Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Wednesday, December 31 – Happy Birthday

I always devote a journal to a member of my family for their birthday, and since ED feels like family to us



“and 120 more”

Monday, December 29 – The Lights

Well it’s been 4 weeks full-timing for us. We are not liking this, we are loving it!!

We are so relaxed and free to do whatever we want. Whether we are out and about or just sitting in the rig, it’s a wonderful way to live.

Unfortunately we are going to have to do some work camping. We spent some time yesterday posting our resume on Workamper News. Hopefully we can find something for the summer 2009 in a climate that's not too hot.

At 2:30 we met Ed, Marilyn, Jerry and Kit for an afternoon of shopping, then dinner and the lights of Hidalgo.

We followed them to McAllen for some shopping in a downtown area with lots of shops full of all kinds of stuff. Kind of made you feel like you were in Mexico. Then we went to Texas Road House for our meal.

The food was good and the company was outstanding. We then all proceeded to the town of Hidalgo for their Festival of Lights.









They did a whole section of the 12 days of Christmas, only I didn’t get pictures of that.

This whole display of lights were quite impressive. I can’t imagine the time to put them all up and take them down.

Once we were finished enjoying the displays we headed home to the boys. They needed dinner and to be walked. We relaxed the rest of the evening.

This life is tough, but I think we will manage.

See ya down the road.

Sunday, December 28 – Cooler Weather

The high temps today was around 63. I really like this type of weather although the sun could come out a little.

We sat around most of the morning. We were meeting some of our friends at a burger place at noon, after they had gone to church, called Wallbanger’s


It is like a Fuddruckers and everyone enjoyed their hamburgers, except me. I of course got a grilled chicken sandwich.

After that Jesse and I went into Target for socks and then to Lowes for supplies. I am going to make myself a clothes line that hangs on the ladder to the RV with the help of Dan.

Then we went to Camping World to pick up an on/off switch. The other day the water heater was not heating the water with electric, so we had to switch to propane. Jesse thought it might be this switch. He will get around to testing it some day. Can't do everything in one day must spread it out.

After all our shopping we were back at the Kram-a-lot for the evening. We watched TV and just relaxed.

See ya down the road.

Saturday, December 27 – Visitors and Fish Fry

Yesterday we drank our coffee while catching up on blogs and emails.

Then I gave Jesse a much needed hair cut and bathed Mr. B.

I decided to put together the ingredients for my salmon cakes and let it sit in the refrigerator for awhile, then got the kitchen cleaned up.

Jesse and I worked on our resume’ and tried to get it posted to workamper. I should say that Jesse dictated and I typed. Only I could not get it to post the way I wanted it to and then ran out of time.

I went to get a shower and dressed for the gathering, but I left my robe on and curlers in to fry the salmon cakes. As soon as I was done frying we got some unexpected visitors, so I ran to the bedroom to put my clothes on.

Chuck and Kathy stopped by to say hello.



I don’t know if you remember the story of our meeting. We met them while we were both in Livingston this summer getting our RV’s inspected and registered. We told them about the RV-Dreams rally and they called Howard and Linda and were able to attend.  We also saw them again in Colorado.

They had just come from visiting South Padre Island decided to drop in. They are staying west of here about 40 minutes, it was a very nice surprise. We had plans for the day but promised to get together soon.

Before they left our expected guests arrived and we made all the introduction.

Fred and Jo Wishnie


We were able to visit with them for a few minutes before we left to go to Gordon & Juanita’s for the fish fry.

Now they, Gordon and Juanita, did not know we were bring the Wishnie’s so it was a very nice surprise for them. They had gotten to know them this past summer while they traveled in Alaska.

He are some pictures from the Fish Fry








Our Host


Our Hostess


Last, but not least, sweet little Boo Boo



A good time was had by all! :~)

We will see ya down the road.

Friday, December 26 – Holiday over

With Christmas behind us I decided to take down the decorations.

Jesse helped me get the totes from the basement then he went off with Ed on some errands.

Went he returned I had everything boxed up. I was also baking a turkey breast for dinner. The RV became really hot inside with the oven on, so I opened all the windows and doors. That didn’t help much but a little.

He was hungry, so I heated the leftover french toast for breakfast. He helped me put away the totes and then took the boys to the dog park.

While he was gone I dusted and vacuumed our house on wheels. I continued to prepare our meal for the evening consisting of turkey, stuffing, yams, gravy, cranberry sauce, broccoli and wine.

Sorry the lighting was not very good.


Here’s a better one of Jesse


After dinner Jesse helped me clean up and we relaxed for a while.

We took the boys for a walk and checked the mail.

Hurray! my new Texas license had come so we stopped to let Ed and Marilyn know I could now go to Mexico. We are planning a trip for New Year’s eve day.

Back at the homestead we watched TV and continued to relaxed until bed.

See ya down the road

Wed, Thurs-December 24 & 25- Food, Friends and Fun

Wednesday Xmas Eve

We were up and doing the usual routine. Early morning I baked some chocolate chip cookie bars to take to the brunch today. Then we just relaxed until time to get ready.

So that the french toast casserole would be hot, I baked it just before leaving.

The brunch was much fun, lots of good food and laughs.

Here let me show you;

Food included scrambled eggs, french toast, grilled salmon, pasta in a pot, ham, fruit, biscuits and gravy.


Sausage wrapped in waffle mix then grilled on an iron.


And of course no brunch would be complete without mimosas.

Heinz, Pat, Kit & Gordon


Dan, Ed, Irene, Jesse, & Marilyn


In line to get our food

Jerry, Jesse, Sue, Carl Juanita, & Pat (you also see the top of Marilyn’s head and some of Irene)


Ted, Dan & Ed just enjoying the sunshine.


After we ate we played the game Catch Phrase again - What fun we had.

Everyone broke up around 2:00 and went to their own rigs. There was a choir service at 7:00 pm that Jesse and I attended. Sue was singing and we wanted to support her.

Once home we watched some movies that Ed had lent us until bedtime.

Thursday Xmas Day

We were up at the usual time and got our coffee, then let the boys open their gifts 1st.

Buddy was hiding-He is camera shy!


All three of our companions


Jesse and I opened our stocking and then we talked with our loved ones in Maryland and Colorado.

The group met us at at the end of our street to ride our bikes to the Christmas dinner served in the Rec hall. The food was very good and we all had more then we needed.

My dinner plate


Ed and Marilyn Jerry and Kit

(That’s Irene in the background)



Sue & Ted Dan & Pat



Juanita & Gordon Irene & Heinz



Carl & Linda


After we ate our meal and visited a while we went home to take the boys for a walk.

We were all invited to meet at Ed & Marilyn's for Margarita’s at 4:00. I brought chips and salsa, but no one was hungry.

Once that broke up Ed invited Jesse and I in to watch a video of a safari he went on in 2006.

It was a very nice day, although very different from any other Christmas day we have had. I am glad that we have such nice friend to spend this time with, since we are not with our families.

See ya down the road

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas


Happy Hanukkah


Our hope is the Love,

Joy and Blessings of the Season

bring you Peace

Tuesday, December 23 – Special Day

31 years ago today I met my best friend and lover. Jesse and I met at a Christmas party and have been together ever since.

I made us some breakfast and then a few chores. I prepared the casserole for tomorrow’s brunch, it sit all night in the refrigerator then gets baked the next day.

Jesse needed to hang our name plate and we rearranged some furniture.

We got cleaned up and out the door we went in search of a new pair of tennis shoes for me. They have outlet stores right down the road a few miles. They were very busy as you might imagine 2 days B 4 Christmas, but we didn’t mind, we were in no hurry.

I had planned to go to the New Balance outlet, but we saw a Naturalizer outlet and decided to look there. I purchase the 1st pair I tried on! :~)  I have always had good luck with Naturalizer’s.

When we returned we hung out at the Kram-a-lot for a while, then decided to go to Fat Daddy’s for a sandwich. We decided to ride our bikes down to E&M to find out the time we were going to see lights tonight.

My tires needed air, so Jesse said lets ride to the air station here in the park. Have you tried riding a bike with flat tires? Not easy.

When we got to E&M they were over Heinz and Irene’s having a drink and they asked us to join them. Soon Kit and Jerry also joined us and we had good conversation and laughs.

Kit invited me to tour their motor home. It is very bright with their pickled wood cabinetry. They have made several modifications for their life style and it looks GREAT! Thanks Kit for the tour.

We asked if anyone wanted to join us for a sandwich and agreed to meet at Fat Daddy’s at 6:30. It was Ed, Marilyn, Kit, Jerry, Gordon, Juanita, Jesse and I, Heinz and Irene had other plans. We all enjoyed our meal and conversation and after dropping E&M back at their rig we retired to ours for the night.


By the way the light tour was called off for tonight and we are planning it for the 29th along with dinner and shopping, can’t wait!!

See ya down the road

Monday, December 22 – Shopping, Baking & Games

The weather was the same windy, cold mid 40’s.

Jesse decided to go Christmas shopping and I baked cookies. I even lit the oven by myself (1st time).

Once I had everything cleaned up I got a shower and dressed.  Several of us were meeting at 1:30 in the library building for snacks & games.

I forgot the camera, but if you go to Kit and Jerry’s blog they have a few. Heinz, Irene, Ed, Marilyn, Jerry, Kit, Dan, Pat and Jesse and I played Catch Phrase, which was lots of fun. Then we played Balderdash and I was very impressed with everyone's imagination (lying) skills. :~)

We had a wonderful time playing and laughing with these friends. Jesse and I just met two of the four couples we played with, but already it is so comfortable to spend time with these fine people.

At home we walked the boys. I heated leftover tuna casserole for dinner and we just relaxed for the rest of the evening. By the way Jesse has been doing the dinner dishes each night.  Thanks honey, it means a lot to me to have you help!

Not sure what today holds, but we will

See ya down the road.

Sunday, December 21- Shopping & Lazy Day

I made coffee and the bed while Jesse walked the boys. Then I got a shower and dressed. I quickly wrote a blog for yesterday, then left to pick up Marilyn at 8:30. We were going to Wal*Mart to do our shopping. We both needed to get preparation for our Christmas Eve Brunch at Pat and Dan’s.

Being with Marilyn is such a pleasure, she has such a wonderful spirit and is really fun. We were both in line checking out only to find that we couldn’t purchase the wine and beer we had in our basket, because you can’t purchase alcohol on Sundays until after 12 noon.

While we shopped it had gotten very windy and the temperature dropped dramatically.

I dropped Marilyn at her rig, and Ed came out to help with the bags. Then I drove to our rig, only to find Jesse and the boys not there so I had to get everything in the house by myself.

After all the groceries were put away I started a load of laundry. While I was gone Jesse figured out the traveling washer problem. When they installed the unit they did not remove the shipping brackets. Jesse removed them and it works wonderful!!! The rig still shook some during the spin cycle but the unit did not move from its place and I didn’t have to hold it!!

I did a few craft/sewing projects then Jesse and I watched a movie. It was windy, cold and rainy outside so it was a good day to just hang out.

Ed called to find out if we wanted to borrow some movies he had and said we needed to do something tomorrow, that we could not just sit around for two days. We agreed.

I made tuna casserole and biscuits for dinner.

This life is so wonderful, it’s Sunday and we don’t have to go to work tomorrow. We have been full-timing for 3 weeks now and we have begun to realize how much we are gonna like it.

See ya down the road.

Saturday December 20 – PINK, GONE

We started the day with breakfast at the Rec Hall with E&M. They picked us up at our place at 8:00. To our surprise Ted, Sue, Dan and Pat were also there so we all shared breakfast together.

After a while Gordon and Juanita showed up. After we ate and visited for a while we were off to the Flea market. There were many booths and we all managed to find a few things to purchase.

Jesse bought bike parts, Ed bought chamois, Marilyn and I bought air plants and tee shirts.

The big purchase of the day was made by Jesse and I:


We have been wanting one for sometime and the time was now. This cost us $47!! The man does it free hand using a router and does it in 15 minutes. Can’t wait for Jesse to put is up.

Yesterday while we were having the rig washed, Jesse decided to ride my bike and broke it. Something to do with the gear shift thingy spinning into the wheel. Anyway he decided it would be best to return it because it wouldn’t shift now.

So off we went to Target. They were very busy (it was the weekend before Christmas) but we made quick work of returning the PINK one and now no more PINK. My newest bike is dark blue and silver. (pictures later)

We called Kelsey to sing Happy Birthday to her and she was getting ready to have 20 friends over for a party. WOW to be 15 again

We just relaxed for the rest of the day. We had our own happy half hour and then I made shrimp and spaghetti in the left over red sauce.

Until later

See ya down the road.

Saturday, December 20th -


Happy Birthday Kelsey




We love and miss you much!!

Friday, December 19 - Chores

I will start with last night.

We all rode our bikes and went to a program and the Rec Center call Razz-Ma-Tazz. It was a choir group of 18 high school students that sang and danced and was very enjoyable.

There are 14 of us from right to left Kit, Jerry, Ed, Marilyn, Me, Heinz, Irene, Gordon, Juanita, Pat, Dan, Ted and Sue. Jesse is of course taking the picture.


After we all went to our respective homes on wheels for the night. Jesse and I walked the boys and watched a little TV.

Today we got done some of the things we have been putting off. Being retired now we don’t want to do too much in one day.

I gave Bayer and Buddy a bath. While I was doing that Jesse wiped down the truck. Then we set up the grooming table and we gave them both a much needed hair cut. I must say they both look pretty good, and I know they feel better.

After that Jesse and I showered and I made us some lunch. About the time we were finished the guys came to wash and wax our rig. They did an awesome job and it looks so much better. It only took them about an hour at the cost of $100.

While everything was drying we walked down to see what E&M were up to. We sat and had a drink with them while talking and making plans for tomorrow.

For dinner we grilled chicken and I made some roasted potatoes with this garlic seasoning and rub Marilyn gave me to try. Thanks Marilyn we enjoyed them very much!!

We are enjoying our time here in the valley very much the people are so friendly.

We will see ya down the road.

Thursday, December 18 – Visit the Golf

Today we went to South Padre Island.


It reminded us very much of Ocean City, Maryland.


Our 1st stop was for lunch at Dirty Al’s


It’s not fancy but has very good fried shrimp baskets.


Then we walked around to see the Pelicans. We actually saw one dive for a fish in the water.



Then we were off to the beach

Ed & Marilyn


Gordon, Juanita and Bodie


You can drive your auto on the beach, although we did not today, but plan to go back another day to do this.


It was a GREAT day and we are looking forward to going back.

We returned home about 3:15 to rest, as we are going to the Rec center tonight for a program called Razz Ma Tazz.

I will let you know about the show later.

See ya down the road.