Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Saturday, October 30 - Family and getting Organized



We messed around the house most of the morning.

I was doing laundry, and trying to move things around to make them more easily accessible.

Jesse was trying to get the Satellite set-up. He was able to get the TV in the living room connected, but not in the bedroom.


We went to breakfast at Crackle Barrel but is was noon time. Then we went over to see Adam at his new house. He was ripping out carpet and preparing walls for paint. It is a very nice house and we wish them many happy times there.

We then went to Home Depot and Walmart to pick up some items we need. We found TP holder and towel ring at Home Depot, while a new shower head was purchased at Walmart.

For dinner I made Panini sandwiches.


We met Beth, Ryan, Kacie and Colt for lunch. We had a really good visit with them.

We went to Walmart again to purchase some items for our Halloween costumes.

We met Beth, DJ, Kacie and Colt at Colt's school for their Halloween Fair.

It was very cute for the children. They had many different booths for kids to play games.

Our Blue Dragon


Kacie, Goldie Locks

IMG_3663 IMG_3667 IMG_3671

IMG_3669 We had hot dogs and chips for dinner at the fair. Then returned home to relax and watch TV.


We stayed home until it was time to go to Beth's for her Halloween party. Jesse worked on putting the pump for the air bed in the compartment where the slide mechanism is located.

I made pasta salad and deviled eggs to take to the party.

Here we are Jesse is a Hippie and I am a Gypsy. I thought my costume was befitting our life style.

IMG_3677 IMG_3676

The young people played the limbo

IMG_3682 IMG_3684

Then everyone played Mummy wrap. We had to take toilet paper and wrap our team mate up like a mummy using the whole roll. It was a lot of fun.

IMG_3685 IMG_3686 IMG_3688

After eating we all went outside to sit by the campfire and star gaze.

We returned home way after RV midnight of 9:00pm.

Wednesday, October 27 - Travel Day to Pueblo


We didn't unhook last night so we had very little to pack up, therefore we were ready to leave this morning at 7:30am. We traveled the 1st 2 hours on I-70 then US 40. Making our way to US 287, then onto CO 96, then US 50 into Pueblo.

If we are spending more then a few days somewhere we usually call for reservation, but for some reason neither of us thought to do so until today. I called and was told that she was not at the campground, so she was not sure if she had anything and wouldn't return until 3pm.

When we arrived at 2pm after 364 miles we sat and waited for her to return at 3:30. She was able to move a few reservations and fit us in. We are right in front of the horse corral, but it's okay.

While we were waiting I called Adam and Elizabeth to let them know we had arrived. I spoke to Adam, but left a message for Elizabeth.

Adam and Kim stopped by after they had gone to a teachers conference for Gage. They just bought their home and have been working very hard on it. They needed to pull out all the carpet, pads, and wall paper, afterwards they need to paint, then the new carpet will be installed. They both have homes to sell and we wish them much success at doing so quickly. Having three mortgage payments would not be fun. 

After they left Jesse and I were very tired. We didn't want to go out, so I just made turkey sandwiches. We watched Survivor and Criminal Minds before going off to bed.

Tuesday, October 26 - Travel Day


We left Hannibal at 8am traveled 473 miles and arrived at Fossil Creek RV Park in Russell, Kansas at 5:15pm.

It was a long drive today but we will be in Pueblo tomorrow.

While Jesse was hooking up this morning he had trouble with the landing gear, they just stopped. It blew two 30amp fuses. Thank goodness we had some and even knew where they were. He replaced them and we were back in business.

We have found a leak under the sink. It's located at the joint between the ABS pipe and the flexible drain line.

We will call Keystone once we get into Pueblo to find out where to take the new Kram-a-lot to have it corrected.

After getting set-up I heated some leftovers, made a salad and we ate dinner.

The rest of the evening we just watched TV and computered.

Monday, October 25 - Our last day in Hannibal


We made plans to go to breakfast with E&M at 9am. They were ready earlier so we took off about 8:45. We went to a local place and breakfast was good but nothing to write home about.

They returned to the campground while we walked around Lowes looking for some things we needed for our new rig. The only thing we purchase was a rubber door stop.

We filled the truck with fuel and when we returned Jennifer had arrived with the children and they were carving pumpkins.

We walked over to to watch and say hello. Colby pumpkin was the scary one, while Lauren's was the happy pumpkin.

IMG_3627 IMG_3624

I brought Colby a cupcake over and he was having a good time eating and sharing with his MiMi.


Lauren was just too tired to care about anything that was going on


Jesse walked the boys and I finally got a good picture of all three of them together

We made plans to for some wine tasting here at the park. We met and walked up to the wine room.

We tasted a variety of wines. Ed bought 2 bottles one he liked and the other Marilyn liked. We didn't buy any.



Afterwards we went home to feed the boys dinner then went across the street to Sawyer's Creek to get some dinner at the Riverside Cafe. According to Ed it had just reopened after being on the market for almost 2 years. This was their 1st time since it had opened.


We sat outside on the deck with the Mississippi River right next to us.

IMG_3644 IMG_3654 IMG_3646

There is a whole little complex there with more wine tasting and shops. They also have putt-putt golf and bumper boats. We did buy a bottle of wine from this shop called Caribbean Holiday.



IMG_3649 IMG_3651

Fish you can feed


After we got back to our homes we watched TV and computered. We will be leaving tomorrow morning in route to Colorado.

Until then stay safe..Hugs to everyone

Saturday/Sunday, October 23/24 - Getting Organized and Spending time with Friends


After a good nights sleep we got up and had coffee and computered.

I made us some scrambled eggs and biscuits.

Then I started to try and get things put away and organized.

Jesse installed the grab bar and the screen guard to our screen door. We need the screen guard because Buddy tends to scratch at the door.

Jesse also spent a lot of time trying to get the satellite working, to no avail. Not sure if he doesn't have something hooked up correctly or if it's just too many trees to find the satellite.

I got one of the boxes emptied and put away and reorganized several other cabinets. I also did 4 loads of laundry.

We went over to meet Lauren and see Colby for a little while in the afternoon.

Afterwards Jesse and I got cleaned up and went out to dinner with Ed and Marilyn. We had margarita's and Mexican food. Food was very good and the company and margarita's was even better.

On Sunday its was more of the same.

I finally got the dinette area so we could sit in our chairs, because I got all the boxes emptied and put away.

In the afternoon we went to Walmart to pick up a few groceries.

We walked the boys and I took some pictures of the campground.



I visited with Marilyn and Lauren while they sat outside for a short while before returning home to make dinner for us and bake some cupcakes.

Our 1st dinner in our new home


We watched our TV shows and just sat around for the rest of the evening before going to bed.

Friday, October 22 - Travel Day


We left the dealership at 9:45am, traveling 451 miles and arriving in Mark Twain Campground in Hannibal, MO at 5:20pm. It was a long day on the road for us, as we don't usually travel that far in one day.


                           Ohio                                           Kentucky                                        Indiana

Ohio Kentucky

                                                       Illinois                                       Missouri


We got registered and set up in the site across from Ed and Marilyn's site.

We had just finished getting set up when the Dray's returned from the farm where their daughter lives. They came in to see the new rig and we shared a glass of wine.

We were all tired so they didn't stay long.

After they left we realized we were hungry. We stopped during our travels today for lunch at Subway.  Not feeling like cooking I made us a turkey sandwich for dinner.

We were not up too long before going off to bed.

Thursday, October 21 - Moving day


Well its 8pm and we are finally all moved into our new home and nothing fits the way it did in our Montana.

Our day started early again. I took the boys to the groomers at 8am, while Jesse walked over to the service department to find out about hooking the satellite to the TV's.

We have too much stuff and we really need to weed through and get rid of things we don't really need.

We did our walk through at 1pm and the guy was very nice and showed us whatever we asked him to. Having already owned a Keystone 5th wheel there really wasn't a lot of things he needed to show us.

We then went over to sign all the papers, and now the 2011 Keystone Alpine 3640RL is officially ours.

After returning to the RV's the guys showed up to move the washer and help Jesse move the bed.

I warmed some leftovers, we watched a little TV and then went to bed..exhausted.

Wednesday, October 20 - Whirlwind of Activity


I will start with Wednesday. We were up early and had our coffee.

I got showered and dressed incase they called us to the service department.

We are going to have our washer/dryer combo installed in the Alpine and we are also going to have our airbed swapped out for the mattress in the new unit.

I made us some breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast.

Jesse had an appointment at 8am to have the new Husky 16,000 pound hitch installed on our existing Reese rails. It only took them about 1 hour to complete the switch.

They gave us the old hitch so Jesse thought it would be a good idea to take it to a scrap metal place and sell it.

Well it probably cost him more in fuel, because he only got $5.75 for the 80 pound hitch. While he was out he got the truck washed.

While he was gone I continued to go through our things to straighten and organize.

I can not believe all the stuff we have. We are definitely going to have to get rid of some things.

Around 3pm we went to Walmart to pick up a few items we needed and to exchange the slippers I bought the other day.

After Walmart we went to Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner.

When we returned we stopped in to talk to Eddie, our salesman. He said we could start to move some of our things in the alpine if we wanted.

So we got busy and moved all the cabinets in the living room to our new home. I was pleased that all the stuff fit with room to spare.

We worked about 1 1/2 hours and were pleased with our progress.

We will continue the rest tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 19 - Parked at Holman's

Here we are parked in the parking lot at the dealership.


We have 50 amps and we filled our water tank. It certainly isn't the quietest place to stay, but it is free and we are here to watch all the steps needed to get our new home ready.

The campground where we had planed to stay is about 40 minutes away so this way we are right on top of things.

We went to visit our new home this morning while it was still on the lot. We wanted to do some measuring, here are a few pictures

IMG_3594 IMG_3595 IMG_3597 IMG_3598 IMG_3599 IMG_3601

Our measuring was not the best news. We had planned to switch out our recliners with the new ones, but ours don't fit. The area in the back with the rocker recliners is smaller then the Montana's, by about 6 inches. Therefore they won't fit when the slides are in. We measured the sofa to place there and it also is too big for the space.

So we are really bummed out. We have been thinking about just having the 4 recliners and no sofa, but we were looking forward to having a sofa again. It will be very nice to have something convenient to sleep on when the grandchildren come to visit. Of course we can just get an air bed to use when that happens.

Some feedback from everyone would be gladly accepted.

We went to Panera Bread for lunch and I made turkey burgers for dinner.

Monday, October 18 - The New Kram-a-lotinn


We left around 9am stopped for breakfast at Bob Evans and made it to Holman Motors in Batavia, OH at about 1pm.

We found Eddie, our salesman, and started touring the units. When we entered the following we knew it was our new home.

2011 Apline 3640RL

We have a few things to work out tomorrow, but its basically a done deal.

I will share more tomorrow.

Sunday, October 17 - Travel Day


Tonight we are in Coolville, OH.

We left Ramblin Pines at 9am traveled 321 miles arriving at Carthage Gap Campground at 3:30pm.

The campground is very nice with lots of seasonal campers. They had a level pull thru with 50amp for $30 per night, we didn't unhook the truck.

Once set up we noticed the stink bugs we all over the inside of the rig, Apparently they hid in the seals of the slide outs and came in during closing up. We flushed so many we lost count.

They don't appear to have any here in OH, so maybe we can get rid of them.

I made us a tuna casserole for dinner and we watched HGTV for the 1st time in awhile. It was nice to have our satellite back.

Tomorrow we move on to the dealership to hopefully work out a deal.

October 15 & 16 - David and Katie's Wedding


Friday and Saturday was filled with the wedding. On Friday we attended the rehearsal luncheon held at Brewers Alley in Fredrick, MD. It was a very nice place and we enjoyed the meal and family.

IMG_3489 David Haman and Katie Myers

Walter and Donna Myers, David and Katie


Ginger, Jesse, Katie, David, Margaret and Mitchell


Then the wedding on Saturday was held at a Stone Manor Country Club in Middletown, MD. It was a beautiful place. The ceremony was held outside with fall being the theme.

IMG_3515 IMG_3516 IMG_3522 IMG_3526

IMG_3527 - Copy - Copy

I love the colors



Mr. & Mrs. David Haman



Katie had on RED shoes today...Love it! 


We had a nice time and wish them both many happy love filled day ahead.