Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, December 19 - Chores

I will start with last night.

We all rode our bikes and went to a program and the Rec Center call Razz-Ma-Tazz. It was a choir group of 18 high school students that sang and danced and was very enjoyable.

There are 14 of us from right to left Kit, Jerry, Ed, Marilyn, Me, Heinz, Irene, Gordon, Juanita, Pat, Dan, Ted and Sue. Jesse is of course taking the picture.


After we all went to our respective homes on wheels for the night. Jesse and I walked the boys and watched a little TV.

Today we got done some of the things we have been putting off. Being retired now we don’t want to do too much in one day.

I gave Bayer and Buddy a bath. While I was doing that Jesse wiped down the truck. Then we set up the grooming table and we gave them both a much needed hair cut. I must say they both look pretty good, and I know they feel better.

After that Jesse and I showered and I made us some lunch. About the time we were finished the guys came to wash and wax our rig. They did an awesome job and it looks so much better. It only took them about an hour at the cost of $100.

While everything was drying we walked down to see what E&M were up to. We sat and had a drink with them while talking and making plans for tomorrow.

For dinner we grilled chicken and I made some roasted potatoes with this garlic seasoning and rub Marilyn gave me to try. Thanks Marilyn we enjoyed them very much!!

We are enjoying our time here in the valley very much the people are so friendly.

We will see ya down the road.

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