Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, December 28 – Cooler Weather

The high temps today was around 63. I really like this type of weather although the sun could come out a little.

We sat around most of the morning. We were meeting some of our friends at a burger place at noon, after they had gone to church, called Wallbanger’s


It is like a Fuddruckers and everyone enjoyed their hamburgers, except me. I of course got a grilled chicken sandwich.

After that Jesse and I went into Target for socks and then to Lowes for supplies. I am going to make myself a clothes line that hangs on the ladder to the RV with the help of Dan.

Then we went to Camping World to pick up an on/off switch. The other day the water heater was not heating the water with electric, so we had to switch to propane. Jesse thought it might be this switch. He will get around to testing it some day. Can't do everything in one day must spread it out.

After all our shopping we were back at the Kram-a-lot for the evening. We watched TV and just relaxed.

See ya down the road.

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Anonymous said...

Hi enjoy your site, we live in arvada co. we traval about 5 months a year usually into texas or arizona. I was wondering if you could talk to ed and marilyn and see why we cannot get their web site any more, they were on hitchitch but are now gone, they were the first site we read and because of them we started reading all the others in your group and look forward everyday to reading them. thanks so much mikki