was in the lead most of the game in the end…Yea, I won!!

After the game was over Bob and Janet brought up the cruise that is planned in January 2014. They said that they were to talk Jesse and I into going with them.

Jesse and I would love to go…but we have two obstacles Bayer and Buddy. We will have no one to keep them while away for a week. It is a lot to ask of someone and I will not board them for that long.

After we came home we watched TV until bed time.

Today we all decided to go to Borrego Springs


History is unfolding in a town already filled with its own unique historical milestones, Borrego Springs with the first placement of the Gomphotherium free standing art structures. These creatures lived in the area about 3 million years ago.

Dennis Avery, land owner of Galleta Meadows Estates in Borrego Springs envisioned the idea of adding 'free standing art' to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by 'Perris Jurassic Park' owner/artist/welder Ricardo Breceda based in Perris, California. There are 129 metal sculptures located in Borrego Springs. We took many, many pictures.








We had a real good time driving and walking around in the desert taking pictures.

Then we went to lunch at a Mexican Restaurant Bob looked up called Pablitos-Mexican-Bar-and-Grill. We all had chicken fajitas and they were very good.

Then we took a drive to Salton Sea. The Sea was created by a flood in 1905, in which water from the Colorado River flowed into the area.

It had a terrible rotten fish smell from all the dead fish.


The birds like the area!

The area looked like it was a nice place at one time. It was built between 1950 and 1958 to be a resort town but then in the 70’s most of the area along the shore was abandoned due to rising sea elevations including the city's marina.

On the way home we came upon a bunch of big horn sheep along the highway


We returned home to the boys who were very glad to see us. It was a very nice day and spending time with Bob and Janet has been a good time.

We will be leaving in the morning to go back to Las Vegas. Bob and Janet will stay here for another week then they are arriving in Vegas on March 3rd.

We are looking forward to showing them around town.

Tuesday, February 19 - Bring Y’all Up To Date (Aguanga, CA)


Since my last post we have been having fun. Here is a recap.

On Valentine’s day we met our friends Chick and Carolee at Outback and had a very nice dinner. After we went to their home and played games.

We played the book shelf game called Acquire, I won! Then we played Phase 10 with a twist, can’t remember who won. It really doesn’t matter we had fun.

On Friday we met Judy, Jesse’s sister, at an attorneys office to discuss her moving to Maryland and how to short sale her condo. She wanted us to be there for moral support and we were happy to accommodate her.

After we went home to get packed up for travel tomorrow.

Saturday 2/16 we headed out of Vegas leaving around 8am. Some pictures from the big truck.


We arrived at Jojoha Hills right at 3pm.


Bob and Lynda were at the gate to greet us and let us in. They showed us to our site and gave us a map and said to come over as soon as we got settled.

It was beautiful here and I couldn’t wait to change and put on Capris and sandals.

We walked up to their site and met their friends Ken and Martha, who were also here for a visit. Then Chuck and Kathy joined us and we were 8.

We sat outside until it became chilly after the sun went down then went inside.

We hadn’t had dinner yet and it was late, so when we got home we made a sandwich.

On Sunday I got things set-up in the rig to make it feel like home. Around 12:45 Bob and Janet arrived and I was very happy to see them.

We went by their space for just a few minutes to exchanged hugs, then John Macon took us on a tour of the resort.


It was another beautiful day. here are some pictures of the resort I took on the tour.




Needless to say it’s a beautiful park.

Later that evening we all took off to the closest town, Temecula, which is 20 minutes away for dinner at the Rainbow Restaurant.


It was a good meal and great company. We lingered after we finished just talking and getting caught up.

Monday Bob, Janet, Jesse and myself decided to drive to Old Town Temecula and walk around.


There were shops and lots of places to eat. We decided on this one which was was very busy. It was very tasty.




On the way back we stopped to take these pics of some local metal art.


We returned just in time to attend the weekly meeting at Friendship Hall. They served root beer or orange floats for $1.00. Because we are guests ours were free.

I had planned a meal for Bob’s and Janet’s arrival yesterday, and since we went out I decided to eat it today.

Bob and Janet came over and I had made roast beef, potatoes, carrot and onions. I also served sliced tomatoes I found at one of the shops today.

After we visited we went to visit Chuck and Kathy as they are leaving tomorrow for a month long trip.

Today we decided to take a drive to Julian which is famous for apple pie. It was raining but we didn’t care. Our 1st stop was:


We had lunch. This was mine and Bob’s selection (we each had sharing)


This was Janet and Jesses although Jesse didn’t have ice cream.


When we made it to the town of Julian it was really cold and had started to snow. We walked around a in a few shops then headed back home.

Bob dropped us at home and we walked and fed the boys, then went to pick up Bob and Janet in Chuck and Kathy’s golf cart. (They are allowing us to use it while they are gone) We all went over to Bob and Lynda’s place to say so long. They are leaving tomorrow for a trip back east.

We are getting a strange feeling, as everyone is leaving. Ha Ha.

Back at home Jesse and I relaxed and got caught up on our shows we had DVR’ed.