Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, December 21- Shopping & Lazy Day

I made coffee and the bed while Jesse walked the boys. Then I got a shower and dressed. I quickly wrote a blog for yesterday, then left to pick up Marilyn at 8:30. We were going to Wal*Mart to do our shopping. We both needed to get preparation for our Christmas Eve Brunch at Pat and Dan’s.

Being with Marilyn is such a pleasure, she has such a wonderful spirit and is really fun. We were both in line checking out only to find that we couldn’t purchase the wine and beer we had in our basket, because you can’t purchase alcohol on Sundays until after 12 noon.

While we shopped it had gotten very windy and the temperature dropped dramatically.

I dropped Marilyn at her rig, and Ed came out to help with the bags. Then I drove to our rig, only to find Jesse and the boys not there so I had to get everything in the house by myself.

After all the groceries were put away I started a load of laundry. While I was gone Jesse figured out the traveling washer problem. When they installed the unit they did not remove the shipping brackets. Jesse removed them and it works wonderful!!! The rig still shook some during the spin cycle but the unit did not move from its place and I didn’t have to hold it!!

I did a few craft/sewing projects then Jesse and I watched a movie. It was windy, cold and rainy outside so it was a good day to just hang out.

Ed called to find out if we wanted to borrow some movies he had and said we needed to do something tomorrow, that we could not just sit around for two days. We agreed.

I made tuna casserole and biscuits for dinner.

This life is so wonderful, it’s Sunday and we don’t have to go to work tomorrow. We have been full-timing for 3 weeks now and we have begun to realize how much we are gonna like it.

See ya down the road.

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