Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Thursday, October 14 - Hollywood


It started raining this morning and it continued all day.

We picked up Sondra around 11am and we drove to Perryville, MD to the new Hollywood Casino.


I was very surprised that it was small.

We were all hungry so food was 1st on the agenda. Of course they had a a buffet. The cost was $14.94 for lunch which we thought was too high. 

So we decided to go to the snack bar for a sandwich. Certainly not the best I have had but okay.

Then we split up to gamble. Long story short..Sondra won, while both Jesse and I lost. We had fun, but left without our money.

Jesse drove us expertly in the rain back to Marilyn house. She asked him to install a towel rack, tp holder and two hooks in her new remolded bathroom.

Afterwards we took Sondra home collected the boys (who were hanging out in Sondra kitchen) and went home. The rain had stopped by then and the sun even came out for a few minutes.

We had leftover Chinese food for dinner and watched TV.

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