Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Monday, October 13 - Columbus Day, 3 Day Catch Up (Kerrville, TX)



We mostly hung out around the RV.

This is Bella new play pen.



She really likes to be outside so this is perfect for her. It also has a zip-in roof if we need to make shade for her and it folds up in a case for easy storage.

Trudy made dinner for everyone and we ate the meal at M&M’s. She made spaghetti, salad and hot bread. For desert we had strawberry short cake and wine to wash it all down. Everyone enjoyed and we had a lot of laughs.


Jesse and I took Bella to town. It was her first time in her new car seat.

Car Seat-007

She did really good, no barking or crying. She mostly chewed on her tether.

We went to Lowes and she also did really good walking in the store.

When we returned the guys sat outside at Tom’s RV and watched football.

Marian, Trudy and I sat outside at our rig and played Sequence. It was a lot of fun.


We all decided to go to Fredericksburg for the day. Since we left Bella at home we knew we couldn’t be gone more then 5 hours. Because of this we drove ourselves and followed behind the 4 others in Tom’s car.

Our 1st stop was the Ice Cream/Bakery Shop where we all had a pastry for breakfast.

We walked the whole Main Street both side and went in and out of the shops that interests us. It was a beautiful autumn day. Sunny, windy with a slight chill in the air.

Then we all drove to the Wild Seed Farm to walk around. We all left at the same time, but we drove directly home while they took a detour at Walmart.

We found Bella did really good and happy to see us, but as usually no accidents in her kennel.

At 5:30 M&M drove with us while Tom and Trudy following and made our way to Mamacita’s Mexican restaurant.


This was our 5th time eating here and as before it was delicious.

Trudy and Jesse


Tom and Mike


Me and Marian


Hope everyone has a good week!


Where is bob and Janet said...

Gosh I'm missing all of our gatherings. Won't be long and we can join in, hope to be in Valley in little over a week.

dreamjosie said...

Cool stuff for Bella