Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, March 26 – Fort Pulaski – Uncle Bubba’s – Tybee Island


Today we were blessed with another beautiful weather day….Sunny 75-77 degrees and a little breezy. 

We decided to go to Fort Pulaski and arrived just in time for the 11:30 tour.


Our tour took about an hour and was given by a ranger guide. I would love to tell you all about it, but I can’t remember most of what he told us. I will show you the pictures I took and you can look it up if you want more info.

                                        Front Gate                              Parade field

IMG_2291 IMG_2292 IMG_2293

Parade field from the top of fort

IMG_2298 IMG_2300 IMG_2303

                      Springfield rifle                            Rifle cartridge                                    Firing Blanks

IMG_2308 IMG_2307 IMG_2314

                 North East outside wall             Cannon ball in the wall                 North West wall, little damage

IMG_2320 IMG_2322 IMG_2324

We worked up a appetite doing all that walking and learning so we decided to head to Uncle Bubba’s Place


IMG_2334  IMG_2332 IMG_2333

The food was very good.. Their specialty is oysters, but we don’t eat them.Jesse had a Fried shrimp Po' Bubba with fries and I got a Bubba pull pork with cold slaw, onion straws and fries.. I only ate 1/2 mine and brought the rest home it was huge.

Afterwards we drove around Savannah. We found Lady and Sons

Madison Square (For you sweet niece)


And for Molly and Bob we found this (No samples)


We look forward to seeing more sights while we are here, but we are tired and our boys need us. That is all for today.

Stay safe and Hugs to all!!!!

girls hugging


Gypsy said...

Looking at the pictures of the Fort makes me soooo homesick! And the weather there must have been lovely. Did you get to see any of the alligators?

Speedy said...

Nice pictures and it seems like a grat tour. I love old forts. Keep up the fun and thanks for sharing it with us.

squawmama said...

I remember the fort oh so well... It is a great experience visiting it. I love Savannah and have been there many times but never made it to Uncle Bubba's... We have gonre to Lady & Sons which was very good... and while there Bobby & Jamie were there and signed cookbooks for us all... Have a wonderful time there! Travel Safe

Karen and Al said...

Having a little memory problem huh? You sound like me, I can't remember things 2 minutes after I hear it anymore. We liked Lady and Sons, too....great chicken, and macaroni & cheese..yum.