Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Tuesday, March 30 – Last Day spent in Savannah

We were going to have lunch with Greg and Tommy today somewhere in Savannah. Greg called about 8:30 and suggested “The Lady and Sons” for lunch.

That was on my bucket list so we eagerly said sure.

We got on the move and got showers and dressed and left the house by 9:30. Jesse dropped me off and I stood in line to put in our reservation for lunch.

IMG_2416 IMG_2415

It only took a few minutes to put our name on the list for a 12:30 seating. I called Greg to let him know the time and then called Jesse to let him know I was ready.

He was having problems finding a place to park that he could stay for longer then 2 hours, so he came back around to pick me up. We decided to park at River Street.

IMG_2418 IMG_2420 IMG_2421

We had not eaten anything, but didn’t want much, so we found a small place on River Street and shared a waffle. Then we walked up the stairs to the street level to walk around.


We walked around a few squares and looked at some of the shops. I went into a shop that was having a 1/2 price sale and found this for $12.00….What a bargain and a GREAT color for spring!

Gage it’s ORANGE your favorite color!


Some of the sites while we were walking around

IMG_2422 IMG_2424 IMG_2430

The inside of the “The Lady and Sons”

IMG_2425 IMG_2429 IMG_2428

We all decided to eat from the buffet. The food was simple foods but very, very good. Our choices were fried and baked chicken, sausage, mashed potatoes and gravy, creamed corn, macaroni and cheese, yams, collard greens, green beans, black eyed peas, and lasagna. They also had a salad bar with all the fixins for a salad. We were served a pancake corn fritter and cheesy biscuits. YUM YUM. IMG_2426

For dessert they came around with a serving of chocolate butter pecan cake, banana pudding, or peach cobbler for you to choose from. I chose peach cobbler, Jesse chose banana pudding and Greg and Tommy chose the cake, all were delicious.

Afterward we were so full that I thought I would explode. We walked back to get the truck or should a say waddled.

Here is a shot of the waving girl who is saying goodbye to us for this trip.


We came home and just sat and computered and watched TV for the rest of the evening.

Monday, March 29 – Beaufort

Today we decided to take a trip to Beaufort. We took a tour of the town in the horse drawn carriage pulled by Rocky.


Our tour guide Rose


She was very informative about the area. There are many many houses that are now on the national historical registry.

IMG_2397 IMG_2399

IMG_2405 IMG_2386 IMG_2406

One of the old oak trees in the area. The old firehouse, note my picture in the window taking the picture.

IMG_2408 IMG_2410

Beautiful downtown Beaufort with little shops. We asked our guide for a place to have lunch and she suggested Plums. It was a nice little place and we both got a sandwich that was quite good.


Then stopped at an ice cream place for dessert.


We returned to the rig and I took some pictures of the campground to share with you.

IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2379


Stay well and hugs to everyone

Sunday, March 28 – Dinner with Greg


Today Jesse and I went out early to the small town of Hardeeville in search of breakfast. We settled on Waffle House…enough said.

After we returned home the rain and thunder storms started. It rained off and on the whole day.

We just hung out at home. We had invited Greg for dinner. I made penne pasta with shrimp and white sauce, salad and bread. He arrived at 4:00 and we sat and had wine. I had bruschetta as an appetizer.

My friend Jane had given me a recipe for a WW key lime pie for dessert. We had a nice evening just sitting around and talking.

Greg stays about 4 months of the year in Thailand. He owns a condo there and is able to work from there. He told us about his adventures.


We met Greg at the marina where his boat is docked.   He has a 40 plus foot  Hans Christian classic sailboat named the Galadriel.  He was a fan of JRR Tolkien.


More pictures from the marina

IMG_2350 IMG_2353 IMG_2354

He were all hungry so we headed to a place called The Crab Shack on Tybee Island

 IMG_2366 IMG_2355 IMG_2356

Around the restaurant were ponds with lots of alligators, they didn’t look real but they were

IMG_2357  IMG_2358 IMG_2359

For lunch we decided to share “The low country boil” for two. We all started with a bowl of cream of crab soup then this platter was delivered  in the middle of the table. It has king crab legs, crab claws, shrimp, crawfish, sausage, corn on the cob, mussels and red skinned potatoes with melted butter for dipping.


This is what it looked like when we were finished. As you can see there is a whole in the table under the raised section that the food was placed on . Under the whole is a trash can for all the shells.


After eating we drove to Tybee Island beach but it was way too windy and cold to stay for long.  As cold as it was there were still people in the water.  Some were boogie boarding and a couple were kite surfing.


IMG_2331 IMG_2370 IMG_2372

Afterward we went back to Greg’s marina and parted ways.  On the way home we stopped at a Piggly Wiggly for some fresh veggies.  It was our 1st time in a Piggly Wiggly.  Not too impressed.  The rest of the evening was spent relaxing if front of the TV and computers.

Friday, March 26 – Fort Pulaski – Uncle Bubba’s – Tybee Island


Today we were blessed with another beautiful weather day….Sunny 75-77 degrees and a little breezy. 

We decided to go to Fort Pulaski and arrived just in time for the 11:30 tour.


Our tour took about an hour and was given by a ranger guide. I would love to tell you all about it, but I can’t remember most of what he told us. I will show you the pictures I took and you can look it up if you want more info.

                                        Front Gate                              Parade field

IMG_2291 IMG_2292 IMG_2293

Parade field from the top of fort

IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2303

                      Springfield rifle                            Rifle cartridge                                    Firing Blanks

IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2314

                 North East outside wall             Cannon ball in the wall                 North West wall, little damage

IMG_2320 IMG_2322 IMG_2324

We worked up a appetite doing all that walking and learning so we decided to head to Uncle Bubba’s Place


IMG_2334  IMG_2332 IMG_2333

The food was very good.. Their specialty is oysters, but we don’t eat them.Jesse had a Fried shrimp Po' Bubba with fries and I got a Bubba pull pork with cold slaw, onion straws and fries.. I only ate 1/2 mine and brought the rest home it was huge.

Afterwards we drove around Savannah. We found Lady and Sons

Madison Square (For you sweet niece)


And for Molly and Bob we found this (No samples)


We look forward to seeing more sights while we are here, but we are tired and our boys need us. That is all for today.

Stay safe and Hugs to all!!!!

girls hugging