Fun, Fun Fun!!

Fun, Fun Fun!!

Friday, October 10 - Mike and Marian, Tom and Trudy Arrive (Kerrville, TX)


Yesterday Thursday our friends arrive around 4PM.

I had planned a meal for them and awaiting their arrival all day. Once they arrived and we had hugs we left them to get set up.

I didn’t plan any appetizers because I wanted everyone to eat the meal.

After they got set up they came to look at our new RV. I am happy to say that everyone was quite impressed, as are we.

We sat outside and had drinks and got caught up on our summers.

I excused myself so I could get things cooking inside.

I had made an apple cole slaw this morning to go with baked halibut, baked shrimp, rice and broccoli as side dishes. I served iced tea to drink.

For desert I baked an apple pie and served vanilla ice cram to go with it.

Everyone seemed to enjoy and it was pleasure to cook for them.

Sorry I didn’t take any pictures.

Then we walked over to look and M&M’s new rig. It is really nice and they seem to be enjoying it very much. The living room area is very large. Their RV is 42 foot long.


Today I did laundry all morning then in the afternoon Jesse and I ran to town to get gas and went to Schlotzsky's for lunch. The last time we were at a Schlotzaky’s was 26 years ago when we lived in Kansas, not much has changed.

We hosted a happy hour at our place at 4:00. Everyone brought something to snack on and we really enjoyed the conversation and laughter.

Marian was having fun with Bella.



Around 6:30 we all broke up and went to our homes on wheels for the evening.

Two more days of hot and humid weather here. Suppose to be a cold front coming in and temp to be in the 70’s instead of 90’s.

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