Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday,January 30 – The Cruisers’


Today we just hung around the homestead during the day watching TV, computering and reading.

For breakfast I decided to make the WW chocolate muffins. Dortha had put the recipe on her blog a few weeks back. They turned out pretty good. I took some down to Marilyn who was not feeling well this morning. I hope you feel better friend.

For lunch we had cheese and crackers and for dinner I made can soup and sandwiches (nothing too exciting).

Then for the evening we got dressed to go to the 50’s and 60’s dance.

There were 10 of us Jesse, Ginger, Irene, Louise, Gilbert, Heinz, Cathy, Elgin, Carl and Linda.


Gilbert and Louise dance very well together. Here are a few action shots.

 IMG_1446 IMG_1447 IMG_1448

We had snacks and drinks, talked, laughed, sang and of course danced.

IMG_1442 IMG_1443 IMG_1455

A good time was had by all. I think Gilbert and Heinz had an especially good time.

IMG_1452 IMG_1453 IMG_1449

I got this one with Elgin’s eyes closed, sorry. I think he and Cathy had a really good time they were on the dance floor most of the time.


After retuning home Jesse walked the boys and we watched TV for a short while to unwind. Another fun day in  RGV.

Friday, January 29 – Beautiful Full Moon


I hope that everyone was able to go outside tonight and look at the moon. It was so bright that Jesse didn’t need to turn on his headlight to walk the boys. It had an aura around it that was just amazing. I was going to take pictures but, Jesse said they wouldn’t come out.

That was the most exciting part of our day. We just relaxed and hung out inside today. It was windy all day the sun was out most of the day but it was cool, high was 60.

I made tuna cakes for dinner, broccoli and prepared Braised Cabbage as a side dish. It was my 1st attempt and we both really liked it a lot. It pretty healthy as it’s mostly all vegetables - onions, carrots, garlic, 1/2 cup of chicken stock, thyme, cabbage, AND 3 strips of bacon.

Tomorrow evening we plan to attend the 50’s & 60’s dance at the rec hall. I should have more to write about.

For now, Stay Safe and HUGS to everyone!

Thursday January 28 – Lunch with Friends


Today along with 8 friends we went to Hayashi Hibachi Japanese Grill to help Marilyn celebrate her birthday.

IMG_1386 We had a wonderful time and really good food.Here are pictures. The restaurant was pretty, here is the fish pond.

IMG_1388 Our waiter Rick and photographer, he took some of the picture for me.


Joyce & Roger  IMG_1391 Cathy & Elgin

IMG_1393 Linda & Carl

 IMG_1394 Marilyn & Ed


Jesse and I


The food, yummy, along with Chef Joe



 IMG_1412 IMG_1414 IMG_1416

We had so much fun. There were a few that tried to catch shrimp that he threw, but I have to say Jesse and I were the only ones that caught shrimp in our mouths.


January 28 – Marilyn’s Birthday



happy birthday 2

Happy Birthday dear friend.

I am honored to call you friend and to be able to spend time with you. Here are some flowers for you!

DSC01530 Fairy Duster Flowers

I hope you enjoy your day.. We send lots of love your way!

Wednesday, January 27 – Girls Day Out


Today at 10am the five of us girls, same as last week, Cathy, Joyce, Pat Marilyn and I, were off to shop. I set Hazel (our GPS) to direct me to the Sam’s Club in McAllen and she directed me right there.

Cathy was the only one that had a Sam’s card so we all got in on hers. We kinda split up and agreed to meet back at 11:30 in front of the checkouts.

I hadn’t been to a big box food store in a really long time so I enjoyed looking around. I ended up buying $65 worth of stuff. It is so easy to get a few items but spend a lot of money.

Afterward we were all hungry. Pat had seen a place called “The Blue Shell” and wondered about it. There was one right around the corner so we decided to go there.

Well it was like sitting in the freezer case. It was so cold we had to ask our waitress to turn the A/C down. But that was just the beginning of cold. Everyone but me ordered grilled scallops, I ordered grilled shrimp. Pat didn’t get the right meal and all the others that came were cold.

They all sent them back, while I ate mine. It took a long time for them to serve their meals and all were okay, but Pat only got 4 instead of the 6 she was suppose to get and her rice was cold. Cathy shared her warm rice with Pat and they brought Pat her other two scallops that were still frozen in the middle.

By this time Pat was fed up and just told them to take it away and bring ours checks. To everyone surprise they didn’t charge Pat. Everyone paid there bill and vowed not to return.

Then we decided to go to HEB Plus for a few items and just to look around.

It started to rain as we returned to the resort. We just relaxed and watched TV for the remainder of the evening.

Tuesday, January 26 – Boys got Groomed


I had made an appointment for the boys to get groomed in McAllen at 10am. We were showered and dressed to leave by 9:20.

After dropping the boys at the groomers I went to TJ Maxx and Ross, while Jesse went to Target. After that we went to Camping World just to look around.

We ran into Carl Jr, Cathy and Elgin on our way in. We visited for a few minutes then Jesse and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

Afterwards we toured some RV at two different places. We saw one we like very much. It had moist of the things on our wish list.

By this time it was time to pick the boys up. They look so good and smell much better.

IMG_1373IMG_1377 IMG_1375


It is very hard to get good picture of all three of them, but I keep trying.

Hope everyone had a good day!

Monday, January 25 – Golf and Peacock


The weather was beautiful today.

The temps were around 75 with a light breeze and lots of sunshine. JUST BEAUTIFUL!

After we had time to read blogs this morning and I straighten up the house, I asked Jesse to put out the awning. I took my book and sat outside reading.

He and Gilbert were working on the generator while the boys and I just enjoyed the day.

It occurred to me that I had not taken pictures of our site so here are a few. Note the palm tree and the grapefruit tree on the back side of our site.

IMG_1332 IMG_1334 IMG_1333

Around 3:00 we were all invited over to Gilbert and Louise’s for ladder golf. We had a great time, Louise served snacks. I made some brownies to take over.

IMG_1337 This is Bijou their yorkie


Here is some of the action




Here are the tournament winners Irene and Marilyn – Good job girls!!!

IMG_1365 IMG_1363 IMG_1361 While we were sitting there the resident peacock came to sit in his tree.

IMG_1367 They tell us that he comes every night and sits in one spot in the tree all night until morning when he jumps down for the day and back again at night.

IMG_1372 IMG_1370 When the sun was going down it started to get cool, so we bid everyone goodnight and went home. Fed the boys and just relaxed for the evening in our recliners.