Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, October 27 - Movie, Packing,Travel and Meeting (Mission, TX)


Friday 10/24

I made a peach crisp and Southwestern Chicken Pasta Salad for dinner. Marian gave me this recipe and it is wonderful!

  • 6 oz rainbow Rotini
  • 9 oz diced southwestern grilled chicken (I pan fried some chicken breast with cumin, garlic powder, cilantro, salt and pepper and cut into bits size pieces)
  • 1 lg chopped tomato
  • 1 can southwestern corn
  • ½ cup green onion
  • 4 oz Mexican Cheese
  • ¼ cup cilantro


  • ¾ cup Mayonnaise 
  • ½ cup Thick ‘n Chunky Salsa

Mix and let it set in Refrigerator for at least I hour.


Jesse and I went to the movie in the afternoon to see “John Wick”. I hated the 1st part of the movie. It was a lot of action, Jesse liked it but me .. not so much.


Saturday 10/25

Both Jesse and I woke not feeling to colds were starting. We took lots of zinc hoping to lessening the severity of the cold.

Even not feeling well we got everything packed up for tomorrows departure.

We got cleaned up late in the day and decided to have dinner at Mamacita’s.


Sunday 10/26

When we were all loaded and ready to depart, I went to the office to pay for our electric it was 8:45am and we were on our way. I followed Jesse in the Fit .. we drove 323 miles and I got 42.5 miles per gallon!! Needless to say we are happy with that!!!!

We stopped a few times for potty breaks and to walk Bella. She did great for the long drive in her car seat.

We arrived at Bentsen at 2:30 and got set up in our site # 116.

We met a few of our co-workers, but it was 91 degrees so we stayed in the A/C most of the day, besides we were tired.


Monday 10/27

I learned at 9am that I was having a meeting at 10am when I was walking Bella. So I hurried back to the RV, took a shower and dress for the meeting.

I met with Tom and Jan the park managers along with Diane my co-worker. We went over some basic things and received our keys and shirts. I think they will be great people to work with.

I will be working Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s 8am-12 noon and 1pm to 5pm with an hour lunch. I have the other 4 days off.

While I was gone Jesse got our patio set up.




We took a ride to see Chris and Gia, but their park was gated and I was not able to get ahold of them. After I returned home I was able to contact Chris and he gave me the gate code so we will go back to see them later today.

As it turned out we didn’t go back but made plans to see them on Wednesday.

Jesse and I went to Wataburger for some dinner then drove through Retama Village. We briefly saw Greg and Barb Jones before they left to go to dinner with friends. Since they are behind and a few sites down from us I am sure we will see more of each other in the next 5 months.

The three of us sat outside for a while when we returned and then took Bella for a long walk before it got dark.

We relaxed in our recliners watching TV until bedtime.

Thursday, October 23 - A week in One (Kerrville, TX)


Friday 10/17

Marian and I went to the movies to see “The Best of Me”.


We enjoyed it very much and it was good we left the guys at home as they would not have liked it very much.

When we returned to the park we sat out and enjoyed happy hour.


Saturday 10/18

We hung out at home most of the day.

Jesse worked on changing out the plastic hose for the ice maker. He replaced it with braded water line. He had some real challenges getting it to go through the slide out wall, but he finally got it.Hopefully we will have no more water leaks.

Around 4:00 we rode to Dickey’s Bar-B-Q for some dinner. It was good food and great company.

We returned to our fur babies and walked them and played with them.

Around 5:30 we headed to Fredericksburg. We had reservations for the Rockbox Theater for the 8:00 show.

The guys made sure we arrived in enough time to stop at the ice cream store for a sweet treat before the show.

The show tonight was George & Friends.


George Strait


Alan Jackson


Patsy Cline


Tina Turner

It was a good show we all enjoyed!


Sunday 10/19

We met M&M at Cracker Barrel for breakfast. We all enjoyed a wonderful meal.

Jesse and I stopped at Lowes so he could purchase some caulk for the water line.

We spent the remaining part of the day just hanging out at home watching movies.


Monday 10/20

Marian and I left the park about 9:45 and drove to San Antonio for a girls day out shopping. We went to Kirkland, Babies R Us, Petsmart, Home Goods, T J Maxx, DSW and Dollar Tree.

For lunch we went to Red Robin. It was a wonderful day of shopping and fun.

Girls Rock

Tuesday 10/21

The repair guy came early and repaired our dryer. It now works great with a timer and buzzer when it is finished.

After they left we showered and we all headed to Fredericksburg for the day.

We were all ready for lunch when we arrived.  We went to Wheelers and we enjoyed our food.

The guys went to The National Museum of the Pacific War Museum. They said they have lots more knowledge and wanted to share, but we declined hearing about it.

Now what are we going to do while the guys are off learning?  Oh Shopping!


We went in and out of many of the shops. Marian purchased a few things and we both found something at Rustling Robs.


Wednesday 10/22

We decided to go to dinner at Lakehouse Restaurant so M&M could get catfish and Marian wouldn’t have to cook night before leaving. Jesse and I ordered another meal and we enjoyed the company.


Thursday 10/23

Mike, Marian and Tre left the park around 8:30 am. We we there to see them off and bid them safe travels. They will be meeting other friends in New Orleans for some food and fun.


On the road again

Jesse and I got cleaned up then went to Walmart to shop.

The rest of the day was spent just staying at home.

Thursday, October 16 - Alamo Springs (Kerrville, TX)



We had a service guy out again this time for the dryer and water line for ice maker on refrigerator.

The water line sprung a leak. He repaired that, but today another leak appeared.

The dryer didn’t buzz when it completed it’s cycle. Well he found that it was never connected and an open wire was just sitting in there. We are very lucky we were not electrocuted.

While trying to repair open wire he blew a breaker which also took out the timer on the dryer. So he ordered parts and will return next Tuesday to make the repairs.

After he left we took Bella to the vet to get started on heartworm meds. She now weighs 4.8 pounds.

On the way back we stopped at Walmart for a few grocery items.



We mostly just hung out. Marian made dinner for the 6 of us. She made a delicious Southwestern Chicken Pasta Salad that was fantastic! For dessert she made a Mandarin Orange Cake.

It was a good day!



We were outside around 8am to say goodbye to Tom and Trudy. They were moving on to their daughters. We sat outside on our patio with the pups until after they departed.

10-16 017

10-16 005

10-16 012

10-16 020

Then we all went back to our rig so we could get showers and be ready to leave at 11:30am. We were going to Alamo Springs for Lunch.

Alamo Springs 004

Alamo Springs 006

Alamo Springs 008

As before it was delicious!

Alamo Springs 001Alamo Springs 002Alamo Springs 003me

The drive was really nice and on the way back we stopped at Lowes to get a new water line.

We all relaxed for a few hours in our rigs then met on our patio to play Sequence. Well the guys won 3 to 2. It was still lots of fun and many laughs.

evening 001evening 005evening 006

Monday, October 13 - Columbus Day, 3 Day Catch Up (Kerrville, TX)



We mostly hung out around the RV.

This is Bella new play pen.



She really likes to be outside so this is perfect for her. It also has a zip-in roof if we need to make shade for her and it folds up in a case for easy storage.

Trudy made dinner for everyone and we ate the meal at M&M’s. She made spaghetti, salad and hot bread. For desert we had strawberry short cake and wine to wash it all down. Everyone enjoyed and we had a lot of laughs.


Jesse and I took Bella to town. It was her first time in her new car seat.

Car Seat-007

She did really good, no barking or crying. She mostly chewed on her tether.

We went to Lowes and she also did really good walking in the store.

When we returned the guys sat outside at Tom’s RV and watched football.

Marian, Trudy and I sat outside at our rig and played Sequence. It was a lot of fun.


We all decided to go to Fredericksburg for the day. Since we left Bella at home we knew we couldn’t be gone more then 5 hours. Because of this we drove ourselves and followed behind the 4 others in Tom’s car.

Our 1st stop was the Ice Cream/Bakery Shop where we all had a pastry for breakfast.

We walked the whole Main Street both side and went in and out of the shops that interests us. It was a beautiful autumn day. Sunny, windy with a slight chill in the air.

Then we all drove to the Wild Seed Farm to walk around. We all left at the same time, but we drove directly home while they took a detour at Walmart.

We found Bella did really good and happy to see us, but as usually no accidents in her kennel.

At 5:30 M&M drove with us while Tom and Trudy following and made our way to Mamacita’s Mexican restaurant.


This was our 5th time eating here and as before it was delicious.

Trudy and Jesse


Tom and Mike


Me and Marian


Hope everyone has a good week!

Friday, October 10 - Mike and Marian, Tom and Trudy Arrive (Kerrville, TX)


Yesterday Thursday our friends arrive around 4PM.

I had planned a meal for them and awaiting their arrival all day. Once they arrived and we had hugs we left them to get set up.

I didn’t plan any appetizers because I wanted everyone to eat the meal.

After they got set up they came to look at our new RV. I am happy to say that everyone was quite impressed, as are we.

We sat outside and had drinks and got caught up on our summers.

I excused myself so I could get things cooking inside.

I had made an apple cole slaw this morning to go with baked halibut, baked shrimp, rice and broccoli as side dishes. I served iced tea to drink.

For desert I baked an apple pie and served vanilla ice cram to go with it.

Everyone seemed to enjoy and it was pleasure to cook for them.

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures.

Then we walked over to look and M&M’s new rig. It is really nice and they seem to be enjoying it very much. The living room area is very large. Their RV is 42 foot long.


Today I did laundry all morning then in the afternoon Jesse and I ran to town to get gas and went to Schlotzsky's for lunch. The last time we were at a Schlotzaky’s was 26 years ago when we lived in Kansas, not much has changed.

We hosted a happy hour at our place at 4:00. Everyone brought something to snack on and we really enjoyed the conversation and laughter.

Marian was having fun with Bella.



Around 6:30 we all broke up and went to our homes on wheels for the evening.

Two more days of hot and humid weather here. Suppose to be a cold front coming in and temp to be in the 70’s instead of 90’s.

Tuesday, October 7 - Happy Birthday Elizabeth, Afternoon Ride (Kerrville, TX)


Today is our beautiful daughter’s birthday. We wish her a wonderful fun filled day!!


We had no plans for today.

It was hot here today high 93 and it’s suppose to be hot all week.

I watched a little TV, did some laundry, and did a little cleaning. Have I mentioned how much I love having my washer working.

For those who don’t know when we got our new rig the washer during the spin cycle sounded like a jack hammer.  While we were still in Colorado we had a repair person come out. He didn’t know what was wrong but he ordered a new motor. Well they never came out to replace as scheduled. We rescheduled for someone to come out once we arrived here. The guy came out and found that the concrete counter weight block was not secured properly. He secured it, and it work wonderfully.

Thank you Appliance Doctor.

In the afternoon we decided to take a ride around the Guadalupe River in our new car. So that we had a snack while riding we stopped at Culvers for a Concrete Mixer. I got Reese Peanut Cup and Jesse got a strawberry. Yummy!!

He are some pictures from our ride.




There was a small RV park


More Pics




After we returned home we just relaxed.

I made fish cakes, baked potatoes and broccoli for dinner.

Hope everyone had a good day!!