Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, December 29 – The Lights

Well it’s been 4 weeks full-timing for us. We are not liking this, we are loving it!!

We are so relaxed and free to do whatever we want. Whether we are out and about or just sitting in the rig, it’s a wonderful way to live.

Unfortunately we are going to have to do some work camping. We spent some time yesterday posting our resume on Workamper News. Hopefully we can find something for the summer 2009 in a climate that's not too hot.

At 2:30 we met Ed, Marilyn, Jerry and Kit for an afternoon of shopping, then dinner and the lights of Hidalgo.

We followed them to McAllen for some shopping in a downtown area with lots of shops full of all kinds of stuff. Kind of made you feel like you were in Mexico. Then we went to Texas Road House for our meal.

The food was good and the company was outstanding. We then all proceeded to the town of Hidalgo for their Festival of Lights.









They did a whole section of the 12 days of Christmas, only I didn’t get pictures of that.

This whole display of lights were quite impressive. I can’t imagine the time to put them all up and take them down.

Once we were finished enjoying the displays we headed home to the boys. They needed dinner and to be walked. We relaxed the rest of the evening.

This life is tough, but I think we will manage.

See ya down the road.

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