Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday December 14 – Church and Pepe’s

Well .. believe it or not …                                                          Jesse and I went to Catholic church this morning!!

We accompanied Ed, Marilyn, Dan and Pat to Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle.

It is very large church and was packed with people for the bilingual 10:30 Mariachi mass. Jesse enjoyed the mariachi music very much.

Afterwards we went to Pepe’s on the River for food and refreshments. We were joined by Ted, Sue, Carl, Linda, Gordon, Juanita, Jerry and Kit so there was 14 of us total.

Pepe’s is an outside bar with a thatched roof that has a band playing all kinds of music and they were quite good.


It is right on the Rio Grande River and a very popular place for the snowbird like our group. Jesse commented that he had never seen so many mature people in a bar like setting before.


There were many more people there then just our group. Many were up and dancing to the music, everyone seemed to be have a good time.

Jesse and I had a great time with our group, they are all fun people and we enjoy being with them very much. During this time of year we can’t be with our family members, so we are thankful to be with our RV family friends.





Today was Jerry’s birthday so we all toasted a birthday wish his way. The band tried to find a birthday song to play for him and settled for “Sixteen Candles”.


Afterward Jesse and I went to Camping World to see if we could get vacuum bags for our built in vacuum. They didn’t have them, so he just ordered them on-line.

We took the boys over to the dog park for an off lease walk, then settled in for the evening.

I did a load of laundry and it was better then the first time after getting some tips from Pat. It still shakes the whole RV during the spin cycle and I still think Jesse needs to do some adjustments to the floor, like maybe a rug.

We watched the Survivor finale and then off to bed.

Until tomorrow….. See ya down the road.

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