Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Sunday, February 28 – Another Travel Day


Today we left at 7:30 traveled East on I-20, passing into South Carolina (new state for us…no picture). Then we found our way to North I-95 driving passed South of the Border


Then into North Carolina


Another new state for us which now brings us to 27….We have a long way to go to get all drivable 49 states.

We stopped about 3:30 in Wilson, NC at Kamper’s Lodge of America for the Passport America rate of $17.50. Again a okay place to send the night and we drove 395 miles.

Another long day and then just one more to go.

Jesse was not going to unhook the truck again today, but he had to, so that we could get level.

We both took showers then Jesse went out to unhook the water and stow the hoses as the temps were to go below freezing tonight.

For dinner to took the left over chicken chili and layered it with nacho chips, Fritos chips and cheddar cheese and baked it until hot, about 30 minutes. It was better then the night before.

We watched all our Sunday shows before going off to bed.


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Did you ever notice a lot of leftovers actually taste better when they are reheated the next day or so after.One of my all time favorites for this a spaghetti, just mix it all together with the left over sauce and then either bake it in a casserole dish or put some in a skillet and simmer it, either way its great as a leftover.
we do all kinds of stuff like that and it beats going out. See Ya Sam&Donna...

Speedy said...

Good to see you made it that far. Sherri and I wont be using the handcuffs...we left them with Kris...but it could be interesting. Thanks for the idea.